Which Day Was Jesus Crucified?

I am interested in the exact day of the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus. Matt 27:57 describes when Joseph of Arimathea came to take the body of Jesus for burial (Thursday evening). Verse 62 states “The next day (Saturday) which follows the day of preparation”(Friday) which indicates it was Saturday, when the chief priests gathered together to see Pilate, they said “Sir, we remember while Jesus was still alive, how that deceiver said ‘After three days I will rise’. Command that the grave be made secure until the third day’.” Matt 28:1 says, “Now after the Sabbath, as the first day of the week began to dawn” which means it was Sunday morning when Jesus was raised from the dead. As the gospel of Matthew shows that Jesus was crucified the day which was before the day of preparation which was immediately before the Sabbath day, making Thursday, which we should consider as the burial night/evening.

On the Saturday the Pharisees and chief priests gathered together to Pilate to ask for security of the tomb. The second day was the Sabbath day which was Saturday. So the third day commenced at sunrise on the Sunday. If we count down, we see that, as Jesus prophesied, he would stay in the tomb three days and three nights and then be alive again, and this happened and is true.

The Jewish day commenced at sundown, and was regarded as the night till sunrise. From sunrise to sunset was called day. So Jesus was in the tomb Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights/evenings and in the grave Friday, Saturday and first thing Sunday morning, making three days and three nights in the grave.

Bro Isaac Kapa (Tongaren, Kenya)

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