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We’re pleased to tell you of the baptism of Graham, an elderly man in a wheelchair, who has had one leg amputated and will soon have to have the other one amputated too.

Graham lives in a very bad case of ‘sheltered housing’ in a small coastal town, in an outhouse made of perspex which is so cold in winter he sleeps in his overcoat, and in summer is unbearably hot. Using his wheelchair, he tends a little garden outside his room, which he says is a foretaste of the garden of Eden to be restored on earth in the Kingdom. He has a mobility scooter which he uses to get into town and buy seeds. He longs for the Kingdom. He has little to look forward to in this life. He was an avid gardener with prize winning allotments and longs to see creation beautified in the Kingdom.

Strokes and old age have taken their toll on his speech and mental health, but this is no barrier to his understanding and grasping the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Lord Jesus. He studied many years with the JWs and was smart enough to figure out they were wrong on the Satan issue, 1914 and many other things, but he took what was true from their teachings.

Bro Duncan with Bro Graham

Thank you all for being out there and playing your parts, by prayer, financial donation, Bible mailing and warehousing etc., in enabling a sincere man like this to come to the Gospel and that blessed Hope of the Kingdom; as standard denominations want attendees at their church and have no time to spare for a disabled, legless pensioner at the end of his life.

You can see a brief but moving video of our brother talking about his beliefs before baptism; he speaks about the death state, the Kingdom and his earnest desire to be there.We think you’ll find it very touching:

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