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news from kenya 


Please send me some French Bible Basics, I wish to share the good news in French with other refugees here and invite them to our Nairobi ecclesia.

Bro. Tshomba Kabala

I hope you and the entire Christadelphian fraternity there are okay. We are also doing well here in Kenya God having blessed our country to once more achieve the political stability that we once enjoyed before the 2007 election that almost tore the country into pieces. Let me thank you for having laid a firm and a strong foundation for me in the true Christianity. There are some areas, for instance, the place of reward, which are difficult to convince someone to accept. Even me I cannot deny that at first I was not troubled with the teaching but it was after carrying out a thorough reading of the books that you had given and in the Bible Basics that finally the truth dawned to me and I accepted it. However, I'm yet to fully understand the true meaning of satan as some books at times confuse me.

Bro. Griffin Wafula


This is the message of joy: there have been baptisms at Okumbo ecclesia. The interviews were conducted in January. From back row L to R . Fredric Otieno,Michael Osuju and Joshua Masawa. Front L to R: Michael Odiwour, Dickens Otieno, Benjamin Mwatu and Rose Anyango (squating). Benjamin and Joshua are from Oruba. The second photo is me conducting baptism. May God's care be with them as their Guide and protector.

Bro. James Nganyute

news from south africa 


I am still working on translating What Is The Gospel? into my language. It takes time so please bear with me. I wish you Yahweh Elohim’s blessing in the work of His Truth.

Bro. Lassme

news from uganda 

This is your brother called Johnathan Johnstone from one of the small countries of Africa called Uganda. I am so interested in your books of life, I read one of your and it forced me to write to you and say thanks , it is so encouraging. God bless you. Contact me on mobile +256782963786 or write to box 133 Kasese Uganda.

Bro. Johnathan

news from zambia 

There's a big difference between when we walk alone and when we walk with Jesus (The Way). When without Jesus, the road is just leading to nowhere, but for only as long as the feet may endure and the destination is certain death. While when we walk with Jesus, we are assured that He knows the way and the destination is the Kingdom, where life is in abundance, daily and eternally.

Look up these Bible readings: Psalm 27:1-6, Psalm 91 and crown it with Phillipians 4:19. As we walk that road!

Bro. Martin Tembo

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