May - August 2017


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Editorial | “To be spiritually minded ...” Duncan Heaster
The Forewarned is Better Bro Isidore Mwibeleca (Kakuma, Kenya)
Reward of the Conquerors Bro Sylvester Tembo (Mzuzu, Malawi)
Noah’s Ark - a Lesson for Today Bro Simion Mudhimba (Chipinge, Zimbabwe)
Peace Bro Green Mumbelunga (Ndola, Zambia)
Sacrifices Bro Gaius Egwu (Ohafia, Nigeria)
“The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth” Bro David & Sis Jacklyne Wanjala (Chwele, Kenya)
Wanga Campaign | Akwanga ~ Northern Nigeria Bro Rukpus Isaac Usman, (Northern Nigeria Trustee)
The Love of Money Bro John Onani (Kenya, Sindo)
Encouragement Bro Charles and Sis Cathrine Daka (Mufulira, Zambia)
“By Whose Authority….?” Bro Neil Todd (Australia)
Little by Little Bro Bob Lloyd (USA)
Reaping What is Sown from “Way Ahead”
A Good Testimony Through Faith Bro Green Mumbelunga (Ndola, Zambia)
Letter from Tongaren Ecclesia | Kenya Bro Isaac Kapa (Tongaren, Kenya)
“Love Envieth Not” Bro J Webster (UK)
One of Many Bro Gaius Egwu (Ohafia, Nigeria)
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A Light Shining in a Dark Place Sis Helen Pyper (Auckland, New Zealand)
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“Thy Kingdom Come” Bro Simion Mudhimba (Chipinge, Zimbabwe)