Audio Talks

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Title, SpeakerDurationLanguage
Exhortation: Never Man Spake Like This Man, Mike Floyd & Peter Elkington 1:20:27 english
Romans 12 ver 1 to 8, Epha 0:31:27 english
New Testament Greek Words, Jean Field 0:41:00 englishlatvian
Preaching Christ To All Languages, Jean Field 0:34:40 english
Revelation ; 3. The seals, Jean Field 0:28:17 englishlatvian
Revelation: 1. Introduction, Jean Field 0:40:42 englishlatvian
Revelation; 2. The dragon and the woman, Jean Field 0:15:35 englishlatvian
Contemplating The Contemplatives, Robin Field 0:45:33 english
God At Work In Latvia, Colin & Hendrika Green 0:32:04 english
Cindy's Kitchen, Riga Bible Centre, Cindy Heaster 1:21:50 english
The implications of Eve for Christadelphian sisters today, Cindy Heaster 0:29:38 englishrussian
A Passionate God, An Active Lord, Duncan Heaster 0:19:36 english
Esther, Duncan Heaster 0:33:51 english
Interpreting The Parables, Duncan Heaster 0:52:52 englishrussian
John The Baptist, Duncan Heaster 0:31:17 english
Mary and Jesus: Mother and Son at the cross, Duncan Heaster 0:58:11 englishrussian
Parables Of The Love Of God, Duncan Heaster 0:59:29 englishrussian
The Reality Of Christ's Resurrection, Duncan Heaster 0:31:30 english
The Same Yesterday Today and Forever, Duncan Heaster 0:32:13 english
The Tragedy Of Hosea, Duncan Heaster 0:30:01 english
Loving one another, Marcus Heaster 0:25:47 englishrussian
The crucifixion, Marcus Heaster 0:22:47 englishrussian
The women in the genealogies of Jesus, Robin Jones 0:48:20 englishrussian
Preaching Christ To All Age Groups, Leon Shuker 0:43:10 english
Preaching Christ To All Cultures, Leon Shuker 0:41:21 english
Seeing God In Small Things, John Thatcher 0:14:12 english
God at Work, Cliff York 0:21:01 english
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