June 2022 Afghanistan, United Kingdom, Ukraine

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This week we baptized SAFIA online, her mother was baptized by us online previously. Then later we likewise baptized HAZARA, from Afghanistan but now a refugee in Pakistan.

This week we spent a wonderful time with RUSSELL, an ex British army soldier who decided to turn completely to the Lord after losing a friend in an accident. It's so powerful to see secular people becoming serious Bible readers and students, and their lives being transformed. He is now armed with NEV Bibles and Bible Basics and let's pray for his 2 friends who are also interested in being baptized. You can see the video of his baptism at https://youtu.be/j1SDUbIjUOI
"Church in a pub" was rather an adventure of faith. The very title was going to attract non-standard folks, but then, who around here is "standard"? As can be seen from our "Croydon Pub Church" Facebook page
there has been huge interest from local folks. Our first meeting had lots of really interested folks attend, who all really liked it and look set to become regular attenders. This kind of thing grows by word of mouth- but we have been out on the streets advertising it too. Now when we offer Bibles to folks in central Croydon, we have an answer to the usual question "Where do you meet?":
We began with well known hymns karaoke style, "Amazing Grace" and "Guide me O Thou great Jehovah", to the stirring Cwm Rhondda tune.
We had a study on Luke 15 [to be continued next week, God willing], and then our friend OLLIE from Redhill gave an absolutely rivetting personal testimony. He was a drug dealer who one day wanted to quit the whole scene, and so he decided to download the Bible app and read the Bible and find the real meaning of life. And he did this. He doggedly read the Bible right through. Quit the bad life, and now has a job as a bin man working on the dust carts and has held the job for nearly 2 years. He's been to churches but "found them fake". He gets up at 4 AM, does Bible study for over an hour, and then goes to work... and does the same every evening. In him you see how irreligious, Biblically ignorant, secular man can really be transformed by God's word. You can hear his testimony at
It is very very powerful, and quite artlessly connects with the testimony of our new brother Russell. The same Divine hand is at work in multiple lives, working to a kind of pattern in transforming unchurched, secular people into passionate believers who wish to share their experience with others. After the meal, we were able to baptize Ollie:
The offer of free food was clearly not the sole motivating factor in attendance. There was quite a range- from nurses to people in emergency shelters. But it is clear that with rampant inflation, the cost of living crisis is making it attractive to have at least one meal met. We noticed graffiti as we did our bills which indicates the pressure on food for many ordinary folks:

Do continue your prayers for our invalid friends Nina and Katya in Ukraine whom we mentioned last time. Nina's house was totally burnt down by enemy action and she is living a frugal life in a village house with her aunty Katya. They have truly come to the Lord and would like to be baptized. They sent some photos:

   - For those recently baptized
   - For blessing on our Croydon church
   - For the many hidden sufferings of those suffering in and from Ukraine
   - For Katya and Nina to be able to get baptized despite their disabilities and very difficult situation

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks