News from Europe / Eurasia

news from belarus 


With my last breath I wish to somehow glorify our Lord Jesus. I am sorry for not having written so long, you know my situation. I am with you, and with the Truth and with Jesus.

Bro. Andrej


I and sister Ludmila have decided to go to the Ukraine Bible School. It will be a long way and an adventure for us at our age but we so very much wish to see you again.

Sis. Nina

Photo: Sisters Nina and Ludmila at Bible School after their long journey there


As I am unable to attend the Winter Bible School, I have written out my thoughts upon the theme of the letter of James, and hope you can share them with the Brothers and Sisters who come to the School. We here are so isolated and the village is dying. The Magazine is our lifeline to the rest of you.

Bro. Vladimir


We would so like to move from here, as in the village there’s no access to anything. We are both getting weaker; the wheelchair Brother Duncan brought to us is now broken and we would love if at all possible to have a new one so we can at least be a little bit mobile around the yard in the Summer. Sorry to make such request, we have nobody else to turn to, and if it’s not possible then we completely understand.

Brothers Sasha and Valerij[victims of radiation and immobile]

news from belgium 


I am OK by the grace of God, but the end of 2008 was very hard for me. I had a lot of trouble in my mind. Even now I am not very well. But I know that Jesus is in the control and I have confidence in him because "je puis tout par celui qui me fortifie". 

Sis. Evelyne 

news from bulgaria 

I am so sorry to see so many young people destroying their bodies with drugs etc. I hope that at least some of them will see there is a better way which we are offering them.

Bro. Ilian 

news from croatia 

We are happy and glad that you are OK. We are trying to do our best here in a difficult situation. We greet you in Jesus’ Name

Bro. Darko

Thank you very much for the book you sent me. It was a topic that really interested me, so I can't wait to start reading. I have been in very poor health, and spent almost nine months in hospital. My mum also got cancer of breast so I wanted to spend as much time as I can and help her to make feel better even though it is very difficult in such a situation. She felt unbeliveable pain, later on chemotherapy and lost all her hair. My dad is in hospital at the moment. He has something with his legs, even doctors don't know what it is. His legs are bleeding and he can't walk for pain. Please, pray for our health.

Sis. Anita

news from estonia 

We here in Tallinn decided that I should go as our representative to the Winter Bible School, more of us would like to come but the travel costs have increased greatly. We send greetings to all.

Bro. Mark 

news from finland 

We’re delighted to announce the baptism of YE in Espoo during the visit of Bro Charlie Klennert. Originally from China, our new Brother studied Bible Basics online and thus came to us.


Always good to hear of what is going on down in Latvia. We will try to come some time to a Bible study there.

Bro. Marku

news from israel 


Immediately on receiving your letter I was so happy that you think and pray for me, that I telephoned Sister Natasha in Karmiel. I was very touched. And please, do continue praying for my family, and for me too. I am having a lot of trouble with my hearing aid and I am quite unsteady on my feet. You mean so much to me. I thank God.

Sis. Anna

news from kazakhstan 


I am sorry to tell you of the death of my brother Anataoly, also my Brother in Christ. We buried him with the help of our neighbours. So, we are very sad, despite knowing the comfort of resurrection in the end.

Sis. Lena


I wait so eagerly for every issue of the Zvezda magazine, my brothers and sisters in Christ have become as true family to me and I can’t wait for the news about them and read it several times. I am with you all.

Sis. Elena


It’s a shame that our Sisters from here couldn’t come to the Bible School as they wished. The way is far and we have local problems here. We are so eager to see you!

Sis. Elvira

Things are very hard for us. Fortunately I am still working but my wage is about enough to buy only food and nothing else at all.

Sis. Sveta


Thank you for praying for me. I can feel it very much. I in my turn am praying for our dear Sister Ludmila in Kazan, remembering it was her who brought us to Christ here.

Sis. Alena

news from latvia 

We are delighted to announce the baptisms of TATYANA, wife of our brother Kostya, and pray she will be further guided to the Kingdom.


Thankyou for the literature and for running the Bible Schools. I so like to read in Gospel News about your lives, how you are doing, and although I don’t get out much now I do pray for you all and am grateful to God that you can do what you can for Him.

Sis. Irena


I received a notification in my letterbox that a parcel was awaiting me at the Post Office, I have nobody to help me at all so it was a long walk for me there, and then back to my apartment. When I was younger I would have thought nothing of it, but for me it was a missionary journey. I very much appreciate the contents of the parcel of books, slowly I am reading them and feel stronger and deeper in faith from that reading.

Sis. Valerijana


I have just lost my job and there seems nothing else available immediately. So it is not an easy time for us with the new baby. We so eagerly welcome visiting Brothers, even in the middle of the night you are welcome.

Bro. Kostya


I am very weak now but I wish to inform all that I will try my very best to come to the Bible School. I see God working in my life a lot, even although in a physical sense I don’t have much variety in life, but I see Him working for me.

Sis. Liga


I am still suffering after being hit by a car, the driver refuses to give any compensation and so medical treatment is hard for me as it has to be paid for unless I take him to court. I am working a little so I have enough for food but this is about all. I continue to seek the Lord and so look forward to our every meeting.

Sis. Vaira

news from lithuania 


I have been in hospital for two weeks. The medicines you got for me seem to have helped a little. Thank you and God bless you for your kindness.

Bro. Mantas


I’m missing you here, and very much look forward to our next meeting. God bless.

Bro. Albinas


I am struggling very much to find work after my employer went bankrupt. I managed to get a job processing garbage but it is night shift only and the worst work I ever had to do. I believe all will be well in the end. Also my sister is, I think, preparing for baptism.

Bro. Ryszardas

news from macedonia 


I was very pleased to learn about the baptism of another 10 people in Turkey. I give God thanks. I pray that even many more will come. I try to persuade people here too, but people are not so willing to be baptized or re-baptized. They feel they are fine as they are.

Bro. Kicho

news from moldova 


I am finding all I have learnt from the Bible was, as it were, theory, as now I am being asked to apply it all in practice, due to the illness of a loved one in my family. I thank you for your support and loving care and teaching of me.

Sis. Elvira


I am well here, although I have moved out to a village and things aren’t easy here. I am hoping by all means, with God’s help, to get to the Bible School. Please pray for me here and don’t forget me.

Sis. Tamara


Our apologies for not having been in contact! We love reading the Zvezda magazine, and noticed the list of questions which you are going to discuss at the Winter Bible School in Ukraine. As we can’t get there, we’ve written out our answers and thoughts upon those questions. We so miss you and would love to see you here!

Sis. Natasha & Bro Sergej


Sorry for not communicating; but this doesn’t mean I am not praying for you in the great work of spreading the true Gospel to all the world. I would appreciate some more copies of Bible Basics for distribution, so I can play my role here in this town.

Bro. Viktor

news from poland 


I am praying for you in the work of evangelizing, and here I am trying to do my part too, although here it is not so easy.

Bro. Marcin


I hope so much to come to Bible School in Ukraine next year, God willing! We have started a magazine here for the Polish brothers and sisters.

Bro. Henryk


I have some people here who are so near to and yet so far from converting to the Truth. I am doing my best with them thanks to the literature you sent over. Please pray for them to decide and to be brave.

Bro. Adam

news from russia 

We’re delighted to announce the baptisms of TIMUR and JULIJA. May the Lord keep them strong in Him.


We are so disappointed that the woman we hope to be baptized has pulled out, so we have taken this rather badly. I look forward so much to the Bible School.

Bro. Oleg

I am hoping I shall be well enough to come to the Bible School, this is my great moment of the year, to meet with truly good brothers and sisters and remind ourselves of the great hope of eternal life which we have, and which in my state of health, I realize we so desperately need.

Bro. Boris

Photo: Brother Boris displaying some pens given him by Brother Scott from USA


Since the death of my husband Brother Anatoly, things have not been easy for me, I was in hospital and also lost my job, it’s so hard here to find any work and the pension is so very small. Please pray for me.

Sis. Nadia


We are encouraged by your support and visits. We were deeply upset to be told by some brothers that we are not true Christadelphians but we know we are, we are reading every day with the Bible Companion, and Brother Sasha and Sister Valya join us most days, plus our ecclesia is holding the breaking of bread each week and a Bible study in the week. We have started renting a meeting place in which to gather with people who are wanting to know more. We are reading through the Bible with them, a chapter or so from each book of the Bible each week, and explaining it to them. We thank all for their prayers for Vera, she is much better.

Bro. Alexei and Sis Vera

We are thinking of you all gathering for the Winter Bible School, I am simply not able to travel now, but Brother Viktor will go there as our representative.

Sis. Ludmila K.


I so regret being unable this year to come to the Winter Bible School. We are well here, reading with you, praying with you, hoping with you for the return of Jesus soon.

Bro. Viktor


I was pleased recently to meet with brothers and sisters in Chelyabinsk, and was very upset to get a letter from my friend Sister Raisa telling me of how she was flooded and was an hour and a half in water to her chest. So I have been praying a lot for her, and am so excited to be coming to the Winter Bible School.

Sis. Sofya

Photo: Sister Sofya at Bible School after traveling several days to be there


I pray for you. I am eager to do something more active for the Truth, so I am happy to consider going to baptize the contacts in Novogord if I can do it in a weekend.

Bro. Igor S.


We very much miss brother Duncan here, and we are encouraging people here to study Bible Basics, especially the older people, they need to see that there is no hope beyond the grave unless we are in Christ.

Sis. Larissa


I have reflected much about how the brothers and sisters built a Bible School in Latvia, this is how we should be, not just talking about our faith, but practically working together. Then I am sure we will understand each other from another angle and build unity between us. May God continue to be always with us and with you all in your service to Him.

Bro. Valerij

We are so missing fellowship with our brothers and sisters back in Ukraine. We will do all we can to get to the Bible School, although I am looking out for work, any work, so I may not come if I happen to get a job.

Sis. Angela

Photo: Sis. Angela with her daughter Sis. Iya at the Bible School [Angela didn’t get work!]


The recent visit of Brother Duncan to us here was such a strong encouragement. It was wonderful to be able to gather at the apartment of Natasha and break bread. Now I have bought my tickets to go to the Bible School, and afterwards I plan to go on to see my daughters in Kazakhstan. I shall do this great journey only by God’s strength.

Sis. Raisa

Thanks so much that you don’t forget us but came to visit and encourage us!

Sis. Irina


I feel my journeys to the Winter Bible School are a kind of homage, my missionary journey; at my age the long distance from Siberia to Ukraine is formidable, but I travel in God’s strength and to show my unity with you, as God’s ecclesia on earth.

Bro. Pavel

Photo: Brother Pavel at the Bible School- he traveled four days each way from Siberia


We are still holding the faith here along with Sasha and Lida; also brother Viktor from Pyshma was with us and asked me to send his greetings too to you all. Please pray for our health.

Sis. Vera


Of course I am quite unable to come to the Bible Schools but my heart is so much with you. Time flies so quickly, it seems, at my age. My grandchildren are now grown up. I so wish to share with my family the wonderful hope I have of the Kingdom. I am more than grateful to you for showing me this hope.

Sis. Tamara


I feel very much that my health is failing, and I throw myself wholly upon God. Please send me some warm clothes if you can. As you know I lived most of my life in central Asia where it is warmer, before coming to Russia as a refugee and being sent to this distant place. I keep thinking about the Kingdom of God to come on earth.

Sis. Galina

Comment: Clothing and assistance has been sent

news from serbia 


I have been troubled here by some defecting to other fellowships, but I do not wish to listen to such stupidity. I look rather to the great signs of Christ’s coming which there are in the earth. I wonder whether the financial crisis will lead to the time of trouble such as never was, and the coming of Christ? I am expecting so.

Bro. Vladislav

news from spain 

We are delighted to announce the baptism of WALTER. May the Lord guide him in His way toward His Kingdom.

I am fine but the problem is that for the past four months now I am unemployed and life is very bad for me. But I put my trust in God who is able to supply my needs above what I think or expect.

Bro. Rahid

news from syria 

Things are so difficult for us here. People are fearing contact with Christians because of the culture of opposition there is here. Please pray for us.

Bro. H

news from turkey 

We are very pleased to announce the baptism of another 10 Iranian refugees in Eastern Turkey. See Bro. Charlie Klennert’s report elsewhere in this issue.


Thank you very much for caring and praying for me in my illness. May God bless you. I feel His love through you. You are always welcome with us here.

Bro. Bertan

My family and myself are so happy to be baptized. I talked to my relatives about the baptism but they said they cannot go out of their city in Iran since the Iranian Intellegence there are very much watching them, even to call them it is very dangerous for them. They said that they will try to go to Suleymania in Iraq to meet you if they could. God bless you.

Bro. P

news from ukraine 

We’re delighted to announce the baptism of MISHA (brother of our Sisters Larisa & Anya) and VALENTIN at the Winter Bible School. May the Lord keep them strong in Him.


We are so looking forward to coming to the Bible School, it is a great time for us each year to be with such truly good people in Christ.

Sister Anya


We would so love to have come to the Winter Bible School but my health prevents me travelling very far. We so warmly think of you all and continue every day reading the Bible with you according to the planner.

Sis. Lena & Bro. Vasilij

I eagerly await every Bible School. I am so grateful for your support of my cataract operation; I can see so much better, and more enjoy reading the Bible chapters each day. I have great hope for the Kingdom, but also the Bible teaches us to look critically at ourselves, so there is a balance.

Bro. Anton


I am so grateful you are managing to hold another Bible School in Ukraine, and I am going to do my best by all means to get there by God’s grace, to be with my dear brothers and sisters in the spirit of Christ.

Sis. Sofia


The Bible School here was indeed very blessed. I am already working on preparing some material for next year’s School, God willing. Truly we need such gatherings.

Sis. Ludmila

I so enjoyed the Bible School in Poltava, thank you so much for everything there. I was really so encouraged.

Sis. Tanya K


I was quite sure that it was impossible for me to get to the Bible School. But then God really changed things, so that that very week I was free and able to go. I thank Him so much, and you too for the chance.

Bro. Mikhail

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