January 2020 UK, Israel, New Zealand

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Pleased to tell you of the baptism of HADI in London. We baptized his brother last year, and Hadi observed a major change in him. And he wanted that change, and turned to the Lord Jesus in spirit and truth with all his heart. He's not an asylum seeker but is well settled in the UK for many years with a strong London accent. Originally from Iran, you can see the two brothers with their Farsi Bible Basics. Hadi was truly joyful after the baptism; you can see the baptism in a bath tub of a typical London apartment and our prayer afterwards,
at https://youtu.be/9g8MGa6fzWs
Again we rejoice in the progress of the Gospel. It all began with meeting an Iranian in a migrant center in south east London some years ago, who shared the word with others, until Hadi's brother was baptized, and now Hadi. These chains of providence, the work of the Spirit, the activity of the Lord Jesus, call it what you will, are all amazingly encouraging. Here in what may appear the spiritual wasteland of a big city like London, above the apparently steely silence of the grey skies and drizzly rain... there is the very active operation of the Father and His Son in order to bring men and women to Himself. Man is not alone, God is in search of man- and we can get in with the process and be part of it. But we must want to be part of it, pray daily for meetings with the right people, and be humble in the Lord's hand.
There's one way [of many ways] that we can all be part of the process of calling out a people for the Lord's Name. Leave calling cards in strategic places advertising the Bible Companion app [which is now approaching 60,000 downloads worldwide]. Steve Robin left some in various places in the chapel at Dover Castle; and here's one pinned to a noticeboard in a park in Surrey:
You can buy the cards from Steve Gretton or get them printed yourselves wherever you are.
We also held a New Year's gathering with a group of friends and contacts at the Jarvis Avenue ecclesial hall in Nottingham, you can see one of the talks at https://youtu.be/TKYZtfqzpDA
God willing, we plan to hold the Carelinks UK Gathering on Saturday 29th February 2020 from 10.30am to 7pm. in the usual venue,
St John's Community Hall, Upper Selsdon Road, South Croydon, Surrey CR2 8DD
Do come along and enjoy some encouraging news, stimulating talks and company.

We repeat our invitation to any able to work with SQLite databases to contact us to assist in the work of producing the Bible Companion app in other languages.

We appealed last week for funds towards advertising the Bible Companion app on Google in Israel. We've begun, and are open to your donations. This means when people in Israel search for terms like "Messiah" or "Is Jesus the Messiah?", "Is Jesus God?" etc., our advert is displayed next to the search results. We've already had around 100 people download the app having seen these ads in the last few days.

For very many years, brother Viv Alexander has done much work for us in New Zealand; we're so sorry to report the falling asleep of his wife sister Margaret, in the sure hope of resurrection. We have believed the final truth, of sure salvation in Christ in His Kingdom, and no cunningly devised fable. At times like this we can truly sorrow as those who have Hope.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For our attempts to help people in Israel to the Truth of Christ
   - For all those using the Bible Companion app

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks