Why Did Jesus Speak in Parables?

The disciples asked Jesus why he was speaking in parables Jesus quoted, “through seeing, they may not see” (Luke 8:10, Isa 6:9). This quotation simply states that those who are not willing to seriously receive Jesus’ message will find the truth hidden from them.

Jesus likens his preaching in parable to the ministry of Isaiah and also exposed the hard-hearted resistance of the many to God’s warnings and appeal. Jesus speaks in parable because of the spiritual dullness of people. Also, as a means of teaching, parables are easy to remember, eg the parables of weeds, and the sower are both based on familiar things.

Peter asked, “Are you telling us this parable or everyone?” (Luke 12:41). Jesus actually taught the people in parable but used a more direct approach with his disciples (Mark 13:37)

Let us look at the parable, of the wedding banquet. What does the wedding garment represent? The righteousness that God provides to those who accept His invitation. When the king came to see the guests (Matt 22:2-14), he noticed a man not wearing a wedding garment. We are warned to be dressed with wedding garments always, to be prepared all the time because no one knows the day or the hour when the son of man will come.

The man was asked why he had entered without wearing wedding clothes. The king told the attendants to tie his hands and feet and to throw him outside – this expression giving a picture of severe punishment to those who refuse to accept his teaching. Many are invited but few are chosen (Matthew 22:14). God warns us that to refuse to accept Him will result in Him refusing us.

Bro Emmanuel Kondowe (Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe)

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