September - December 2017


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Editorial | Frailty and Fickleness Duncan Heaster
Rejoice in The Lord Bro Moses Komanya (Mwaanza, Tanzania)
“We are Unprofitable Servants” Bro Robert Roberts (“Nazareth Revisited”)
Sayings of Jesus on the Cross Bro Joseph Mulawo (Pemba, Zambia)
The LORD’s Hand is Not Shortened Bro Stephen Siamabi (Mazabuka, Zambia)
A Stronghold Bro Claud Lamb
The Event of the Ages? Bro Austin Mwaka (Kapiri-Mposhi, Zambia)
Atomic Power ‘Nature’ March 13, 1954
Following Jesus Bro Gift Lungu (Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe)
The Good Shepherd Bro Gift Lungu (Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe)
God is Faithful Bro Isaiah Odiwuor Awino (S Nyanza, Kenya)
Talk About It Witness Committee
Love Bro Gaius Egwu (Ohafia, Nigeria)
Burundi and Congo Adventure Bro Denis Mpawenayo (Bujumbura Ecclesia, Burundi)
Paul’s Letter to the Romans | Chapter 8 Verse 1 Bro Roy Soffe (Portsmouth, UK)
“I Have Kept the Faith” D.M.E.
Triumphant in Suffering Bro Gaius Egwu (Ohafia, Nigeria)
Fearless Evangelists Bro Melva Purkis, from his book ‘A Life of Jesus’
The Sounds in the World Bro Misheck Hondoma (Magunje, Zimbabwe)
Proof of the Genuineness of The Scriptures Anon
What a Friend we have in Jesus Bro Moses Dhlakama (Chipinge Zimbabwe)
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Ghastly, Gruesome Worship M.H.