Carelinks Newsletters — 2007 - 2010

  December 2010 Malawi, Belarus, Latvia
December 2010 Riga Bible Center, Norway
December 2010 Eastern European Winter Bible School Sponsoring Appeal
December 2010 China, Haiti, Riga Bible Center, Carelinks UK Conference
December 2010 Haiti, Winter Welfare
November 2010 Haiti, Winter Heating, Racist Attacks, Malawi
November 2010 Brother Oleg, Brother Valerij, Equipment Appeal, Iraq, Malawi
November 2010 Impressions of 2nd time visitors, Iraq, Haiti
November 2010 China, Brother Valerij, Riga Bible Centre, Interview
October 2010 Turkey, Various
October 2010 China, Bhutan, Various
October 2010 Winter Welfare, Haiti, China, Brother Pavel
October 2010 Brazil, Denmark, Carelinks Australia Conference, Brother Albinas
October 2010 Visit report, Winter welfare distribution
September 2010 Malawi, Haiti, Riga
September 2010 Winter Heating, French Bible School, Haiti
September 2010 Russia, Various
September 2010 China, Parable of the chairs, Carelinks USA
August 2010 Russia, Parable of the chairs
August 2010 Refugee brethren, Turkey, Morocco, Brother Viktor
August 2010 Refugees, Finland, Music, Speakers Needed
August 2010 USA, Malawi, Conferences
July 2010 Finland, Health Care, Refugees, Service Opportunities
July 2010 China, Brother Sergej, New Website
July 2010 Carelink USA, Various updates, Finland
July 2010 Refugee brethren opportunities, clothing appeal, Health issues
June 2010 Baltic Bible School, Brothers Viktor, Charles etc
June 2010 Brother Charles, Myanmar, Brother Vladimir, Reading Project, Day of Prayer
June 2010 Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan
June 2010 Brother Charles, Feeding Program, Reading project
June 2010 Haiti, Feeding Program, Czech, Prayer Request, Russian Bible weekend
May 2010 Jamaica, Iraq
May 2010 Finland, Malawi, Iraq, Riga
May 2010 Haiti, Western Europe, Feeding Scheme, Kyrgyzstan
May 2010 China, Kyrgysztan etc
April 2010 Preaching to Jews; Norway; medications needed; socks
April 2010 Brother Jurijs, Haiti, Impressions of first time visitors
April 2010 Kyrgyzstan
April 2010 Kyrgyzstan, Norway, Bible weekend, Haiti, Brother Valerij
April 2010 Haiti, Myanmar,
March 2010 Brother Pavel, Haiti, Outreach to the blind
March 2010 China, Winter Welfare, Refugee Brother, Eye Operation, Czech
March 2010 Appeal for talent and helpers, Haiti, Moslem Attack
March 2010 Morocco, Latvia, Chile, Haiti, Events
February 2010 Haiti, Bible Weekend, Moslem Contacts, Refugee Progress
February 2010 Winter Welfare, China, Haiti
February 2010 Israel, Haiti, Bible Weekends
February 2010 Iranian Refugee, Haiti
January 2010 Haiti, Carelinks Conference,
January 2010 Haiti Update
January 2010 Winter Bible School
January 2010 Update from Haiti .. Haiti Support
January 2010 Haiti, Winter Welfare, Refugee Brothers, Carelinks USA
  December 2009 Refugees In Malawi
December 2009 Winter Heating Update
December 2009 Australia, Cold Snap, Burmese Literature
December 2009 China, Haiti
November 2009 Brother Ali, Boris etc
November 2009 Amazing Things In Haiti
November 2009 Eastern European Winter Bible School Appeal 2010 / Winter Welfare Parcels / Haiti
November 2009 UK, Refugees, Winter Welfare, Carelinks New Zealand
October 2009 First Timers In Eastern Europe [2]
October 2009 First Timers In Eastern Europe
October 2009 China, Refugee Brethren, Bible Center
October 2009 Amazing Deliverance Of Brother Robert, Sister Nina
September 2009 China, Brothers Maris and Leonid, TB Hospital, Refugee Camp
September 2009 Brother Maris, Refugees, Bible Center
September 2009 Refugee Camp Baptisms, Carelinks Conferences, Women's Shelter
August 2009 Russia, Mum's Club, Refugees
August 2009 Refugee Brethren, Lithuania
August 2009 Latvia, USA, China
August 2009 Nepal, Brother Ivan, Western Latvia
July 2009 England, Ukraine, Notes
July 2009 Riga Bible Centre, Handcrafts, Real Christ
July 2009 Latvia
June 2009 China, Baltic Bible School
June 2009 USA, Moldova
June 2009 Myanmar, China, Latvia
June 2009 Denmark & Italy
May 2009 Riga Bible Centre
May 2009 Poltava Bible School
May 2009 Egypt
April 2009 Brother Leonid, Riga Bible Centre, China, Burma
April 2009 Ukraine Bible School, Refugee Brethren,
April 2009 Brother Leonid, Winter Welfare
April 2009 Iranian brother, Russia, Holland
March 2009 Pakistan murder, Medical, Italy
March 2009 Malta, China
March 2009 Egypt, Myanmar, Raute People, Cataracts
March 2009 Myanmar and Germany
March 2009 Nepal
February 2009 Winter Heating and Welfare
February 2009 Cataracts, Philippines, Nepal, Refugees
February 2009 An American in Latvia and Finland
January 2009 An American Brother's Journey to Turkey
January 2009 Winter Bible School
January 2009 Inner Mongolia, Carelinks Conference
January 2009 China, Latvia, Refugees, Cholera
January 2009 Spain, Refugee Brethren
  December 2008 Winter heating, Various
December 2008 Sponsored Paddle, Macedonia, China, Internet Life
December 2008  Sponsored Paddle, Iraq Family, Sister Raisa
December 2008 Russia
November 2008 Winter Heating, Brethren In Moslem Lands
November 2008 Eastern European Winter Bible School Sponsoring Appeal
November 2008 Bible School, Safe House, Syria, Turkey
November 2008 China, Iranians
November 2008 Home Rebuilding, Women's Shelter
October 2008 Spain, Deaf Family, Winter Heating
October 2008 Winter Heating, Deaf Family. Baltic Baptisms, Carelinks UK Conference 2009
October 2008 Iranians, Lithuania, USA
September 2008 USA, Belgium, Latvia
September 2008 Portugal, Belgium, Latvia, China
August 2008 Morocco, Turkmenistan, Refugee Safe House, Reza & Mona
August 2008 Georgia, Latvia, USA, China, Iranians, Morocco
August 2008 Russia, Georgia, Wedding in Turkey
July 2008 Progress in Poland
July 2008 UK Preaching
June 2008 Latvian Bible School
June 2008 Ukraine, Lithuania, furniture, old magazines
June 2008 Latvia, Kosovo
May 2008 Latvia, China, Kosovo
May 2008 Russia
May 2008 China, Kosovo
May 2008 Iranian Refugees, Ukraine, Congo, Kosovo opportunity
May 2008 Kosovo
April 2008 Kosovo, Farming Sisters, Your Ideas
April 2008 Carelinks USA, Home Reconstruction
April 2008 Kosovo and Congo
March 2008 Internet throughout Western Europe
March 2008 Kenya and Kyrgyzstan
March 2008 Congo and Rwanda
March 2008 Winter heating, Congo, Gospel News
March 2008 Morocco & Iranian Brothers
February 2008 Ex-USSR
February 2008 Winter Welfare / Witness To Jews
January 2008 Iranian Brethren
January 2008 Bible School in Ukraine
January 2008 Eastern Europe, Kenya
January 2008 Kenya, Amazing Progress In America (1)
January 2008 Progress In America (2)
January 2008 Online resources, Ex-JWs, Winter Welfare
  December 2007 Various Updates
December 2007 Winter heating, Bible weekend
November 2007 China, Latvia, publicity
November 2007 China, Morocco, Iranians in Turkey
October 2007 Kyrgyzstan
October 2007 France, Heating, Kyrgyzstan
October 2007 Latvia / Heating Appeal
September 2007 Nepal
September 2007 Russia, Belarus, Winter Heating
September 2007 Winter Heating Appeal
August 2007 Wonderful fellowship in Latvia
August 2007 China, Refugees, France
August 2007 Iranian refugees, German Bible Basics, Housing in Latvia
July 2007 Sis. Chenoor, France, Croatia, The Real Devil
July 2007 Appeal for drivers, painters; refugee update; Philippines
June 2007 Missionary Work In Namibia, Sth. Africa and Botswana
June 2007 Sis. Chenoor, Afghanistan; Sis. Monica, Latvia
June 2007 Philippines, USA, Sis. Chenoor, Latvia, CCM Conference AU / NZ
May 2007 Iranians in Europe
May 2007 Brother Abedi, Operation Carelink, Conference Etc.,
April 2007 Sis. Chenoor, China, Nepal, Latvia
April 2007 Baltic Bible Weekend
April 2007 Philippines, Congo, Sister Chenoor
April 2007 Nepal, Winter Heating, Cataracts
April 2007 Sweden, Spectacles, and Aletheia
March 2007 China
March 2007 Sisters Chenoor, Aleksandra & Ludmila
March 2007 Various Updates
February 2007 Bahamas and Israel
January 2007 Winter Heating, Cataract Operations
January 2007 West Europe
January 2007 Winter Bible School
January 2007 China

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