Appendix 4. Summary Statement

1. The Lord Jesus will return and resurrect those He considers responsible to Him.

2. This will be followed by judgment.

3. He will grant them their rewards, of eternal life or eternal death, at the judgment.

4. At the judgment, the meaning of time as we know it will be collapsed.

5. Therefore the whole process of resurrection and judgment will take place in a split second of time as we know it, but it may feel to those participating as if time is elapsing.

6. However there are Bible passages which seem to imply that resurrection, judgment and immortalization for the faithful occur simultaneously. These passages would seem to be describing the resurrection / judgment / glorification event as it will appear to an onlooker, i.e. it will appear to be instantaneous in time as we know it. In this sense there will be an immortal emergence, but if we could break the process down, the dead would be raised mortal, judged, and then given their reward.

7. We leave judgment to "God the judge of all". 

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