Who’s Interested

A recent international “World Value Survey” reveals that throughout the Christian and non-Christian world more women than men profess to be religious. It also appears that mothers play a greater part in the religious influence of children than their fathers.

Earlier this year a survey by the American ‘Pew Forum on Religion’ found that nearly threequarters of Americans profess the religion in which they were brought up. It was amongst the other quarter that those who switched religions or abandoned religion altogether were found.

Mormons have grown from six people in America in 1830 to over 13 million adherents today – increasing by about 40% in every decade of the 20th century. How have they achieved this? By intense evangelisation and concentrating on the development and bonding of families.

Today, many people are interested in religion but our generally defeatist attitude that ‘no one is interested’ is perhaps the biggest drawback to the advancement of the Truth. Let us shake ourselves into action and pray the more earnestly that we may reap the harvest of the Lord.

Marcus Heaster

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