April - June 2007

Editorial: The Real Devil


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The Sinfulness of Man Bro Emmanuel Maugente (Magunje, Zimbabwe)
Remember Lot's Wife (Luke 17:32) Bro Jonathan Nkombe (Sumbwanga, Tanzania)
A letter from Australia Dick, Janet, James and Leah Hillhouse.
Abraham’s Faith Bro. Moses Dhlakama (Chipinge, Zimbabwe)
Mastering The Weight Bro. Sylvester Tembo (Mzuzu, Malawi)
Great News from Washington, USA.
Free Dictionary / Thesaurus
Is the Bible the Word of God? (brief notes from a talk) Bro David Webb (Walton, UK)
The Name of God Bro. Moses Dhlakama (Chipinge, Zimbabwe)
The Seven Steps to Salvation Bro Mayende Erisania Sifuna (Busia, Uganda)
A Correlation - A Sister’s Role in the Family Bro Ben Drepaul (New York, USA).
A Refugee’s Personal Testimony Brother Jean-Claude Asende Bembeleza (Boston USA).
5 Minutes to the Nuclear Doomsday
Life-Giving Water Bro Justin Mwakasege (Ipinda, Tanzania)
An Ambition
The Old Paths are the Right Ways Bro. Isidore E. Mwibeleca (Lugufu 1, Tanzania)
Questions and Answers Bro Leon and Sis Joan Shuker, (South Africa)
What Is Meant To Be “In Christ”? Bro Dzingai Submerera (Bulawayo, Zimbabwe)
Teach Us To Pray Bro Isaac Kapa (Tongaren, Kenya)