January 2011

KALOMO ECCLESIA (Zambia)- From Left Bro Costa (with tie) Bro Eddy (holding his neck) Bro Oscar (holding Bible with both hands) Bro Ockrey, Bro Harry (with Hymn book) Bro Haggai.

EDITORIAL: Sensitivity Duncan Heaster


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Nearly Tricked Out of Money Bro Christopher Mwewa (Chambishi, Zambia)
The Irreplaceable Name: Jesus Bro Itai P Tembo (Sanyati, Zimbabwe)
Carelinks Reports
The Parable Of The Chairs
You Are the Custodian of God’s Creation Bro David Yelulani (Banket, Zimbabwe)
Why Not Try Prayer and Praise? (James 5:13) Bro David Yelulani (Banket, Zimbabwe)
The Temple of God Bro Benjamin Makuti (Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe)
QUESTION BOX: Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated" Rom. 9:13 Duncan Heaster
Can We Believe the Bible? Bro Isaac Kapa (Tangaren, Kenya)
Judgement Day Bro. Farai Makandeni (Chipinge, Zimbabwe)
The Fifth Commandment Bro Benjamin Makuti (Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe)
Similarities Between Moses and Jesus Bro Martin Silwani (Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania)
The First Sign of the Lord Bro Charles Daka (Mufulira, Zambia)
“…They May Receive You Into Everlasting Habitations” (Luke 16:9) Bro. Ralph Green, (Torquay, UK)
All Men Sin Bro Jonathan Johnstone (Kasese, Uganda)
Abraham Bro Fred Mumba (Mufulira, Zambia)
Repentance and Confession of Sin Leads to Peace of Mind Bro Mangeni Rogers & Sis Margaret Nabwire (Busia, Uganda)
Sober and Sound Bro Jacktone Ukiru (Ndhiwa, Kenya)
Building for Retirement Bro Lajabga Nyomiro (Bolero, Malawi)
OUR REFUGEE BRETHREN – Resettling Operation to be done in Stages Sister Esther Worrell (Canada)
Are You Convinced of What You Believe? Bro Silas K Chishimba (Kitwe, Zambia)
How Honest Are You? Bro Mangeni Rogers (Busia, Uganda)
Abiding Peace Bro Mangeni Rogers & Margaret Nabwire (Busia, Uganda)
The Lord is My HidingPlace Bro Sigit Sugiarto (Indonesia)
My Child… Author unknown
Jeremiah Did Not Quit Bro Kuvarega Mavuvo (Triangle, Zimbabwe)
Have You Learned to Be Content (Phil 4:11) Bro David Yelulani (Banket, Zimbabwe)
Hints on Giving Bro Moses Kassim (Kibewesi, Kenya)
“He Sees What the Heart Is” Bro Samuel Mariita (Nairobi, Kenya)
The Human Body Sis Monica Achieng (Musoma, Tanzania)
Mate (husband and wife)
Lessons from John 11 Bro Tavaremba Mugova (Triangle, Zimbabwe)