January 2010

Chegutu (Zimbabwe) Ecclesial Big Event

Love Is... Duncan Heaster


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Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego Bro Christoper Mwewa (Chambishi, Zambia)
Remain in God’s Love Bro Calvin Chitano (Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe)
Joseph As A Type of Christ Bro. Herbert Tigerepasi (Lusaka, Zambia)
Preaching – A Sister’s Perspective In Jamaica
The lesson of Manesseh - The lesson of his repentance Bro John Evans (Swansea, U.K)
Exhortation – Give thanks to God Bro Thompson Matarise (South Africa)
The Virgin Birth Bro. W. Mitchell (U.K.)
We shall judge angels. (1 Cor. 6:3) Bro. W. Mitchell (U.K.)
An Encouragement From a couple seeking the Truth
Our Refugee Brethren – Love in Action as Shown by Our Lord Jesus Christ Sis Esther Worrell (U.S.A.)
Used Stamps
Let Your Light Shine (Luke 2:7) Bro David Yelunani (Banket, Zimbabwe)
Calvary Bro Melusi Ndlovu (Kwekwe, Zimbabwe)
The Revelation of Jesus Christ Bro. Ralph Green (U.K.)
The Need for a Deeper Love (Mark 12:30) Bro David Yelulani (Banket, Zimbabwe)
Amazing Growth in Riga, Latvia
The World Is In a Mess Bro Peter Mugeno (Busia, Uganda)
The Book of Genesis Bro John Onani (Sindo, Kenya)
Lamps with Full Light Bro Manasseh Wamamili (Chwele, Kenya)
The Last Days of What? Bro Ernest Lavuna (Gisambai, Kenya)
In the Beginning Bro Gift Lungu (Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe)
GUYANA GLOW Bro. Clive Drepaul. (Brooklyn USA)
True Repentance: A Way of Life Bro David Yelulani (Banket, Zimbabwe)
What Really Matters Anon.
Father, Forgive them … Bro Dzingai Sumburera (Chivi, Zimbabwe)
Backsliding Bro Stephen Siamabi (Lusaka, Zambia)
Sharing in God’s Holiness Bro Reuben Kaambeu (Kabompo, Zambia)
Finding The Way Bro Wilfred Chibomba (Pemba, Zambia)
Who is this Man Bro Richard and Sis Hlezipi Phiri (Chegutu, Zimbabwe)
Repentance Required from Us Bro Kum Donatus Cheghe (Wum, Cameroon)
Stand Up for the Truth Bro David and Sis Jacklyne Wanjala (Chwele, Kenya)