Zambia Bible School

Last year’s Bible School was held at Mulumgushi Motel in Kabwe. The number of brothers and sisters who attended was 98 and the organiser was our Linkman, Bro David Nicholls. He was accompanied by Bre Michael Ashton and Simon and Sis Lynda and Sis Sara from UK.

Our theme was “When There Was No King in Israel” taken from the book of Judges. Four main topics were covered:

  • After the death of Joshua (where we find the importance of faith)

  • Deliverance from the Canaanites

  • Deliverance from the Moabites

  • Deliverance from the Philistines

The speaker expounded much and opened our understanding from this book. All the members were impressed and each one was able to take a message away.

We also had Bible Exhortations taken by our Zambia brethren, who spoke as God had given them. The devotional meeting was led by Bro Dennis C Kombe, our CBM Zambia Secretary who made everybody feel welcome. Secondly our CBM Zambia Treasurer, Bro Arnold B Kunda also spoke. Then during the Breaking of Bread meeting, Bro Kelly Simayumbula came in with a powerful message emphasised by his powerful voice. Lastly we had Bro Titus Mwansa who also delivered a message. All four brethren had courage and strength when speaking. I pray and ask our good Lord to continue giving our Zambian brethren good health and knowledge as they are in God’s vineyard. We had missed Bro Z Muntete who fell ill for a long time; now God has helped him and he is better.

We had Mutual Improvement Class session/ Recreation, and some free time with young people’s discussion time. Bro Dennis Kombe was the last speaker who encouraged us on the important topic of the Christian life. He stimulated us to be like David who had faith in God when he faced Goliath the Philistine.

We also had a seminar on Ecclesial and Inter-Ecclesial procedures. We covered how to organise ecclesial programmes, Bro Simon and Sis Sarah had played a role with the youths. Sis Lynda took sisters’ classes where they learned knitting. Lastly, our Linkman came in with a Question and Answer session. He also talked on many important things.

At the Bible School, we sang hymns, talked on many different topics and had nice meals. We thank Bre Nicholls and Kunda for the good arrangements. May the Almighty God continue blessing our brethren and sisters over the years ahead.

Bro Maybin Bwalya (Kabwe, Zambia)

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