News from Africa

news from cameroon 

I want to write about the ten virgins who were waiting for Jesus. Five were wise and the other five foolish. So we should be very careful and be like the wise and hold the word of God firmly and keep His words, if not we shall be like the foolish virgins and not be allowed to enter the Kingdom.
Bro Elangwe Michael

Hope you are at ease, as we are here in Bekondo. First of all, thank you for all the letters and Gospel News sent to me.  We appreciate you very much for making us aware of information from other countries; this makes us learn of the work of God in our lives. May the Lord bless you in working in His vineyard.
Bro. Moki Martin

I heard of the visit you made to E. Europe with your wife.  As we are waiting for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, we should have love and peace among us.  Special greetings to your wife and all your brothers and sisters.
Bro. Bernard Mbouna

It is a long time since we communicated.  I do hope you and the rest of the brothers and sisters are all well.  I thank you very much for Bible Basics and the other educative literature you have sent me.  My wife, Sis. Bridget, fell asleep on January 19th 2005, and is now waiting for the resurrection when our Master, the Lord Jesus, returns to the earth.  Greet all the brothers and sisters and God bless you.
Bro. Mbiaoh Anthony

In the hope of eternal life, which God, who can not lie, promised long ages ago see Titus:1:2. God declared, my words will not return to me without results, but it will certainly do that in which i have delighted, and it will have certain success in that, for which I have sent it Isaiah:55:11. God is already creating "new heavens and a new earth . The foundation for the "new earth" has already been laid. After telling about some of the marvellous things that "a new heaven and a new earth" will bring to mankind, Revelation quotes God Himself, the universal sovereign, as saying: look! “I am making all things new ." Also, he says: write, because these words are faithful and true” (Rev21:1,5). The crucial question is, are we making the needed adjustments in order to be counted worthy to be a part of the new earth under the new heavens?
Bro Kungang Hilary


Photo: The five baptised during the Fontem Bible School.

Thank you for your letter and the book, ‘Where There Is No Doctor’; I will pass it on to the new ecclesia, Makem.  All that I do in my life is to preach the truth and through this Centre I am already seeing God’s blessing in preaching.  Accept love from my wife, Sis. Monica and all the children.   We are sorry to announce the death of Sis. Ursla Asong, wife of the late Bro. Asong Lawrence of the Menji ecclesia;  this was on June 2nd 2005. Those who knew our Sister will miss her for her positive attitude and her concern for the truth and care of the Sunday School.  Our Sister left two children, ages 14 and 3 years.
Bro. Nkeng Charles


In the hope of eternal life, which God, who can not lie, promised long ages ago see Titus:1:2. God declared, my words will not return to me without results, but it will certainly do that in which i have delighted, and it will have certain success in that, for which I have sent it Isaiah:55:11. God is already creating "new heavens and a new earth . The foundation for the "new earth" has already been laid. After telling about some of the marvellous things that "a new heaven and a new earth" will bring to mankind, Revelation quotes God Himself, the universal sovereign, as saying: look! “I am making all things new ." Also, he says: write, because these words are faithful and true” (Rev 21:1,5). The crucial question is, are we making the needed adjustments in order to be counted worthy to be a part of the new earth under the new heavens?
Bro Kungang Hilary.

Our Ecclesia Was blessed with the visit of Bro Moses of the Buea and Bro Franciose of the Yaounde Ecclesias. We had fellowship together and broke bread, Bro Moses gave an exhortation based on Romans ch 8, where it says Nothing shall separate us from the love of God, be it persecution, peril, poverty etc. We all learned a lot, especially at this time when the world is full of temptations. We so hope such visits can be more often, we are looking forward to the January Bible School in Limbe.
Bro Constantine Fonkem.

news from kenya 

Formerly, for reasons of self-preservation, Israel had shown reluctance to implement the UN Resolution 242, that required the nation to withdraw from Arab-occupied territories.  Now how safe are they to move from the West Bank?  Surely, the Jews’ enormous sins are the main cause of their calamities.  The happenings today are sure signs of Christ’s return.  You have these in your press statements of killings in Iraq, terrorist attacks in London, the threats of war between President Bush and North Korea, the floods hitting India.  Surely people are fearful and afraid of current developments, but to us who understand the significance of Bible prophecy, look upon the scene with hope.
Bro. Lawrence M. K’owiti

I am happy to write to you to say I have received your letter, Bible Basics and Gospel News. The messages you expressed were welcome and gave me much impetus.  Actually, brother, I went through your letter and find that there are terrorist attacks in England but there were no Christadelphian casualties, surely that shows that God is with us.  So please, wherever you are, pray to God always, don’t give up.  I am also trying, up and down, to work for God.  Please brother I would like to request that if you can find a Bible and other books, please can you help me.
Bro Anasetus Khaenba

We are married and have one son.  We have a hope in Israel’s hope, we have hope in Christ as our future King.  Our brother, we appreciate what you have done to our brothers and sisters in Kenya by communicating with them.  We have borrowed some books from them like Bible Basics and Gospel News and gone through all those books and we are interested also to have a copy to make us achieve more through the books.  Brother Anasetus has played a big role through lending us his books and teachings, so we decided to communicate with you.  If you are in a position to communicate with us we shall really appreciate it, we are waiting for our Lord Jesus to come back.
Bro. Boniface and Sis. Irene Juma

No words are enough and appropriate to express how happy we are for having received more than twenty English and Kiswahili Bible Basics, copies of Bible reader’s calendar, a copy of the ‘Death of the Cross’, ‘Antichrist and the Battle of Armageddon’, ‘Christ’s death and your salvation’, ‘Why should a righteous man die?’,  ,’Do Christians need prophecies today?’, copies of ,Present Day Events,.  Actually this was like a dream to us and we could not believe our eyes.  We are very grateful.  Through this literature most of our questions have been swept away and of course doubting Thomases have now acquainted themselves with the content of the true doctrine.  These have also served as a catalyst for the rapid spread of the gospel as they have been widely distributed and carefully utilised, not only for discussion’s sake but with knowledge of the final judgement if at all we fail to act accordingly – in trying to keep this it has resulted in the baptism of Bro. John Makhino on 10th July 2005, while others are still in the Bible Class.  We are also expecting some more converts from Narok who we have supplied with some literature.

We cannot also forget to register our sincere thanks for a very interesting copy of “How to grow a balanced diet”.  We have already begun to put into practice what it contains.  Many in the society are willing to join us in identification and cultivation of various crops which, after feeding them best nutrients, can lead to good health.  We are hoping for better results as time goes by.

In the western part of the country, particularly Bungoma where we stay, the weather conditions are favourable for survival of both animals and plants.  This encourages farming which is normally carried out on a small scale.  Lack of capital and improved farming techniques and machines are the major problems facing us.  In these parts children normally suffer from multi-nutritional diseases resulting from the lack of a balanced diet in their bodies.  From an analysis done some exchange their animal products for grains claiming that they are storable for quite a good period of time, hence feeding their children on only carbohydrates.  Despite the fact that seminars have been held to discuss this issue, this has been an endless habit amongst our people.  We believe the books you mentioned which deal with farming and places with no doctors can be the best to solve our problems and we shall be extremely happy to reveive.

We are equally happy with the work of supplying Gospel News magazine, together with other literature, especially the ones we received recently.  We must admit that they are of great value and meaningful to us.  Through them we get to know how events are occurring worldwide in the fulfilment of the Scriptures and at the same time get to know how the gospel is spreading worldwide resulting in the increased number of Christadelphians, which signifies that the required figure of the saints will soon be accomplished, hence leading to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We also get to see how the biblical pregnant statements give birth whereby we get answers to our various questions.
Bro. Nimrod Masika 

The apostle John says “I had many things to write but I do not wish to write to you with pen and ink.  But I hope to see you shortly and we shall speak face to face.  Peace to you.  Our friends greet you.  Greet the friends by name.” (3 John v 13-14).  For me I can better express my fellowship and my respect for each other through writing and communicating to you with pen and ink.  Shortly before his death, Jesus Christ prayed these words:  “And this is eternal life, that they may know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent”  John 17:3.  This shows that there is only one true God.  Therefore life with God is eternal. To share such life with God, Jesus said, one must know God.  Now I am looking forward to continuing searching the scripture because of the lessons you have given me.  In our ecclesia we have monthly Bible study which I hope will be facilitated through Bible Basics.  Therefore brother, I am requesting any book that is available.
Bro. George Maina Wabwile

Thanks a great deal for your endless organization dedicated to promoting creative use of the Gospel News media in Bible teaching.  You have done a great work to make me understand what God wants me to do and believe as we wait for the Lord’s return.  “There is neither salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved” (Acts 4:12).  I’m willing to assist my friends, sisters and brothers as other ecclesial brothers do over the world but we are all orphans.  May the Lord bless Bro Joshua Kisuya who has stayed with me in his home for five years.  “That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith, that ye being rooted and grounded in love” (Ephesians 3:17). Am I correct?  A true brother must be born in three waysLa)- In body; (b):- In water; (c)- In spirit at Christs coming.
Bro. Geoffrey Wanyama

Warmest greetings of love and peace in Christ.  I was pleased to receive copies of Bible Basics in Kiswahili language which you sent me by sea mail. They took long to arrive but arrived safely. I have distributed five copies to a prison camp and two copies to interested friends and kept a copy for myself and my wife.  I am now requesting copies of ‘Where There Is No Doctor’.  I intend to supply the books to a women’s group in my area who have a thirst for the word of God and give a copy to the prison camp.
Bro. Gibson A. Azera

The ecclesia is the pillar and support of the Truth, whose mission is in divers ways to make known the manifold wisdom of the Deity to all to whom it can find, “being instant in season and out of season”, which implies that instruction to unbelievers by precept or example is at all times in place.  “In understanding be men” “What concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath a believer with an infidel?  And what agreement hath the temple of the Deity with idols?  Manifestly none. “therefore come out from among them,”  Belial infidels and idolators, “and be ye separate and touch not the unclean.”  This we do when obeying the Truth, we purify our souls or “cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of the Lord.”  We begin to do this when we become sons and daughters of the Father by adoption through Jesus.  As the adoption in hope of the redemption of the body, we come out from the Gentiles and constitute a separate people for His name.  We decline to touch the unclean, the fornicators and adulterers of the world, nor in any of our enterprises will we be unequally yoked with unbelievers.
Sis. Lydia Fuchaka

Here at Kitise we are fine and thanks for the books that you send, mostly the one which is called “Where there is no doctor”.  Those books give good intelligence and are understandable.  If possible could you send a dictionary to help us understand when reading.  Here we go on spreading the Gospel, waiting and looking forward to the coming of our Saviour.
Bro. Daniel Maingi

I so much appreciate the book “Teach me Thy Way” and the other smaller pamphlets on topical subjects.  “How To Grow A Balanced Diet” has reached me safely.  It is a very useful book.  The Bible Reading Calendar has been very good.  Each year I raise casava and a few sweet potatoes to be used during the dry season.  Thankfully in the area where I stay drought has not been serious.  Cases of hunger and people lacking food here has been mostly attributed to negligence in the agricultural sector as many folk usually turn to ‘empty’ talking during times of plenty only to be caught when the dry season comes in.  Great spiritual lessons are to be taken in here: we should learn to use our time wisely in taking in the food of life whilst the opportunity is still here.  When time of ‘drought’ comes, we should blame ourselves.  God willing, I hope to get engaged to a lady before the year ends, it has been very difficult to get a suitable sister for a wife.  The notes on the signs of the times are very interesting, thanks for the copy.
Bro. Geoffrey Chirchir

I am writing to inform you that I have received all materials sent to me.  Thank you very much for everything, especially for the new Bible.  Thank you very much for counting me among others to whom you did the same.  May the Lord God bless you and the service you are offering to not only brethren but also to friends, especially in Africa.  The two health books seem to be very nice and will help many people.  This shows exactly that you are bothering with the health of people so that the spiritual food you are providing to them may flourish in healthy bodies.  I request some more Bible Basics of Kikuyu, Kikamba and Kiswahili if you have them.
Bro. Lazarus M. King’oo

I am very happy to say that I got your letter and I was very thankful for that and let God be a guide to all our Christadelphian brothers and sisters around the world because they rely on faith and truth.  I encourage you to carry on sending me Gospel News and other pamphlets to help me understand the Bible because our beliefs and our faith are quite different from other denominations.  We as Christadelphians believe that when we die we must wait for the coming of Jesus and the resurrection. Other people think that after death they go to heaven, which is not even written in the Bible. How can we spread the Gospel through Gospel News? Let all of us go to Scripture reading daily and refer to what we have read and make use of those readings.  In our areas as Christadelphians we are getting news from our neighbours in other countries because we are reading Gospel News.  I ask others to take this opportunity to take time to spread the word of God to local people in their areas in order to work for the free gift of the coming Kingdom of God which will be set up on earth very soon.
Bro. Jared Oketch

When Jesus taught people 2000 years ago he spoke of the “harvest” of the world. Just as there is a time limit for crops, then they are harvested, so the world’s time will soon be up.  The Bible makes it very clear that Jesus Christ will soon return to set up God’s Kingdom on earth, reigning from Jerusalem.  This is the true and wonderful hope of the Bible and the only hope for a world in chaos.  From Bible prophecy we know that Christ’s return is very near.  Micah 4:4, “They shall sit every man under his vine and fig tree and none shall make them afraid.”  Isaiah 35:1 “The desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose.”  Amos 9:13, “The ploughman shall overtake the reaper.”
Bro. Daniel Ogembo Oliech

I have peace with my God.

 I thank the Lord and Bro George Ndiege,  Bror Alex Abuya and Sisr Pensillah Abuya for encouraging me and my wife Sis Jane Omuny, to start Miwani Ecclesia in Masago village. Even though we are small in number, we are to stand for the truth and will witness in the world.  I am requesting you to send me Bible Basics to help me in my teaching and preaching.
Bro Pete. and Sis Jane Omuny

Photo: Bro. Peter and Sis Jane Omuny

Many thanks for the encouraging letter and the two enclosed booklets. It is really good to read the testimonies of our beloved.  It uplifts us when other people receive the good news of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.I really enjoyed the books.  I thanked God our Father for Veronica’s faith to understand the true scriptures of the Bible.  As Paul the apostle wrote to Timothy in 2 Tim 3:16,17, she connected to and understood the word of God by herself by reading.  By that time God had arranged for George to help her to understand more.  As I was reading, going on to a point of baptism, I felt as if I was there at that time of her confession – and the act of baptism.  Although she was suffering from pains in her chest, she afterwards slept in the faith of resurrection, when our Lord Jesus will come back. I learned and enjoyed the book “A Woman’s Place?”  I think that debate musthave been very interesting to the listeners.  I learned much about how we brothers can take our role and time to teach our wives and sisters without fear, so that they may be on the foundation of the scriptures.  In our country some sectors of religions have made some of the women ‘Lay’ readers, Pastors and evangelists, contrary to the word of God.  It is very open and clear in 2 Tim 2:12 that a woman should not have any authority over man (a brother) but be silent and learn with all subjection v 11.

In the book of Romans 12:21-32: “They knew God, but they didn’t glorify Him or thank Him as their Creator.  Instead they were foolish in their hearts and did all bad habits as they liked.  For this cause, God left them in their foolishness and dishonoured their own bodies (verse 24).  From these verses we know that it is really the ending of times.  So we believers should be near our God by prayer, reading the Bible (His word) and help each other. Help me by sending me some books and encouraging me in your letters.

I will be grateful and thankful if you send me the Debate on A Woman’s Place?  As you first wrote me to write to Australia about receiving Present day Events, I regularly receive 20 copies for our ecclesia, also with GPL Middle East Update – I am really thankful for that.  I have learned much about Mid/East. In our Mombasa Ecclesia, we have a Bible Study, teaching our friends the Basic lessons before the memorial service.
Edward Kunikina


Thank you very much for your letter and a good pamphlet,  Do Christians Need Prophets Today?  It was very helpful.  We are building an ecclesial hall at Songhor East following our request during the CBM Annual General Meeting.  We got some help and the hall is now at lintel level.  We were in a position to build a temporary structure but following the strength we got from brothers and sisters in UK Songhor East Ecclesia will be a permanent meeting hall. 1 Kings 6:11-13.  In Songhor East Ecclesia we are five brothers, four sisters, fourteen Sunday School children and seven friends.  We are doing Bible Study weekly and we are at an advanced stage to open another ecclesia in Miwani.
Bro. George Stanley Ndiege


I would first like to take this opportunity to thank the Almighty for His love to us all.  Through you I received my reading glass and I was very happy that day, now I am reading Gospel News well.  I pray our Lord God that CAT may keep on helping other brothers and sisters who have that problem.  Again, in the name of Jesus, can you send more books and Bible Basics in Kiswahili.  I pray that God will bless you.  Let us encourage each other in good deeds and be strengthened in the Word.
Bro. John Masiki

Very warm greetings in the Name of the King of Kings.  I am alwaysvery pleased to hear from you.  I always say thank you for Gospel News when I receive it.  Bro. Marcus, I do just remind you of the book Where there is no Doctor which I requested you to send me, I have hope that you will send me one, God willing.  Could you run a few articles on health care?.  There is a sister who would like to be put on your isolation list?
Bro. Lenard Mboya Lar

Outside  the city of Jerusalem there was a little garden called Gethsemane.  Here Jesus and his disciples often went and spent hours in prayer to God.  When, after the last supper, Judas went to betray Jesus to the Jewish priests, Jesus led his disciples along to the garden of prayer.  His disciples were weary and sad and fell asleep.  Alone in the darkness, whilst his disciples slept, Jesus suffered great agony of heart as He prayed for strength to face His cross and His death.  Upon his perfect life was to fall the unclean and dreadful sin of the whole wicked human race.  As the Lamb of God, he was to be God’s sacrifice to take away sin and open the way of salvation.  Your sin and mine was on Him too.  It was as he prayed that Judas brought soldiers of the Jewish High Priest into the garden and by kissing his Master he made it clear to the soldiers which one of the band was Jesus, so that they could arrest him.  Peter tried to defend the Lord by using his sword and slashed off a man’s ear, but Jesus told him to put his sword away and he healed the man’s wound.  “Who are you looking for?” said Jesus to the High Priest’s servants.  “Jesus of Nazareth”, they replied.  Then Jesus said “I am he” and the men immediately fell backwards.  When the soldiers had recovered themselves, he let them lead him away to the High Priest.  What a terrible thing Judas did to betray Jesus.  To be a hypocrite, to say we love Christ, whilst in our hearts we love only ourselves, our money and our sin, is to be a modern Judas.  What causes this betrayal?  Money!  Money is what Judas received.  Many commit this terrible crime.  Professing to be of Christ’s disciples, they live like Judas, a religious life.  They mix with Christian people and share in Christian work, but their hearts deceive themselves and others.  But they cannot deceive God and one day they can be sure their sin will find them out.
Sis. Dorine A. Mboya

Thanks for the Bible received, It’s a good one, I like it very much.  I’m very thankful for the Gospel News received regularly, it is a spiritual junction where brethren all over the world meet spiritually, when they strengthen each other through preaching, testimonies and other introductions.  May all powers, praise and glory be to our Almighty God, the God of Moses, for His everlasting love to mankind.  God makes ways where there is no way.  Exodus 14:15-16.  He has stretched His mighty hand of deliverance in the Islamic country of Pakistan to make and set them free.  I am still praying for others who are in Iran and other Islamic republics.  Please may you try to find and send me a book entitled “Captive Conscience”,  God willing.  It will be a blessing to me.
Bro. Lucas Omboro

God is at work.  Tongaren Ecclesia   is becoming the centre of translating Christadelphian literature into local languages, so it will have its office built in the ecclesial plot, of which I will be proud.  I have translated as many books as I can, some are being printed in UK and some are still waiting to be sent to UK for printing.  Recently I received some more booklets for translation from various brothers and sisters in UK, which means they have need of the translation project to be in existence.  For these I praise God in heaven who has enabled such a marvellous project to be done in Tongaren; this will be of benefit to our generation and future generations to come, if Jesus’ coming is delayed.
Bro. Isaac Sikolia Kapa

After reading Bible Basics from my friend I was very willing to follow very closely and to learn more from it.  May you therefore send me a copy of the book Bible Basics in English, if available.  I look forward to receiving this and wish God to make me one of His little flock.  God bless you and I hope to hear from you soon.
Mr Michael Soita

The main aim of writing to you is to ask you to send me the book “Where there is no doctor.”  It is a very good book to read, especially ‘First Aid’ when an accident has occurred and there is no doctor around.  I also need more key cards, they are very interesting indeed for me. I have an eye problem;, I cannot get anything to to prevent them from irritation.
Margaret Shikuku

news from malawi 

We need to keep on helping each other spiritually and personally, because no one knows when God will release His Son, who is our Master, King of Kings to overcome all his enemies.  Here in Malawi many prophecies are being fulfilled, such as hunger, quarrels of leadership, disease etc.  All such troubles are signs that soon Jesus will come. I enclose a picture of some orphans I care for, plus giving them spiritual teaching.  Pray for me that I will not get tired, since I am unemployed.  I will also pray for you.
Bro. Godwin Banda


Photo: Children cared for by Bro. Banda

We are in need of reading glasses.  If possible, could you send us some as per the enclosed prescriptions.
Bro. Lukanga Nyomiro

Photo: Bro. & Sis. Chipala and family at Chimbalanga

Thanks for sending me Bible Basics; many people will benefit from it; it is more important than gold and silver.  I want to inform you that we have received iron sheets for our church.  Now our prayer house is no problem and this also makes us feel powerful and strong, bodily and spiritually.  On behalf of Chabonga Christadelphians I say thanks to those who provided them.
Bro. P. Mbingwani

My name is Justin Bafter and I am the third-born in a family of eight.  I went to school from Form 1 up to Form 4 and passed Malawi School Certificate of Education in 2000 and am still looking for a job.
Bro Justin Bafter

I need some books like ‘Elpis Israel’ and some tracts.  May God bless you all the time till the second coming of our Lord.
Bro. Lytwel Symbey

Comment:  When we get a copy of the book I will send it.  MH

From Kasungu centre to my place is not less than 35kms.  Regarding Zomba meeting, I do not have any regular communication; they sometimes send me printed papers in Chichewa. They used to know me in the past years when Bro. Nightingale with his wife and Bro. Lowe with his wife came and we met at Kasungu Inn together;  I then knew my Brethren and Sisters around Kasungu district, but now I only come to know members in Malawi through Gospel News.  I have heard that Bible Basics is now in the Chichewa language, and I would like it if I could receive a copy;  there are many who only read Chichewa and it would be a pleasure to share it with them.  As you know, since my husband passed away I truly live upon the assistance of God through His beloved ones.  Being a widow, I was chosen among 12 ladies in our village to be tested for HIV/AIDS disease.  If the disease could be found we would be given food, clothes, soap etc.   I was the only one found negative, so I do not get anything.  It was sad for me in one way because we’re experiencing so much hunger in our country.  But I went home and entered my room and said, ‘O Lord of Israel, you fed people with manna’ and, of course, I’m being provided for by God through His loving people.
Sis  B. Khonge

I am very glad to inform Brothers and Sisters world wide that we are studying Revelation, verse-by-verse and chapter-by-chapter, by using Bro. H.P. Mansfield’s notes.  I have been assisted by Sis. Paula from UK.  Some days ago I heard from Sis. Hope of Sussex, UK, that Sis. Paula was ill, so I am not now receiving the notes.  I am in isolation, so please don’t forget me.  I find Gospel News very  uplifting.
Bro Alexandre Banda

I am able to translate in Yao language, which is also familiar in Malawi, Gambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.  Please let me have plans: paper, pens, together with a good English dictionary to help me grasp the meaning of some words.  Life has been so difficult, to the extent of being divorced by my spouse in October 2000, because my poverty was endless.  At my age, the blow was so severe and in trying to culturally avoid the environmental influences of ungodly people, I left home and settled here in total isolation. Whenever I am to assemble with fellow believers, a journey of 36kms on foot is to be taken.  Living alone has twice resulted in thieves breaking through my house to sweep it clean.  Nevertheless, I praise the Lord who, through His grace, makes some neighbours feel sorry and who help me sometimes.  I think you can understand how one feels at times when one is isolated by both this world of unbelief and also fellow believers, one’s heart paces faster ahead of the feet towards the Kingdom of God and His Christ.  Anyway, I am convinced of that which the Lord has seen fit to visit me with, and am glad to know the Lord is kind to spare me some days to assist in His noble work and may it be so, God willing.  I became a Christadelphian at the age of 19 years in 1966 and now I am almost 60 and I believe you will know how difficult it is for one to stay all alone at this age, yet I know I am never alone, the Lord is ever close.   My present address is: Brighton M. Bwanali, c/o Chisomo Pvt. Primary School, Box 188, Liwonde, Malawi.
Bro. B.M. Bwanali

Photo: Bro. Philiat (left), Bro. Alexandre (centre) and Bro. Gerlad.(Kasungu)

One of my Brothers in Christ, who lived in Mozambique is young but well;  his parents were killed in the Mozambique war.  I have been teaching him and now he is on the way up;  we know Yahweh can only work with men who are prepared to do their part in the warfare of faith.  We cannot use weapons we have not proved, therefore we must make every effort to familiarize ourselves with the word of God through daily reading and personal Bible study. Brothers and sisters, surely mercy and forgiveness should be the ruling principles in our love one for another. The message is in 1 John 2:9-10 Brotherly love is the foundation of true religion.
Bro Edmond Store

Photo: Bro Edmond Store watering his garden

I was glad when I received Bible Basics and Gospel News.  Our beloved country is known as ‘the warm heart of Africa’, but economically we are amongst the poorest;  out of the eight poorest, we are number five. Your letter drew my attention to many who share the word of God with us.  I heard of the terrorist attacks in England that killed many innocent people and wounded many  others.  I strongly agree with you that the Son of God is about to appear. Brothers, we are joined together in Christ even though we’ve never met, but we will when our Lord comes.  I love and care for you all.
Bro Tholesi Nazombe

All the things you send me to read are good and I want to encourage you to send me more in order that I may continue to study. The thing I want most is the Holy Bible, Chinyanja version if possible, but if that is not possible, try to send me another as I haven’t one.
Bro. Maxwell Tebulo

Due to circumstances I have changed my address to:  Mpinganjira ecclesia, Private Bag 135, Mangochi, Malawi, C.Africa
Bro. Morris Assani

The following is paramount to our everyday life.  In Song of Songs (5:2) there is a certain woman who had a lover.  One night she slept, but her heart was awake.  She dreamt a man knocked at the door.  He said, ‘Let me come in, my darling, my sweetheart, my love.  My head is wet with dew and my hair is damp from the mist.’   If you go through the chapter from verses 3 to 6, you will hear that the woman refused; she didn’t want her lover to come in.  In v. 4 the lover puts his hand to the door, but the woman didn’t open for him.  Finally, the woman realised that the one who was knocking was her real lover and she opened the door.  ‘Alas!’ The woman said, ‘my lover has gone away.’  Brothers and Sisters, what does this mean?  Let us look at Rev. 3 v 20, ‘Listen! I stand at the door and knock: if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come into his house and eat with him, and he will eat with me.’  The lover mentioned in Song of Songs is Jesus Christ. We are hearing the knock of Jesus on our hearts even now.  Why is it some do not open to him?  They are living in a danger zone.   Should he come today, what will be their (and our) judgment?  Brothers and Sisters, Jesus is calling us daily to submit our hearts to him.  Let us respond  to our Lord positively.
Bro. Symon Wanyekheya

I write to extend my sincere gratitude for the Bibles and Bible tracts.  I write on behalf of the church – we are very thankful. Please keep it up, as the books have assisted us in spreading the word of God further.  Our church is growing and we are really being helped by your activities.  We are tirelessly spreading the gospel to all people. As you know, Malawi is poor and sometimes we find it difficult to travel long distances.
Bro. James Nyoni

Photo: Bro. Nyoni and his daughter Jean

I write to inform you that I am a new member in this church and have received your inspiring words.  I am now seeing the light of Jesus.  I write to ask you to send me some Bibles and tracts so that I can preach to others.  We are handicapped here because of the famine.
Bro. Moses C. Lusale

Many thanks for the copy of the Chichewa Bible Basics which I am sure will be of great help for many brethren and sisters who find English very difficult to understand;  this really has fulfilled one of your – and our – dreams.  For the ‘Tumbuka’ version of Bible Basics we need to sit down with brethren over here who will be able to help in the translation work.  One other thing: about the book, ‘Where There Is No Doctor’.  I didn’t know it was such a very good book until I saw it with a brother here.
Bro. Sylvester Tembo

I am delighted to inform you that I have received with joy, ‘Why Are We Here?’ There are many brethren and sisters here in our ecclesia who need Bible Basics and Gospel News; I humbly request you to send more copies.  I have been a Sunday School teacher here for three years.  Our aim is to encourage young people to grow spiritually, but unfortunately I have no Sunday School teaching materials, such as Key-Cards, time charts and lessons. Please, if available, send me these.  The Scripture says, “When Jesus saw this, he became angry and said, Let the children come to me.  Don’t try to stop them.  People who are like these little children belong to the kingdom of God” (Mk. 10:14).
Bro. Venancion Malata

I write to you, brother, to ask for your help.  As you know, last year the rains were poor in Africa.  So, due to the droughts, people failed to harvest more yields and because of that fact hunger is now a big problem in Africa and especially here in Malawi.  Right now, as I am writing, people are dying because of hunger.
Bro. Thom Bicycle

news from nigeria 

It was really encouraging to hear from you and to know that my very little work was appreciated.  The desire was borne out of some arguments that came up at that time.  They were so frequent, and I got to know that many people just claimed to be Christians but, even though they read the Bible, they did not know what it really said.  I then felt that since the topic was one of the fundamentals of the Christian faith, more light had to be thrown on it and it had to reach more people.  I completed it at home and gave it to my dad who read it through and was happy that even though I was in isolation I still had time to do a thing like that.  My school is in Ondo State, about three hours away from where I live – Lagos – and since there are no brethren there I have to do things on my own.  I am in my first year reading microbiology and turned 18 last May.  I also have no siblings and so do not have the hope of anyone joining me here.  In school, people think you aren’t a good Christian if you do not go to church on Sundays, but I try as much as possible to let them know that their general beliefs are different from mine, and since we aren’t in agreement we can’t worship together.  Many people are surprised that I read the Bible every day, even though I do not attend church and even quote me as an example to some of my friends, and when it is time to talk about the Bible, those around call on me.  I have been able to make some of my friends see reasons why the Roman Catholic church is out of place, though I have problems with some of my Catholic friends because of that;  those who agree with me on some things disagree with me on others.  I really am used to living a lonely life, but it gets harder by the day because here in school I have no friend who I am close to.  On many occasions I either cry, talk to myself, read the Bible or pray for strength, but the thought that maybe something is wrong somewhere keeps coming back.  Though I know that friends can let you down, I still know that there could be one true friend in a million.  I have Christadelphian pen-pals and one other friend who was like my sister, but she left school after our one-year pre-Degree course; I felt I wasn’t going to survive; though we talk on the  ‘phone, it’s not like the real thing.  Please pray for God to help me pull through academically, morally, spiritually and financially. I really am happy to be a Christadelphian.
Sis. Julie Omotayo

Comment: This is a letter from the heart.  Would some Sisters please encourage her.

We pray that you are all well and holding fast to the things we have received, lest at any time we should let slip. Such is the warning from the apostle and such are our experiences that in the face of continuing hardship, with no end to be seen in sight, some may weaken and fall away. It reminds us that we belong to each other and are responsible for each other.  None of us is as strong in the faith as we may feel we are, and we must help each other along the Kingdom road (Ecc. 4:9-12). The Brother you see here (Bro. Gabriel) has been our choir master since the ‘80s. He was struck by a mad man; the wounds he received have been treated but his two hands are paralysed.  He was referred to have orthopaedic treatment, but our ecclesia alone could not afford the money needed to help him.  We take the opportunity to thank his family who rushed him to hospital, and Enugu ecclesia who contributed a lot at that period. There are 15 Ibo-speaking ecclesias across Nigeria and we can use as many Bible Basics as you can send us.
Bro. Goddy Nwosu

news from south africa 

A mouthful of thanks for Bible Basics and thanks, too, to the Sister who sent me three books.  I like the book, ‘Family Life in the Lord’, it is inspiring to a family man like me, also to young couples.  “Before the end comes, the gospel must be preached to all peoples’ (att24:14;Mark 13:10).  How is the gospel going to reach the people if there are those who deny the process?  Let me pray for them. Bible Basics is in great demand and I don’t know what to do:  I promised people something that I cannot fulfill, mostly teachers at schools are thirsty.  There are people around the informal settlement who do not even have a Bible.
Bro. Francis Chauke

news from tanzania 

It has been a long time since I have written to Gospel News. In fact my family and I are doing well. I was away from  Dar-es-Salaam visiting Congo visitin Lubumbashi,Kipushi and Kalemie. With God's blessing we held an eight day seminar in both Lubumbashi and Kipushi, during which many people came to listen to us. They actually  came to know who the Christadelphians are, their faith and their beliefs. Two were baptised from both Kipushi  and Lubumbashi. We then travelled to Kalemie, where we had a warm welcome, and as the result of our visit ten were baptised. May our Heavenly Father be with the newly baptised Brethren and Sisters. We particularly thank all the Brethren and Sisters who willingly contribute financially to our travelling to spread the Word of God.
Bre Vincent & James Ibandje

I am Samuel Alinoti, a Brother at Rutale ecclesia, Kigoma, in Tanzania. Now i am at Kasulu for my studies.I am schooling at Kasulu Teachers’ Training College. There is no ecclesia here at Kasulu town, therefore I am not able to share fellowship with brethren and sisters. I am trying to teach the truth to the community around our college as well as my college mates. I thank God that there are some who have shown interest in knowing the truth, some are receiving our forty lesson Course. I meet with them and discuss the Bible regularly. We ask for prayers from brethren and sisters all over the world in this work so that these friends can know the truth in these last days. I request Gospel News magazine and advice from brethren and sisters on how i can go on with this work.Can you publish this message in GN? My college address is PO BOX 3, KASULU, TZ.
Bro Samuel Alinoti

KIGOMA (Rutale Ecclesia)
I am grateful for your letter and newspaper you sent me.  I very much hope that you will continue sending to me.  I delayed responding as I was admitted to hospital and operated on for hernia.  I thank my God that I am going on well, this was from January to May 2005.  I hereby ask you to continue sending me more and more scripture books, pamphlets etc. to enable me to deepen my faith.  Brethren and sisters of our ecclesia warmly salute you, hoping that you going on well with the work of God
Bro. Paros Yunus

We congratulate you for the heavy task you undertake in spreading the holy word of our Lord.  The things you send us always awaken our minds.  We received ‘Basic Bible Principles’, accompanied by an English Bible.  Thanks a lot.   Regarding our Sunday School, we again thank you for the positive advice and intend writing to the Children’s Fund for further details.  We receive Gospel News and its contents are appreciated.  We have launched a new strategy of house-to-house evangelism with the aim of teaching the pure word among and within the Islamic community in which we live.  We have convinced almost 80% of them and hope that one day they will be baptised.  Please pray for us so that, God willing, we succeed in this new ‘career!’ Last but not least, as many of us live in rural areas where there is no proper medication, may you please send us the book, ‘Where There Is No Doctor’.  Salutations from all brothers and sisters of our ecclesia.
Bro. Jerome Bukambo

We are fine enough here to carry out our daily activities.  We thank God for enabling us to deal with new challenges in life.  I would like to comment on the greater job being done of spreading the gospel news;  our Almighty God will always provide.  The Gospel News magazine which I receive is of the greatest importance to me because the contents are very useful for the current life and for the promised eternal life to come.
Bro. Nkonge Mwakatage

news from uganda 

My sincere thanks to Bro. Roy Boyd for sending me material which has helped me to grow spiritually and also for his letters which have all helped me in hard times in my life.  I cannot forget Bro. Duncan, too, for the Sunday School material and other spiritual materials he has given me.  May God reward them.  So I pray  that other Brothers and Sisters will build up their fellow Brothers and Sisters and students.
Bro. Mayende Sifunda

I have received your letter, the English Bible Basics and Gospel News, GN really acts as a TV, bringing all the brothers and sisters world wide together, in speaking and seeing each other.  I thank our Father in heaven for inspiring you all to do this work and thank you for your support and love to fellow brothers and sisters.  Gospel News is also a means of spreading God’s word to others;  let us not use it for ourselves alone, but to help bring other people to a knowledge of Jesus Christ. It acts as a bridge linking those in isolation to the very many brothers and sisters on this earth. May this continue. Please send Bible Basics in Kiswaheli as I have some contacts who do not understand English very well.  Unemployment is rampant;  we are poor and always have problems of sickness and we cannot afford the charges of hospitals. I rely on self-help projects and through radionics I get some money for school fees for my children.  I thank God who gave me that knowledge and may I increase it.  Pray for me that more people bring me their radios for repair.  This makes me think of the words of our Lord in Matt. 6, not to worry about what to eat and drink.  Pray for us as we pray for you.  We must read the Bible constantly and with prayer, lest Jesus Christ comes suddenly. Let us not be like the five maids who had kept their lamps but without parafin.  This parable can be compared to brothers and sisters who keep Bibles without reading them constantly. Glory be to God who has all majesty, power and authority.
Bro Issac Bulea Cox

All the human sufferings are signs that were prophesied would forerun the coming of our Master, Jesus.  We should indeed be on the watch for his coming. In my last letter I requested that you helped us with some Bible Basics;  there is, indeed, a great need for them as I have now started opening up new areas for the truth.  All the help you extend to us, especially Bible literature, is always received with tears of joy.
Bro Godwin Mugasi

We are very happy with all the programmes that are going on in the various countries, especially Uganda.  We must make a greater endeavour to work together spreading the gospel before our Lord returns to the earth.
Bro. Samuel Godwin

news from zambia 

Precious greetings to you in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I would like to inform you that the money sent was used to purchase a bicycle which I use to visit and teach the students in distant areas and for which I really give thanks through our Lord Jesus Christ.  I desire our brethren to live peaceably and hold on to the teachings daily, which shows me they have fallen in love with Christ.  It is my task to pray for them daily so that no one should come out of the hand of Christ. I would love it if we as brethren be one in Christ, then we shall be called Christians, because we are doing the work which God wants us to do. We should work and follow His commandments, then we shall inherit the Kingdom of God.  Please send me some books to edify me and to teach every day.
Bro. Edward Mutale

Most of us cannot afford the price of stamps; it is such a problem here when you consider that we live in rural areas of Zambia and most of us are unemployed.  It will help a lot if you send us a stamp each time so that maybe we can write something for the many readers of Gospel News which teaches us a lot.

Photo:  At Fringilla Farm


About the drought-resistant crops. I know the ones you have mentioned. The other one is yam.
Bro. Charles Muhupu

I must apologise for the delay in writing to you.  This is because life lately has been hectic for me.  The first term college work was a little pressing. Imagine going through calculus plus the whole load of assignments and exams.  I am now doing teaching practice at a school known as Neem-Tree Basic without any allowance from the Zambian government.  I have taken on two students at Mukobeko Maximum Prison so that they send their Bible Basics lessons directly to me.  Also I hope to meet Emmanuel any time now so that, God willing, he will begin to attend the meetings as, according to his letter, he has interest in God’s Word.  Lately I have had several brothers and sisters write to me to thank me for my articles and I am lost for words and I thank you, for I feel without Gospel News I would not have improved my writing.  I am glad you are trying to satisfy the ever increasing number of people abroad wishing to learn English.  In fact, I like your idea of producing a book with practical lessons on learning to read English by reading the Bible.  Imagine reading the Word of God as you are trying to get your English lessons right.  I feel it is much fun.  Any time you happen to have another project on writing get me involved i.e. give me guidelines on anything to write and let’s see what I can do.
Bro. Lapulani Malata

We are all waiting to receive our Lord Jesus Christ to come and judge each and every person according to the works that he or she has done on earth.  Brothers, let us pull up our socks, this is not the time of reading newspapers in the streets.  This is the time of reading the Bible and understanding what you are reading.  This should be our daily study as we are all waiting for our Master to come.  As we don’t know the day nor the hour he is coming, will he find us reading the Bible? Thank you very much for the public debate book which has interested me and also for the Bible reading calendars. We still need more.
Bro. Lameck Mtonga

The messages written in Gospel News have been of great use to me.  Here in Kalomo we are working extra hard in our outreach ministry.  In June last some of us made a trip to Kalomo South visiting three places there – Katanga, Kanyanga and Simwatachela.  From Kalomo town to Katanga one can travel by catching lifts, such as from lorries.  From there to Simwatachela one has to make it on foot.  From Katanga mission is a turning leading to Kanyanga;  this distance is long and there are no vehicles, the only thing you can get if you have some luggage is a ‘scotch cat’ (driven by oxen) or by booking a bicycle.  Failure to get either of these means a walk for nine solid hours non-stop.  At the end of each journey you experience hunger, thirst, leg pains and extreme tiredness.  At all these places there are a number of students;  some had finished their studies and were awaiting  interviews.  Our Linkman, Bro. Andrew Walker,  assigned me to travel to these places once a month to deliver their mails since my post box is used by these students.  In the month of August (5th to 11th) I made a second visit, then a third (15th to 18th.) May God bless His word and His labourers. Thanks to the Lord who has shown mercy and lovingkindness to our Brothers and Sisters in Iran and Afghanistan as we hear the report of baptisms in the Islamic world.  We pray that the hand of the Lord will be with you all in every dangerous place as you and we journey to the Kingdom; I know it is not so easy in this evil world. 1 Peter 1:3-9: Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade, kept in heaven for you and me, who through faith are shielded by God’s power until the coming of the salvation that is ready to be revealed in the last time.  In this you greatly rejoice though now for a little while you have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials.  Those have come so that your faith, of greater worth than gold which perishes even though refined by fire, may be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honour when Jesus Christ is revealed.  Though you have not seen him, you love him are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy, for you are receiving the goal of your faith, the salvation of your souls. Even so come, Lord.
Bro. Harry Hambula

I received the Bible Reader’s calendar for 2006;  I was very blessed, and most of our friends need them. I hope to continue receiving Gospel News, I always get encouragement from Isaiah 54:5, “For my Maker is my husband, the Lord Almighty is His Name, the Holy One of Israel is my Redeemer, He is called the God of all the earth”.  He is the Provider of my daily needs; He takes good care of my health and my two loving children.  May His Name be glorified for ever and ever.  Amen.  May the living God above bless every one of us for the encouragement we give and get from the Bible. needs; He takes good care of my health and my two loving children.  May His Name be glorified for ever and ever.  Amen.  May the living God above bless every one of us for the encouragement we give and get from the Bible.
Sis. Juliet Mweetwa

Many thanks for the help received from the Brothers. The ‘Present Day Events’ news sheet on the signs of the times is most interesting and I make photo copies for others. Travel to see others is difficult and so expensive; we are in need of a bicycle so that students and members can be contacted. I hope and pray that this letter will find you in good health.  My wife and I are quite fine.  Will you kindly send me some reading glasses?  I enclose the prescription as they are very expensive here..  Here in Kasama Ecclesia some people like very much the Bible Basics you have sent me. I do not have any left to take to Milima Prison as I am doing a lot of work here in Kasama concerning Christadelphian Bible teaching and have given literature plus some leaflets and Glad Tidings to several workers in Kasama.  Please try to send me some more books in English and Bemba.  My wife, my family and Sunday School join me in sending our love to you and your family.  May our living God keep you safe.
Bro. Joshua Mushili

Alas, it has been necessary to withdraw fellowship from Sister Dyllis Musonda who left us and joined Watch Tower and then joined the Bahai faith.  Efforts by brethren to bring her back have so far been fruitless. Meanwhile on 4 July 2005 we were blessed with the baptism of Bro. JOHN MWEWA of Mushota Kawambwa East, a sub branch of Kazembe Ecclesia, when Bro. David Nicholls, Sis Linda Nicholls, Bro. Nelson Bwalya and Bro. Z. Muntete visited the area.  Right hand of fellowship was extended to Bro John Mwewa by Bro. David Nicholls. Elizabeth and I were overwhelmed to read your letter, we were as happy as if we could jump out of our skins.  May our Lord bless you for your task to serve God in spreading Gospel News to its readers world-wide. May He keep you healthy and strong until the return of His anointed Son, none other than the Lord Jesus Christ.  Please include me as a student of that newly introduced 16 lesson course based on the Gospel of Mark.  I am very eager to learn the Word of God set apart time to read every day as a habit and Sis Elizabeth helps me to maintain this time.  I thank God for allowing this in my life.
Bro. John Kasanda

I am happy to inform you that I am on my way to the southern part of Congo to the small town of Mokambo near Mufulira town. I spent the night at Bro. Francis Mbalanga’s home, then next day I went to Mufulira.  After the memorial service, I will proceed to Mokambo where I will spend one week.  I lost my sister, who passed away two weeks ago, so I am coming to visit my relatives for that purpose.  I will take this opportunity to share the word of Truth with my relatives and non-relatives.  I hope that God will do something for His glory.  In Luke 15:7 Jesus said, “I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner whorepents than over ninety nine righteous persons who do not need to repent”.  We rejoiced with the heavenly host on 17th April 2005, when Bro. GOLDEN NDOVU was baptized.  He has become a member of our body, we thank our heavenly Father for His love.  This same month Bro. Francis Mbalanga of Chingola ecclesia decided to print calendars containing  Christadelphian Bible Mission labels, in an effort to make known our fellowship to the Zambian people.  The idea came after he realized that since 1971, when the Truth came to Zambia, the Christadelphian ecclesia is still unknown by most Zambian people.  We joined him by distributing these calendars in all towns of the Copperbelt province.  He also made the announcement of this activity to the Radio Cengelo of Kitwe.  The campaign was successful as the Zambian public asked questions on what Christadelphian means and what they believe.  I hope that God will make His Word to be known in all Zambia.
Bro. Robert Mpundu Miwele

This photo was taken after the memorial meeting on 3rd April 2005.
Standing left to right. Bro. David Kawba (Kapiri)  Bro. Chabala Geoffrey (Mufulira) and Bro. Harris Mulongesha (Ndola).
Front left to right: Bro. Silas Chishimba (Mufulira), two sisters and a student from Ndola Ecclesia.

“But whoever lives by the truth comes to the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God” (John 3:21). Light is a challenge that lasts all our lives and all our natural ways need to be examined in the Light.  “The unfolding of Your words gives light, it gives understanding to the simple” (Psalm 119:130).  Our understanding of the work of God continually changes spiritual direction and will lead us to live a different way of life, in the light, we must always live in the light (John 2:10, Prov. 6:23, Psalm 119:105).

Thank you for the parcels.  I received the books on Revelation and a parcel of clothes, thank you very much indeed.  Bre. Mubaya and Alex Mutale also received their parcels.  I accompanied Bro. David Nicholls and Sister Linda Nicholls for the mission trip to Luapula and Northern Province and we were blessed with three baptisms, a couple in Kasama and also a blind man in Kazembe.  The C.B.M. asked me to visit North Western Province, this is Kabompo and Solwezi, so you can see I do have the opportunity of visiting various places.  I am very glad to see that Bro. Duncan is back writing in Gospel News, thanks be to God.  My greetings to your ecclesia.
Bro. Nelson Bwalya

My testimony:  I spent most of my years in the church CMML and used to do the same job as Bro. Nelson Bwalya, that of selling books.   Bro. Nelson preached to me the good news, but I did not believe him. However, after a long time I started thinking of what he used to tell me and came to believe that what he told me was the truth.  Then I left my former church and started listening carefully to what Bro. Nelson shared with me about the Gospel.  I started the lessons.  After learning the truth I was baptised and started sharing the truth with others in Garneton township where I stay.  I do thank all brothers and sisters who visited us in Garneton.  We are building up the ecclesia which is called the Christadelphian Hall.  Most of my family are now baptised.
Bro. Darkwell Mubanga

Jesus Christ must return to this earth as King in power and great glory to judge this present evil world and set it to rights, as the apostle Paul says, “In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now He commands all people everywhere to repent.  For He has set a day when He will judge the world with justice by the man He has appointed.  He has given proof of this to all men by raising him from the dead” (Acts 17:30,31 NIV).  His second  coming will not be a hidden event, but one of which the whole world will be aware.  The prophets foretold that it will be at the time of distress in the world (Micah 4; Zech. 14:2,3,9), when the people will focus on the Middle East and on Israel.  The Lord will deliver Israel from her troubles, then he will reign from Jerusalem over a world-wide kingdom – the Kingdom of God on earth.  “The Lord will be King over the whole earth.  In that day there will be one Lord, and his name one” (Zech. 14:9).  “He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Most High.  The Lord God will give him the throne of his father David.  And he will reign over the house of Jacob Jacob for ever;  his Kingdom will never end” (Luke 1:32,33).  “In the time of those kings the God of heaven will set up a Kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure for ever” (Dan. 2:44).  “The Lord will reign for ever and ever” (Ex. 15:18).  Our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.  Will we be there?
Bro. Reuben Njamba

I was very glad to receive your letter and the parcel; the garments were suitable for the children and most acceptable.  Some of the children who had them are orphans.
Bro. Alex Mutale

Comment:  We were given several hundred new garments for children and have sent them to various ecclesias world-wide.  These clothes were new children’s school uniforms, but the Schools decided to change the uniform, so the Brother who supplied them to the Schools was left with a substantial redundant stock.  However, his loss has been the gain of many children.  It has not been possible to give to all ecclesias, but should there be another opportunity we will supply to children of other ecclesias.  The Christmas before last it was possible to give a new sweatshirt to all the children in a Russian orphanage – the only present they had. So, if any of you know of similar good clothing going ‘spare’, let us know.  MH

Thank you very much for the book, ‘How to Grow a Balanced Diet’, it is very good for us small farmers and reveals quite a lot of ideas which we did not know of.
Bro. Elvin P. Muntemba

I was so elated to know from the letter you wrote to me that I passed with flying colours the “New Life in Christ” course. A lot of brothers and sisters here did not know that Pardon Changwe is a pastor somewhere in a Pentecostal Church; I feel so sorry for him even as I continue praying for him.  Can you please help me with Bro. Edmond Store’s address, I just have an extreme interest in knowing about how he is living with the orphan children and if they are in school.  The Gospel News magazine is always close to my heart and Bro. Duncan’s articles are my favourite because they are so real.  At  this year’s Fringilla camp meeting I had a really wonderful time listening to Bro. Michael Owen and having quality times with my friends and talking to other Brothers and Sisters.  Bro. Michael has already sent me the notes of his talks which I asked for and I am so happy.  By God’s grace I am happy to inform you that our Sunday School and Youth League are doing great after the graduation of Asenath, Jane and Alex from Sunday School to being Sisters and a Brother and Anita and Stephen from being mere youths to becoming a Brother and Sister..  I pray that we catch more people from this world with the Kingdom net (the gospel) like our Lord Jesus did.
Sis. Bevelyn Tembo

I write to request a copy of “Beyond Bible Basics”.  I did request this before but you asked me to borrow from my ecclesia, which I did, and returned it to the ecclesial library.  Now I feel that I need to research the book more and gain much knowledge in spiritual matters.  I look forward to receiving the book and hope and trust that you will respond favourably and promptly.
Bro. Christopher C. Nkandu

Loving greetings in our soon coming Lord Jesus Christ.  I thank you so much for your letter and a copy of Gospel News, also a handout of Present Day Events.  I always praise God for the good work CAT are doing by disseminating the true gospel news in the world and encouraging us all as we await our Lord’s second coming.  The great work will be rewarded at his coming.  Happily I had a wonderful Bush Camp where I learnt new things from brothers and sisters, especially the talks of Bro. Michael Owen.  I heard about the terrorist attacks in UK a good number died without hearing and accepting the truth.  Keep on informing us about such events for they are a sign of his coming and God’s purpose with the earth to be fulfilled.
Bro. Jaxon Kalumba Jnr.

I received Gospel News for July-Sept 2005 after giving you my new address.  I also received a booklet entitled “Bible Basics for Moslems” which sounded very amusing and was very educative after going through it.  Please keep it up and continue with the same spirit.  Sadly I did not attend the July-August Bush Camp because I have been engulfed with some problems.  My wife has been complaining of some abdominal pains which started early in February 2005 to date, that is why we have been transferred from Kazembe to Mansa General Hospital.  But the problem is still the same and we are just praying to Almighty God and leaving everything in His hands.
Bro. James Mwando Kambobe

Looking at four devastating events, namely September 11th 2002 in the USA, the war between the USA. and Iraq, the Tsunami and now hearing of Bird Flu, has really touched me, more especially concerning the mass destruction of people’s lives in all these instances.  More people across the world are expected to lose their lives as the result of the anticipated Bird Flu.  Pertaining to the rate at which the influenza changes, scientists have predicted the pandemic (word means world-wide distribution) could cause 7 million sicknesses and 2 million+ deaths in due course, as the forthcoming outbreak is self-styled to afflict people world-wide.  This is coercion and awes almost everyone, more especially in developing countries because we saw how our friends suffered because they had no advanced medical facilities and highly structured transport network, then if it happens to strike amongst the developing countries, it is God’s to salvage, because casualties would be more than expected.

This has terrorized our brethren and sisters in most parts of the world, but let it not be so, because these calamities are just vivid mass life consumers, but the kind of death is the same in everyday life as each of us witness in our local environment.  With everything that surpasses our understanding, let us use it to try and acquire more knowledge about the power and the character of God and the fulfilment of prophecy.  As much as I believe, those people who died in the earlier mentioned calamities knew not what was before them and would have fled to save their lives. Let us who are still alive take advantage of these practical breathtaking examples to prepare for sudden death or Christ’s coming, so that we may enter the glory of his Kingdom.
Bro. Geoffrey and Sis. Sandra Chabala

I would like to ask you how to manage in sending deaf people to school or churches.  I don’t know if you have any in your ecclesia.  I have a son who is deaf, Mike Mumba, aged 17 years, now doing Grade 8 at St. Joseph’s in Kalulushi which is a Catholic school.  Is there any organisation dealing with disabled people which helps them with sign language, books for education, or Christadelphian books in sign language?
Bro Fred Mumba

Our Master, after he rose from the dead, commanded the apostles, saying, “Go, preach the gospel to every creature;  he that believes and is immersed shall be saved, and he that believes not shall be condemned.  Lo, I am with you always, until the end of the world”. My brother, please, I am here and want to serve the Lord, so send me some books and I can translate them into Bemba and Nyanja.
Bro. Charles M. Daka

I really thank you for the book, also update news on signs of the (end) times, especially issues such as AIDS and a report on children’s suffering by UNICEF 2005, which is so touching. Such work is appealing as this really needs particular attention like our Christadelphian missionaries are doing to reach the unreached and then share hardship with those in need of attention, help as well as care and love, with disaster relief funds.  Last Sunday we were visited by Bro. Maxwell Choongo of Kasaka on his Bible campaign outreach programme. We had a nice time, where we studied the Signs of the End of the Age from the book of Matthew ch. 24.  This is indeed a good reminder to us all who labour in the Lord. We should not sit back and pretend everything will take care of itself or perhaps forget what the Bible says.  We also had a good Bible study together. We need to cut across linguistic, social and religious barriers.  God will actually bring rest to a weary world.So many thanks for the booklet, ‘Did Jesus Christ Really Come Down From Heaven?’  This is of great concern, especially around us.  We are all concerned about so much poverty, drought and hunger.  This drought situation and poverty levels have actually culminated into poor attendance at my pre-school, having gone down to five pupils this term against 22 which I had last term.  With prayer and faith everything will be under God’s control.
Bro. Wilfred Chilomba

I was happy to hear that you had two Sisters from Latvia visiting you.  We should teach others the word of the living God because we are the salt of the earth, the representatives of God.  We continue hoping for the things we have not seen, but walk by faith not by sight.  There is nothing that can separate us from the love of Christ, not tribulation, distress, persecution or famine. I enclose a photo taken at the Fringilla bush camp last August, where we learnt a lot.
Bro. James Mwanza

So many thanks for the booklet, ‘Did Jesus Christ Really Come Down From Heaven?’  This is of great concern, especially around us.  We are all concerned about so much poverty, drought and hunger.  This drought situation and poverty levels have actually culminated into poor attendance at my pre-school, having gone down to five pupils this term against 22 which I had last term.  With prayer and faith everything will be under God’s control.
Bro. Wilfred Chilomba

Arriving at Changa Changa motel, I found Bro. Nelson Bwalya giving an exhortation and telling brothers and sisters to read the book of Revelation and he gave an example from Rev. 17:18 to support his exhortation.  I am very happy that Bro. Nelson Bwalya visited Solwezi twice when he baptised on both occasions, making Solwezi move from isolation to  a full-time ecclesia.  We now number 11 – 10 Brothers and one Sister.
Bro. Joseph Kapimpa

news from zimbabwe 

I was very happy to receive Brethren David Swain and John Butler from UK.  After they had failed to meet any member of Banket ecclesia at the meeting place, due to lack of communications, they decided to come and see me at the farm and I was delighted to have them.   Although time didn’t allow us to discuss all matters at length, I took them to my garden to see it for themselves and they appreciated very much the work done.  I am assisting brethren and sisters in our ecclesia to obtain vegetables for their daily use.   The visitors were proceeding to my home in the rural area, at Zumba, about 64km west of Chinhoyi town, to see brethren and sisters in isolation, including my wife, Eneres, who spends much of her time there.  When they arrived they agreed that a new ecclesia should be initiated because it is very far from Chinhoyi ecclesia.  I am glad to report that a new ecclesia has now started and I am very much uplifted and strengthened by this;  there are three brethren and two sisters, including my wife, who is transferring from Banket to the new Zumba ecclesia. One of the saddest aspects of human existence is the speed with which everything changes.  The passage of time causes people, places, customs and joys to fade away.  The memories linger for a while, but they, too, recede into the background and the glories of yesterday are soon forgotten.  That is because they are all things of time;  they come, they have their moment, then they go.  That is the very nature of anything of the world, but when someone does the will of God, that person is doing something that is eternal.

If possible, kindly send me ten Shona Bible Basics.  Some of my contacts are finding it difficult to read the English when doing our Bible studies, therefore it was suggested we use Shona instead of English.
Bro. David Yelulani

Photo: Part of Bro. Yelulani’s garden

I am writing to tell you that I was recently transferred by my work from Kariba to Beitbridge, 288km away in isolation.  I acknowledge receipt of Bible Basics.  There have been several applications from Beitbridge for the 40 lessons which will be dealt with by Sis Janet Lovelock.  It is amazing, and encouraging, that there are more Sisters accepting the truth in Eastern Europe.  May God bless them.  Where I am now living is reminiscent of Sodom, where I am very vexed amidst so many people in error and non-brethren.  God willing, the seeds of truth will germinate, grow and produce fruit.  Pass my love to the brothers and sisters meeting with you around the Lord’s table.
Bro. Joshua Pakali

The Bible is the book of love and truth.  In Revelation it tells us that the man is blessed who reads and hears.  When we are “born again” the blindness in our lives is removed, but we must read the Bible each day; as spiritual Israel we must eat the spiritual manna each day on the way to the promised land.  The world is full of adversity and many people are not Bible-based.  In Isaiah (45:6-7) God says He is the one who makes wellbeing and creates calamity.   We hear of wars, famines and earthquakes; when Jesus was on earth he preached about these times which we are seeing and hearing of today.  There are diseases from which many people are dying daily.  Moses told the Israelites that if they did not follow God’s ways He would bring disaster and diseases (Deut. 28:60).  Then there is the question of peace in the Middle East, but it is like waiting for the bus that never arrives. Let us try to overcome the world.Thank you for your letter and the Bible.  Pass my thanks to Bro. Duncan for a job well done in helping our Iranian brothers and sisters, this is true fellowship, and as we sing in our hymn, let us help each other on the road and each bear a brother’s load.   I was happy  to see your letter published in our local paper, this shows that we are Jesus’ workers in the vineyard;  keep on doing it.
Bro. Dzingai Sumburera

You mentioned the book Duncan has produced regarding English and the Gospel of Mark.  I would like to have a copy, if possible.  Here things are not good;  some are sleeping outside, others have been displaced from their work places, so life becomes very difficult, but God knows everything; He has an answer to everything that happens under the sun.  Please do pray for us in our situation.
Bro. Farai Phiri

Thank you very much for sending the Shona edition of Bible Basics;  my students were very happy to receive them and are also requesting the Shona Bible for them to understand more fully their studies.  I also request you to send more Shona Bible Basics.
Bro. Tarirai  Nyandoro

I would like to thank you for sending the book, ‘How to Grow a Balanced Diet’.  I was on leave for the whole month of June visiting my wife and children, whom I only meet every six months, since I do not stay with them.  My wife is the only Christadelphian at my home area, Nyanga, which is about 300km away.  She receives Gospel News and CIL Exhortations from S. Africa.  I thank God for His care when you had a couple of weeks in Eastern Europe.  As members of one ‘family’ we should meet together to encourage one another, but since we are world-wide it is not easy to be together.  However, we are together as we meet every Sunday, in reading the same Bible chapters and by receiving Gospel News and CIL literature.  Brothers and sisters are well blessed by having Gospel News, the purpose of which is to encourage our hearts and to unite us in love so that we may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that we may know the mystery of God, namely Christ (Col. 2:2 and 5), “For though I am absent from you in body, I am present with you in spirit and delight to see how orderly you are and how firm your faith in Christ is”.  So this is an example for us when we try to inform each other of how we are preaching or doing at our different places.
Bro Israel Mutundwe

In prayer we find time to be alone with our loving God who promises to hear and answer us.  Sometimes we receive more than we ask or even think is possible to receive.  We must pray in humility, in honesty, in faith, in confidence, in Jesus’ name and in accordance with God’s will.  God wants us to be persistent in prayer, but He also wants us to accompany prayer with action.  In 1 Kings 3:10-13 king Solomon, in his prayer, asked for wisdom and God gave him more than what he asked for.  1 Chron. 16:11 tells us to be persistent in prayer.  Prayer also involves praising the Lord, thanksgiving, confession of sins etc.  So we need to keep on praying and God is always there to hear and answer us.   I am glad to announce the baptism of (now) Sister NAOMI MHONDIWA on Sept. 18th, 2005, as our first Sister in Kariba and we wish her every blessing on her journey to the Kingdom.
Bro. Witness Majecha

Most people have heard of the Zimbabwean situation, where most people, including some of our brethren and sisters, have been displaced or affected.  Well, these are just man-made disasters, but praise God that no gun sound has been heard.  If possible,  may you send me Bible Basics if you still have it in English and also the Bible Reader’s Calendar.
Bro. Marison Tafirenyika

I applied to be a tutor and was welcomed, but told that I should teach the  Bible lessons in Shona language.  I would love to do this, because Shona is my mother language. Please pray for me that our Lord will lead me to handle this work well.   My brothers, the time in which we are living is heading fast towards the end of earthly rulers and their kingdoms.  Jesus gave us signs of his coming and those signs are surely happening everywhere.  If we see or hear what is happening we could easily think it better to die than to live.  But we, as the friends of our Lord Jesus, and as children of God, are looking at the sign of a nation – the nation of Israel.  If we see and hear of all that is happening in the land of Israel we can easily understand that the Kingdom of God is at hand.  So let us keep on praying, ‘Our Father in heaven, let your Kingdom  come and your will be done on earth’.  Why do we make this prayer? Because we are the children of God;  this world is not fit for us to live in, we must admit that we are aliens, strangers in it (read Hebrews ch. 11).  We await that country which is coming with our Lord Jesus Christ ruling as King of Kings.
Bro. Zvenyika Magoronga

We did not get what we were expecting from the fields due to low rainfall.  The book, ‘How to Grow a Balanced Diet’ is helping me very much.  I did agriculture at school, but I get more advice from this book. I constructed my 20 x 50m garden and dug two wells inside, plenty of water (God is great!), so by now I am harvesting sugar beans and sweet potatoes. Another side I am planting bananas and sugar cane.  I am sure by next year I will be harvesting and selling them, God willing.  We await the coming of our Master to set up God’s Kingdom on earth.  We are told to look on things above and not on the earth. As we meet every Sunday we strengthen each other to stand firm on the word, as we live in a world of distress.  Many thanks for the leaflets you send which  help us to preach the good news of God.  It was good to receive another letter from you with the information on how to keep goats. Yes, it is a good idea and for me it could be a good project when I start it, since I have a small family of three children and a plot of 5 hectares.  At the time I am keeping poultry and those we call ‘free range’ chickens.  I am just buying from around the area and then start to breed them. Goats are sure good meat. When my neighbour kills one and gives me a piece it is very good and the manure helps very much in the garden .  Thanks for the news of Israel and of the Palestinians; without a radio you cannot hear such news.
Bro. Weston & Sis. Ruth Kamota

Thank you very much for the Bible reading calendars. I saw Duncan’s photo when he was in Afghanistan.  I felt very touched by the bravery involved in that mission.  I know a Brother was beheaded there by his own father-in-law for being a Christian and see Duncan among the same people who are fighting against the truth.  Surely the God of Israel is doing wonders.  I wish all of you success in your preaching efforts and my prayers will always accompany you. May the God of Abraham bless you all.  I am writing this in Nov. (’05) and there is no sign of rain.  We should be busy planting our crops, but the prevailing dry spell is forbidding this. (Since this letter we learn that many parts of Zimbabwe have had some rain and pray that the brethren and sisters will soon have sufficient food for their needs in 2006)  Where this will take us is a mystery. We only feel secure in the power of prayer, hoping for the immediate return of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, our sanctuary. We simply need to live by faith.  Some few centuries before the Christian era God gave the prophet Habakkuk a revelation that was later to provide the basis of the gospel, “But the righteous will live by his faith” (2:4).  So accurately does this prophecy express the central theme of the Christian life that it is actually quoted about three times in the NT.  Of these three passages, Habakkuk’s prophecy is most fully expounded in Romans 1:17.  We need to grasp the main theme which runs through the whole Epistle, “The righteous man will live by faith”.  Paul states the one basic requirement for experiencing the power of God for salvation (Rom. 1:16), “For I am not ashamed of the gospel OF CHRIST, for it is the power of God to salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.”  Human nature is often prone to the assumption that the mundane actions of daily life have no spiritual significance and offer no room for applying faith.  On the contrary, it is only after we have successfully applied our faith in the simple material areas of this life that God will promote us to higher spiritual responsibilities.  Jesus himself lays down this principle in Luke 16:10-11, “He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much;  and he who is unrighteous in a very little thing is unrighteous also in much.  If therefore you have not been faithful in the use of unrighteous mammon, who will entrust the true riches to you?”  I therefore encourage brethren and sisters to examine how they can work out their faith in daily living, because it is only after we have made our faith work in the very little things that God will entrust to us greater responsibilities and the true, spiritual riches. Maranatha!   Could you please send me some English Bible Basics and also some copies of Introducing Bible Basics.  I happen to be helping some students here and I believe these will go a long way in helping me help them.
Bro. Thompson Changata

I received Gospel News and all the literature. Here in Zimbabwe poverty, hunger and crime are increasing.  It seems as if the Lord will come soon.  I do hope and pray for my best friend to give up smoking and drinking.  Please also pray that I may endure to the end with sound doctrine.  If possible and God willing send me some more literature as this will keep me in touch with all the exhortations world wide. Here we are spreading the gospel to all the people regardless of tribe, nationalism etc. as Jesus instructed.  Even so, come, Lord Jesus.
Bro. Simon Mudavose

Firstly, I give you my profound gratitude for what you did in sending me, ‘Where There is No Doctor’.  Brother, I have no full set of words to thank you for this book.  As I opened the package, I took a breath and my eyes could not believe I had such a surprising present.  Happiness remains in my family’s eyes.  The book is very helpful to anyone who reads and understands it.  I pray for the authors of such books to remain with power in their research of the world’s diseases, because health is life.
Bro. Moses Sithole

Hope this finds you in the best of health as we wait for the coming of the Son of Man, Jesus Christ. I am pleased to let you know that Zumba 7 is now an ecclesia with five brethren and two sisters. I would now like to thank you for the books you sent to me, ‘Where There is No Doctor’,  two Bible Basics, debate on the subject, ‘Are The Miraculous Gifts of the Holy Spirit Possessed Today?’ These will help me to grow spiritually, especially in this sinful world.  The Bible is the only book that can bring us closer to our Lord.  Finally, i would like to thank you for sending me Gospel News, this is very important to me as it brings me closer to other brethren world wide.
Bro. Emmanuel Kondowe

I thank our Heavenly Father for the time He has given me to write to you after a long silence.  Brothers, I am one of those here in Zvishavane who conducts baptisms and interviews, so I kindly ask if you can send me the booklet, ‘Baptism Interviews: Model questions and answers’ or anything else you feel may assist.
Bro. Sibangani Maka

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