Isaac became rich in a foreign land. He had possessions of flocks, herds and manservants. Because of these riches, the Philistines envied him (Gen 26:13,14). King Abimelech also joined hands with his citizens and chased Isaac away (Gen 26:15-16).

People don’t see you well when you are successful in life. If you have good children, a good husband or a good and beautiful wife, people envy you. Envy is the primary cause of witchcraft in Africa. Joseph was sold by his brothers into Egypt through envy (Gen 37:10,11; Acts 7:9). Abel was killed by Cain because of envy.- “The Lord had respect unto Abel and to his offering, but unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect” (Genesis 4:4,5).

Rachel envied her sister because she had children but she had not born children to Jacob (Genesis 30:1). So envy comes in when success emerges. But to us, as the servants of the Lord, let us keep ourselves pure in heart. The Kingdom of the Lord is for the righteous, not for envious people.

Bro Samuel Mariita (Kibera, Kenya)

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