February 2022 Cameroon, Georgia, Iran, UK, Ukraine

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Brother Wilfred has received the newly printed French booklets and Bible app advertising cards. He's so happy with them; do pray for him in his amazing witness in rural Cameroon. As the world spins into terrible times, the true Gospel is surely being preached in so many remote areas

This week we baptized FARBOD and MOJTABA online, relatives of sister Maryam there.

A few of us gathered together online to witness the baptism of AHMAD online in Iran, with brother Arash from UK translating. Ahmad has been studying with us on the app for a long time, and really this was a sacrifice of a life to the Lord Jesus. He was so "ready" for the Lord Jesus. When he emerged from the water, it was hard not to all comment that he looked like the Lord Jesus in the popular Jesus movie. And indeed this is what baptism is about, an identification with the Lord in His life, death and risen, eternal life:

We continue in contact with so many similar ones in Iran and Afghanistan and Iranians everywhere. So often they make wonderful statements of intention to be faithful to the Lord even unto death:

Unable to find any church which he felt comfortable with in doctrine or practice, CHRIS in Yorkshire UK devoted himself to studying the Bible alone. He reads the Bible daily for extended periods as he has a lot of free time at work on night shift. Then he came across the app... and found things fell into place. He had picked up from the JWs a rejection of the Trinity, and bits and pieces from various groups he had looked into. But all the confusing plethora of views just made him devote to reading the Bible text itself, over and over. And finding the Bible actually interprets itself to the reader, the more you read it. But more than getting doctrine right, Chris wanted the Lord Jesus, and direct personal connection with Him. It was a wonderful baptism, here is someone who has repented, studied and believed, and now been baptized. Do hear his testimony at

Chris hopes to meet with Nick and Rachel's house group in Huddersfield. What a true convert.

And then there was SORAN in Luton. Originally from a violent part of Iraq, our new brother encountered our material from another brother who live in his hostel. Life is so hard and sad, but visibly, baptism into Jesus brought so much joy. Our brother has tattooed on his wrist "Love you papa", words which his little girl had tied around his wrist when he last saw her some years ago.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, messages have been flooding in from our brothers and sisters there. In over 30 years of work in Ukraine, over 400 brothers and sisters have been baptized there. We're in contact with many of the surviving ones there. Please pray for them, and stand by to materially assist in what looks like a long term issue. The lines at the border crossing points into Poland are 15 km. long, with women and children walking and then lining up for many hours to cross. So far none of our brothers and sisters have lost their lives, although many have sons and grandchildren who are in the military. Fear and uncertainty is the dominant feeling. The night after the outbreak of war, we made a short video summarizing the situation- see

Amongst the many amateur video clips sent to us by our brothers and sisters, one is very poignant. It was recorded and sent to us by brother Serhei, who along with his wife is giving refuge to two children who have no parents around. We baptized Serhei in Kiev a few years ago. The video is of their evening devotions; the children are crying as they desperately pray to God as they hear news of Russian bombardment. Let us with their same child like faith likewise pray for Ukraine and the household of faith here. Please view it and share it-
Here's a still from this amazing short video:

Following are just some of the messages received in recent hours, reflecting so much faith.
It was quiet last night and is quiet now, but that silence is always even more frightening. Very frightening for the children and for everyone. May the Lord save and preserve us.
It's no longer just bombing, there is real war, fighting in the streets here
I am not in Ukraine now but my family are, right now they are hiding in the metro station. The Lord knows what is going on, all is His will! Amen!
Greetings Duncan, our women have left for Poland [ALL MALES OF MILITARY AGE AREN'T ALLOWED TO LEAVE UKRAINE], is there anybody of our ecclesia there who can assist them, with where to live or work?
REPLY: Not sure but we are ready to send funds immediately to pay for renting somewhere to live or for hotel. Say how much and to whom to send.
Thankyou... I believe indeed the Lord will not test us more than we can bear, but will make a way to escape that we might endure... the fighting is intense, and there is the bombardment... Right next to our place... a Russian plane crashed... they are bombing, and many deaths.
The town is occupied. There is shooting even in Kiev. I am now in Poland. Can you send me Bible, Bible Basics and Real Devil? I couldn't take my books with me.
I think the Lord is seeking to strengthen our faith so that other people will turn to God's truth. For us, we are to guard our hearts as from there is the wellspring of life; we are to comfort others with that comfort we ourselves received from the Lord. Thank you for your prayers for our country, we are under God's rulership. Let us not trust in governments of this world, but humble ourselves under the mighty Hand of our Creator... They have just announced to go to the shelter.
I can't say much. We are terrified. The noise of warplanes and things flying.
We're hiding in the cellar so awful for the kids.

   - For our brothers and sisters in Ukraine
   - For our Ukrainians who are now in Poland and elsewhere in uncertainty and worrying about their loved ones
   - For those recently baptized
   - For us all to have meetings with people whom we can help to know God and His dear Son in these desperate times

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks