Preaching in Swaziland

Here in Swaziland I live within an atmosphere of total heathenism. Swaziland is an animistic state as opposed to a Christian one. Those who call themselves Christians believe in magical powers of the Head of State as well as magical powers of their Pastors or Reverends. This type of false faith is obtainable from Catholics down to the Protestant of insignificant description. I have seen a need for adding extra material on the Bible Course for the benefit of Bible students around here, to rid them of all forms of superstitions. It is equally true that the Bible Course here in Swaziland needs to be half correspondence and half face-to-face tuition. There are over 300 students on the Bible Course. False worship here frustrates the spread of the Truth because the majority of students seem to follow our Course for commercial reasons instead of joining the Truth through baptism, hence the need for face-to-face fuition.

Bro. Fanuel Sithole

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