October 2019 Canada, Bible Companion app

The Bible Companion readings for this Sunday include 1 Chronicles 22 and there is an MP3 file about this at http://www.n-e-v.info/en/messages/1chron22.mp3
You can see the archives of our MP3 files at http://christadelphia.net/audio.htm
and download the "Bible Companion" app for Android at
and for Apple / iOS at

Helps for the Bible Companion readings this week:
1 Chronicles      http://n-e-v.info/1chroncomm.pdf
Ezekiel    http://n-e-v.info/EzekielNEVCommentary.pdf
Philippians    http://n-e-v.info/NEVPhilippiansCommentary.pdf

Bible Companion App
We're delighted to say that finally, the "Bible Companion" app has been released
for Android at
and for Apple / iOS at

People ask: "What can I actually do for the Truth, for the Lord, how can I preach?". Well, here's something you can do. Download this app and use the "share" button to share it to everyone in your contacts. And pray it brings forth fruit to His glory.

This app is based around the New European Version of the Bible, which is published in hard copy with basic commentary printed on each page. Some of that basic commentary can be seen in the devotional notes which appear when you first open the app.
We encourage folks to read the Bible daily, and the app presents the Bible portions from the "Bible Companion" reading planner for each day. So, you will see a basic commentary on the screen when you open the app, relevant to the chapters to be read that day. Tap "Read", and you will see the text of the entire chapter. By clicking on any verse, you will access deeper commentary on the verse. And for each chapter, there are three audio files- of the text being read, of a message / Bible study / exhortation about the chapter; and an audio message aimed at younger folks or those just beginning to engage with the Bible.
Most of the messages for the New Testament could be used for a breaking of bread service. You can see a full list of the messages, and other audio material, at http://christadelphia.net/audio.htm .
If you just want to read a Bible chapter, then go to the Bible Navigation tab and you will see all Bible chapters listed. Tap the name of the Bible book you want, and then the chapter. You will see an option to "Read". Tap that, and you will see the text for the entire chapter. Whilst reading, just tap on any verse to see the deeper commentary. Also included in the app is the study course "Bible Basics". Replies to the questions can be sent to a tutor; and each section of "Bible Basics" is available as audio, along with a video on each chapter.
Deep thanks to all who did the readings- there are a collection of accents from throughout the world.
There's a video explaining how to use the app here [ https://youtu.be/slo5oyBrEV0 ].
So there's a unique commentary on every single Bible verse, and unique audio messages on every chapter of the Bible- as well as the youth audio messages on every Bible chapter. This app and the usage of the material on it is free of charge to everyone. There are no ads or popups or items offered for sale.
With rising postal charges, we believe this is the way to go. People spend hours every day using their phones and tablets; and we have to meet them where they are.
Let's pray we can get this app installed on as many phones as we can, and that God's word brings forth fruit to His glory. We would like to advertise it on Google Ads and other media which can be focused on specific geographical areas; and we're open to donations to enable that.

We reported last week the huge numbers of 2020 creation calendars which have been requested by prison chaplains in Canda. This week another 300 were requested. Carelinks Canada will be open to donations towards meeting these requests.
Brother George Kachmar continues to make a great witness at the Hamilton bus station area, distributing Bibles, food and literature.He reports:
"Busy night around the word on the street table. We thank God our father for guiding those to us, so that we may glorify his name through the knowledge of his word. Gave out more than a few Bibles last night at the station and had profitable conversations about the Holy Spirit, service to God and the message of Jesus Christ through his life. Also counselled some on addictions and those struggling with the lusts of the flesh and the great pull of the worldly demands.

   - For resources to get the calendars out to all those thousands of prisoners we now have openings to, in Canada and Australia
   - For those recently baptized
   - For more workers to come forward for the soup kitchen work in Latvia
   - For all the people being reached with the Bible Companion app, and for wisdom in how to get it downloaded and used by more people

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks