Carelinks Newsletters — 2011 - 2014

  December 2014 Latvia, Ukraine
December 2014 China, Riga- Jim Barton Report, Conferences
December 2014 UK, Riga
December 2014 Opportunities for Youth and others
November 2014 Kenya, Latvia, USA
November 2014 Winter Bible Schools, Riga
November 2014 China, Riga, Ukraine, Turkey / Iran
November 2014 Riga, Armenia, UK, Australia
October 2014 Riga, Feeding Scheme, Tablets and Laptops, Conferences, Chinese Bible
October 2014 Russia, Ukraine
October 2014 Riga, Australia, UK, USA, China
October 2014 Ukraine, Appeal to Jews
September 2014 France, South Africa, Riga
September 2014 Sweden, Winter Feeding Scheme, Riga Impressions, Paris
September 2014 Winter Welfare Appeal, USA, Ukraine
September 2014 Ukraine, Outreach to Secular People, UK
August 2014 Riga, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Camp
August 2014 Riga, Sweden, Islamic State
August 2014 UK, Belgium, france, China, Ukraine Petition
August 2014 Ukraine Petition, Riga
August 2014 Ukraine and Ukraine Bible School
July 2014 Belgium, Carelinks USA, Ukraine, Gaza Video, Winter Feeding Program
July 2014 Carelinks USA, Riga, Turkey
July 2014 Winter Feeding Scheme Volunteers, Riga, Belarus, Carelinks USA
July 2014 Women and Childrens Camp, Riga, China
June 2014 Russian Bible School, Riga, Carelinks USA, Iraq
June 2014 Ukraine, Bibles, Georgia
June 2014 China, Turkey, Iran, Ukraine
June 2014 Riga, Carelinks UK, Carelinks USA, Ukraine
May 2014 Ukraine, France, Belgium, Riga
May 2014 Belarus, Latvia, Congo
May 2014 Bible School Sponsoring Appeal, Carelinks USA, Ukraine, France, Russia
May 2014 Greece, Riga, Pastoral Program
May 2014 Builders and support required, Belgium, Ukraine, Medical Aid, Greece
April 2014 Holland, Belgium, Kenya, Ukraine
April 2014 Riga, Ukraine, Norway, China, Estonia
April 2014 China, Ukraine, Valentina, Belarus, Women and Kids Camp
April 2014 Sweden, Riga, Conference Videos, General Appeal
March 2014 Northern Russia, Riga, UK Conference, Statistics
March 2014 Greece, Russia, China, Winter Welfare, Trevor Routledge Report, Conference
March 2014 Four Baptisms, Videos, USA, Conference in UK
March 2014 Ukraine, Winter Welfare, China, UK Conference
March 2014 Greece, Ukraine, Bible Appeal, Andrei, Svetlana and Medina
February 2014 Ukraine, Riga, Japan, Greece
February 2014 Riga, Australia, Carelinks USA Conference
February 2014 Riga, China, Rwanda, Carelinks UK Conference
February 2014 Russia, Winter Welfare, Riga, Syria, Ukraine
January 2014 Winter Bible School, Riga, South Sudan
January 2014 South Sudan, Belgium, Feeding Scheme, Western Latvia, Rwanda
January 2014 Riga, Japan, South Sudan, Serbia
January 2014 South Sudan, Macedonia, USA, Syria, Turkey
December 2013 South Sudan, Riga, Prayers
December 2013 Syria, South Sudan, Riga, China, Some Homework
December 2013 Japan, Riga
December 2013 Ukraine, Carelinks USA, Riga
November 2013 Japan, Riga, South Sudan, Greece
November 2013 Winter Bible School Sponsoring Appeal
November 2013 China, Chairs, Algeria, Israel, Austria
November 2013 Japan, Riga, Kakuma Refugee Camp, Israel
November 2013 Macedonia, China, Chairs for Riga, Winter Bible School
October 2013 Carelinks USA, Belarus, Ukraine, Sponsoring
October 2013 Riga, Russia, Carelinks USA
October 2013 Riga, Japan, China
October 2013 Winter Welfare, Feeding Scheme
September 2013 Norway, Deep Response, Silverware
September 2013 Belgium, China
September 2013 Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Syria
September 2013 2013 Winter Welfare Appeal, Japan, America
August 2013 Russia, Czech and Riga
August 2013 Care Home Baptisms, Newborn Baby
August 2013 Carelinks UK, Russia, Women's Camp
August 2013 Riga, Carelinks Australia
August 2013 Riga Roof Appeal, China, Russia, Latvia
July 2013 South Sudan [2]
July 2013 Syria, South Sudan [1]
July 2013 China, Riga, Syria, Malawi
July 2013 Impressions of Latvia and Russia
June 2013 Riga, China
June 2013 Carelinks UK, Kakomo Refugee Camp, Riga, Syria
June 2013 Health Challenges and Amazing Examples, Winter Heating Scheme, Special Challenge
June 2013 China, Riga, Online Opportunities, Appeal for Help in London UK
May 2013 Summer Bible School Appeal, Sweden, Jewish Brother Baptized
May 2013 Live Broadcasts, China, Gratitude, Australia, Riga, Flowers
May 2013 China, The Blind and Lame, Live Fellowship, Remote Response
May 2013 Estonia, Moscow, China, Riga
May 2013 Austria, Individuals in Need
April 2013 Bible School, Syria, Internet Radio, China, Bible Appeal
April 2013 Operation, Kyrgyzstan, Riga, Malawi, Syria
April 2013 Bible a Month, Russia, USA, Vitamins, Camera
April 2013 Carelinks UK, Bible a Month, Morocco, Greece
March 2013 Carelinks UK, Riga, Lithuania
March 2013 Bible Mailing, Riga, China, Vitamins
March 2013 Deaf and Sick People, China, Belgium
March 2013 Fields White to Harvest, Needs, China
March 2013 Newsletter, Riga, Latvia Needs, Winter Welfare, TB etc
February 2013 Riga, UK Conference and Carelinks UK, China
February 2013 Feeding Scheme, Belgium, Bible School Needs, UK Conference
February 2013 Lithuania, Latvia, Mali, UK Conference
February 2013 Sweden, Riga, Carelinks UK Conference
January 2013 Winter Bible School, China
January 2013 Feeding Scheme
January 2013 Baptisms, Winter Welfare, China
January 2013 Winter Welfare Support, Carelinks UK Conference
  December 2012 Annual Report, Sister Kathy, China
December 2012 Hospital Ecclesia, Extreme Cold, Sweden, New Zealand, Movie
December 2012 Australia, Singapore
December 2012 Australia, China, Riga, Burkina Faso
December 2102 Australia, Malawi, Russia
November 2012 Bible School Funding Appeal, Congo, Carelinks Australia
November 2012 Refugees from Islamic Persecution, Sweden, China, Malawi, UK Conference
November 2012 Russia, Riga, Burkina Faso, Media Disk
November 2012 Carelinks UK, Puppet Show, Malawi
October 2012 NEV Bibles in North America, Poland, Latvia
October 2012 UK, Sweden, Riga, China
October 2012 Winter Heating, Riga, Ukraine, Carelinks UK Conference
October 2012 Carelinks USA, Kenya, Mali, Burkina Faso
September 2012 France, China, Riga, Bibles
September 2012 USA, France, Sweden, Greece, Hand of Providence
September 2012 Kenya, China, Riga
September 2012 Bible Posting in the UK, Real Devil movie
August 2012 Appeal for help in London, Brother Yuri, Carelinks USA
August 2012 Israel, Germany, Impressions of Latvia
August 2012 China, Poland, Belgium, Riga
August 2012 Greece, France, Cape Verde Islands, Brother Grigory
August 2012 Real Devil movie, Baptisms and Impressions, Paris, France
July 2012 Brother Anatoly, Poland, USA, Carelinks Training Program
July 2012 Missionary Training Program
July 2012 Summer Bible School
July 2012 Greece, African Refugee Brethren, Impressions of Riga
July 2012 Poland etc
June 2012 Greece, Riga, Mali, Mexico
June 2012 Powerpoints, Afghans in Germany, African refugee camps, Riga
June 2012 Brazil, Ukraine, African Refugees, Riga
June 2012 Ukraine, Riga
May 2012 China, Riga
May 2012 Western Latvia
May 2012 Summer Bible School, Antigua
May 2012 Latvia, Carelinks UK
April 2012 Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan
April 2012 Brother Viktor, Winter Welfare
April 2012 Brother Dick, Russian Bibles, Carelinks USA, Riga
April 2012 Belgium, Malawi, Brother Viktor
March 2012 China, Winter Welfare, Sister Nana, Mali
March 2012 Mali, Malawi, Riga
March 2012 Russia, Bahrain, Sister Ella
March 2012 Cuba, Germany
March 2012 Ukraine, Opportunities to help, Feeding Scheme etc
February 2012 Carelinks Conferences [UK and Australia], China, Winter Welfare
February 2012 Cuba, Winter Welfare
February 2012 Various Updates, Baptisms
February 2012 Feeding Program, Belgium
January 2012 Greece, Cree Indians, NEV Bibles, Feeding Scheme
January 2012 Winter Bible School and Welfare, China
January 2012 Winter Welfare Work, Child Center, Missionary Training
January 2012 Winter Welfare, Belgium, Germany, NEV Bibles
  December 2011 Burkina Faso, MP3s, Winter Welfare, Iranian Refugees
December 2011 Belgium, Iranians, China, Bro Onaldo, Haiti, Philippines
December 2011 Mali
December 2011 Winter Bible School Appeal, Br Eric & Sis Larissa
December 2011 Riga Bible Centre / Child Play Centre, UK Conference
November 2011 Germany, Iranians, Brother Ivan
November 2011 Russia, China, Turkey invitation
November 2011 French speakers, Winter Heating, Refugee Brethren
November 2011 Practical Requests, Baptisms, Followup
October 2011 Winter Heating Project
October 2011 Impressions of Riga, Gaddafi's Fall, China
October 2011 Brazil
October 2011 China, Sister Judite, Brother Aigars
October 2011 Malawi, Brothers Vitaly and Janis
September 2011 Refugee Brethren, Riga Bible Centre, Brazil
September 2011 Winter Heating Appeal 2011
September 2011 Latvia and Zimbabwe
September 2011 Svetlana, Vitaly, Abedi
August 2011 Riga, China, USA, Zimbabwe
August 2011 Romance in Eastern Europe Ukraine, HaitiI, Malawi
August 2011 China, MP3s, Various Updates
August 2011 8 baptisms in the Baltic, Turkey
July 2011 Belgium, China, Malawi
July 2011China
July 2011 Refugee Brethren, Carelinks USA, NEV Bibles
July 2011 Moscow Bible School, Interest Worldwide, Malawi
July 2011 First timers in Latvia
June 2011 Sister Judite, Carelinks USA
June 2011 Riga Bible Campaign
June 2011 Sister Velta, Sweden, China
June 2011 Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, Sister Nadezhda, NEV Bibles
May 2011 Sister Antonina, Brother Agnis
May 2011 Malawi
May 2011 Sister Judite, Bishkek Ecclesia Kyrgyzstan
May 2011 Italy, China
April 2011 Sweden, China, Riga
April 2011 Carelinks UK, Morocco, Riga Campaign
April 2011 Haiti and Morocco
April 2011 Sweden, TB Hospital, Sister Valda, Campaign, Certificates
April 2011 Western Europe, Moslem World, Riga Bible Center, Summer Bible School
March 2011 Winter Welfare, Slava and Nina, MP3s
March 2011 Winter Heating, Lithuania, Riga Bible Center, William Norrie book
March 2011 Winter Welfare, Campaigns, Prayer Requests
March 2011 China, Various
February 2011 Winter Welfare, Arab world unrest
February 2011 Malawi, Germany, Iranian Refugees, Winter Welfare
February 2011 Carelinks USA, Turkey, Winter Welfare, Military Service
February 2011 Winter Bible School, Egypt
January 2011 China, 2nd Impressions of Latvia
January 2011 Bibles, Various brothers and sisters, Haiti
January 2011 Carelinks USA, E-books, Chronic Snowfall, 5 baptisms
January 2011 Haiti, Winter Welfare, Military Service,

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