Gospel News · September - December 2015

News from Mauritius
| Bro Herold Lafrance
Greeting in the name of Jesus. Many
thanks for the parcel of french Bibles
which I received safety and your contri-
bution will be a great plus for the
preaching of God words. Above is a photo
of myself distributing these french Bibles
in the Victoria Hospital in Quatre Bornes
together with my wife sister Lalita. Hope
God will open these patients their eyes to
accept Jesus as their savior. Please
publish this good news in the Gospel News
News from Malawi
BALAKA | Bro Harry Benito
Firstly, I would like to inform you that we
Malawians are happy and we are blessed be-
cause God himself has given what we wanted
through CAT, so because of that we are happy
and blessed too. Everything you send us is not
only from your mind but that mind comes from
God who gives you what you need to help us.
Secondly, I want to thank you for responding
to what we asked for. I think that everything
done through God; if it is His Will, nobody can
say no. Thank you for the six New Testaments
you sent which have made more people happy
as they can be used for preaching to students.
More people love us for our work done in
preaching to them.
BOLERO | Bro Luke Chawinga
Many thanks for your continued contact with
our Bolero Ecclesia. We have run short of
books and other Bible literature. An ecclesia
without books is like a body without soul.
This year we have not had enough rain. We
thank our brethren and sisters of Mzuzu
Ecclesia for inviting us to their Fraternal. Bro
Nyomiro of Nkhamanga Ecclesia is very sick.
Each loving act says loud and clear; “I love
you. God loves you. I care. God cares.”
Acts of love
Beloved, let us love one another: for love
is of God; and everyone that loveth is
born of God ... for God is love.
1 John 4:7,8