Just Some Reminders

The Blessing of Life: We did not work for it. We cannot give it to ourselves and we cannot of ourselves retain it. It is a gift. Then consider the air we breathe to retain this life. We do not work for this vital commodity and we cannot provide it either. God has made this freely available to us. Let us think that if He had entrusted the governments of this world to dispense this, how would the unemployed and disadvantaged manage? Those with jobs would have been taxed to death, literally. Yes, the cost of ‘living’ would have been beyond us. Again we look at the food that sustains this life. The scriptures point us to its source – “For as the rain cometh down and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may provide seed to the sower and bread to the e ater” (Isa 55: 10). The source of our food is therefore directly from heaven, and not, as commonly thought, from man’s skills and technology derived from the energy he obtains from this very food.

The same chapter at verse. 2, brings to our attention the futility of our efforts at survival, when this is diverted from the vital issue of this life, and continuing in vs. 3 urges us to consider the source itself – our Creator - to concentrate our efforts on the way pointed out by Him, in order to fully live and enjoy the gift of life, directly from Him. Taking time every day to track our main thoughts and our drive in our lives would reveal to us if we are on the direct path of life itself, or if we are lost somewhere on the sidelines leading to nowhere.Let us start each day by thanking God for His gift of life, asking Him to help us to perceive His care and direction in this, and for the wisdom and strength to follow Him throughout the day.

Sis Ester Worrell (Canada)

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