Kingdom Essentials

I want to write about the four things that a king must have so that the kingdom can be completed: 1. EARTH, 2. PEOPLE 3. LAW 4. E CITY.

Christadelphians understand very well that king Jesus is coming any time to restore God’s Kingdom on this earth which was overturned. In Ezekiel 21: 27, we read that God would overturn the Kingdom “until he come whose right it is, and (God) will give it him (Jesus)”. Hosea said “The children of Israel will stay many days without a king or a prince” (3:4).


A king is first to have a place to rule, which is earth. The earth is to be inhabited, it was not created in vain (Isa 45:18),


A king without a people is not a king. People will go to worship the King at Jerusalem (Zech 14:16,17). The people will be told to enter into the Kingdom with their king, Jesus. and inherit it (Matt 25:34). If we inherit, we will be glorified together, so let us watch, for we do not know the hour (Romans 8:17; Matt 24:42; 1 Peter 1:4-5), In Revelation 5:9,10, the word of God gives us hope that we are redeemed by the blood of Jesus and made kings and priests and we shall reign on earth.
In the Millennium we will not be alone as believers but with other people to rule over; we being kings and priests will teach them the word of God. So all these are people under one King on earth.


Every king has his own laws to govern his people.

Without the law, people cannot live well on earth. As the writer of the book of Psalms said, without God’s law, he could have perished (119:92). Without law people do their own things, not pleasing to God.

By the way, the law which we are using now is the word of God which is in the Bible. We all heard the word of God and believe it and turned away from our own ways – the law of mind and flesh- (Galatians 5:14) but our law is love. We love each other and our neighbours, Jesus said, “I give you a new commandment” and we love each other.


Beside the earth, the people and law, the King must have a city. This is where the King will sit to perform his duties and where judgment will take place. God through His word did not leave us without information as we hope for His kngdom.
The chosen capital city is Jerusalem in Israel. When Jesus comes, he will sit on David’s throne in Jerusalem (Luke 1:32). When Jesus was teaching the multitudes he called Jerusalem “the city of the great king” (Matt 5:35). After the war and tumult, the remaining people will go to Jerusalem to worship the king; those who will not go will not have rain in their area (Zechariah 14:16,17). People will go to Jerusalem to hear the word of God (Isa 2:2,3) because out of Zion will go forth the law.

Bro Edward N Kunikina (Diana Beach, Kenya)

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