October 2010

Ugandan Conference
EDITORIAL: "Conflict And Reconciliation" Duncan Heaster


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Begin Again Kathleen Gillum
The Tail of a Donkey Bro Mark Zeller (Durban, South Africa)
Accepting God’s Forgiveness Bro David Yelulani (Banket, Zimbabwe)
What Is Man? Bro Fred Mumba (Mufulira, Zambia)
Weeping With Jesus Bro. Amban Rassendyll (Limbe, Cameroon)
Carelinks Reports
Latvia: Coincidence or the invisible hand of God? Bro Steve & Sis Sue Gretton (UK)
The House of God Bro Harmony Ntchalachala (Kasungu, Malawi)
Anger Is Destructive Bro Reuben Kaambeu (Kabompo, Zambia)
The Inheritance Reserved in Heaven Bro. Ralph Green (Torquay, UK)
Witnessing for Christ in 21st Century Bro Neil Todd (Auckland, New Zealand)
The True Brethren and Sisters of Christ Bro Harris Mulongesha (Ndola, Zambia)
Satan Among the Sons of God Bro Robert Miwele (Kitwe, Zambia)
Break It Open and Pour It on Jesus Bro Reuben Kaambeu, (Kabombo, Zambia)
The Hands of Jesus Bro Andrew Lucas (Australia)
The Good Soldier Bro Uka Egwu (Ohafia, Nigeria)
Keep Yourself Holy (1 John 3:3) Bro David Yelulani (Banket, Zimbabwe)
Life and Its Disappointments Bro Itai P Tembo (Sanyati, Zimbabwe)
Who Will Be Raised? Sis Jackline Wanjala (Bungoma, Kenya)
Mission opportunity at our very doors! Bro Neil Todd (Auckland, New Zealand)
An Easy Way of Learning Marcus Heaster / Tim Galbraith
Our Refugee Brethren – Available Ways To Relieve Them Sis Esther Worrell (Canada)
Answers to Quiz
Sin and Salvation Bro Jonathon Johnstone (Kilembe, Uganda)
What Is Man? Bro Moses Dhlakama (Chipinge, Zimbabwe)
Freedom in the Lord God Bro Stephen Siamabi (Lusaka, Zambia)
The Penalty for Abandoning the Faith and Following Other Gods Bro Harris N Mulongesha (Ndola, Zambia)
Sight and Insight Bro Andrew Lucas (Australia)
God Will Provide Bro David Yelulani (Banket, Zimbabwe)
The Blood of Jesus Bro Fred Mumba (Mufulira, Zambia)
Lot Goes to Sodom Bro Martin Barosa (Kitale, Kenya)
Why, Why,Why, Did They Reject Jesus? Bro Itai Tembo (Sanyati, Zimbabwe)
Time More Precious Than Gold and Silver Bro John Wilo Wise (Mazowe, Zimbabwe)
The Bible Verses Which Most Enthuse Me Bro Itai Tembo (Sanyati, Zimbabwe)
Christ and the Church Bro Sylvester Tembo (Mzuzu, Malawi)