August 2022 Afghanistan, Cameroon, Iran, Morocco / Romania, UK

ESMATULLAH and his wife SHAH were baptized online. Later in the week we had the amazing online baptisms of ZAHRA, FATIMA, FARIDA and MOHAMMAD. The baptisms were performed in a river swollen by the recent heavy rainfall in a remote location. Do pray for these brave young sisters and brother.

Pleased to report the baptism of EKA, an attender at our Zoom meetings, who first received and read Bible Basics 10 years ago.

This week saw the baptism of ARASH online, a relative of a family already baptized.

Delighted to report the baptism of CLAUDIO and his mother MARIA into the Lord Jesus, both are originally from Romania. It's not every day one receives an email as we did some time ago:
"My name is Claudiu and I am 43 years old. I am from Bucharest, Romania, but I live in Marrakech, Morocco. I read for the first time the Bible seven years ago. In all these years I have listened many lessons from Christadelphian on YouTube , Many have helped me to understand the teachings of our Almighty, Righteous and Merciful God. I am grateful to The Lord God forever for everything. He allowed me to understand His precious lessons enough to change my life. I am grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ forever for His love, support and guidance. I am grateful to all Christadelphians brothers and sisters, forever. Thank you very much for sharing your lessons on YouTube. I was a dead man, but now I have the opportunity to live and to help with whatever I can in The Kingdom of God. And all by the grace of The Lord God, the work of our Lord Jesus Christ and your thousands hours of reading and studying the Word of God. I hope and I pray to God that you will continue reading and focus on The truth of God for all your life. Well, now I want to tell you the reason I am writing this to you. Please help me to get baptized. I was born in 1979 in an orthodox country and I have been baptized as any infant by the tradition of the orthodox church. Now, after listening christadelphian lessons I wish to be baptized in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ, as an adult who understands the teachings of The Lord God. So, please help me. Please tell me what to do about this important step in my life".
Claudiu and his dear mum were just as the email shows. Claudiu has spent so long translating everything for her into Romanian. We had a wonderful time together. The true doctrines in this case have been a springboard to a Christ-centred life, seeking the spirit of the Lord Jesus, and manifest in quitting the ways of the world. Do pray for them in their isolation. Video at

We had a day of pure joy today at Croydon Church in a Pub. Robin Jones from Hurstville ecclesia Australia gave us a talk about being born again [see it at
 Then we had the sermon about God's gracious healing of Hezekiah- prayer changes things
 And then about 25 of us gathered at the Heaster home to witness the baptisms of ANGELA, BEATRICE and TOM. There was joy all around. You can see the whole joyful service at . Brother Wacek translated things into Polish for three Polish speakers. Those baptized got warm hugs, a copy of Brother John Thatcher's booklet about the Bible- and huge sunflowers from the garden.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For wisdom in finding a more permanent space for the growing group in South London
    - For those in Afghanistan and Pakistan suffering from the flooding
   - For a woman who wants to be baptized but is struggling with a very controlling husband

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks