January - April 2017


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Editorial | “Yes, straight away”
Love in Our Lives (1 Cor 13)
Love One Another Bro Gideon Hankomone (Mazabuka,Zambia)
True Wisdom Bro Moses Komanya (Mwanza, Tanzania)
Oneness Bro Melusi Ndlovu (Kwe Kwe, Zimbabwe)
A Virtuous Mind Bro Gaius U Egwu (Ohafia, Nigeria)
The Gospel in Eden and Today Bro Timothy Kaambeu (Kabombo, Zambia)
Examine Yourselves A Caribbean Sister
Lucifer Bro S Jeacock (United Kingdom)
Tell It to the World! Bro Charles French (Australia)
The World of the Apostle Paul
“Like Father - like Son” Bro Neil Todd (New Zealand)
The Sermon on the Mount Bro Atkinson (United Kingdom)
Taking Time The Sisters Magazine
Ecclesial Life is Family Life Sis Liberty Mandap (Hong Kong)
Be Patient in Tribulation Bro Goodwell Mubanga (Chinsali, Zambia)
Romans 8:28 Bro Roy Soffe (Fareham, UK)
Nurturing the Seed at Home and Scattering “Abroad” Bro Paul and Sis Leonie Verster (South Africa)
Our Duty Bro Obed Mafifi (Kempton Park, South Africa)
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