September 2019 Australia, Spain, Latvia, Canada

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This week we visited contacts in Catalonia, and are pleased to tell you of the baptism of DANIEL. He's a medical doctor who studied and lived in Russia for 7 years, and is originally from Koforidua, Ghana. There are old black and white photos from the 1980s of Marcus, Duncan and Graham Mitchell preaching there in the market place in that town with a projector wired up to the Land Rover battery, projecting slides onto large sheets, drawing crowds of hundreds of people. All too strange how the hand of providence works, bringing us into contact at this point after leading parallel lives. Our brother is working on an academic project involving African migrants in Spain. So he like us has a passion to help the needy amongst African migrants and we will be able to work together well. There's a lot of poverty, real poverty, and homelessness is rising especially amongst the Africans. Here the graffiti reads: "Stop poverty, stop [housing] evictions":
We gave him one of the "Peggy blankets" as we call them, produced by Peggy Joseph and her team in Bodalla NSW. You can see him with it, along with his NEV Bible and Bible Basics. His baptism was all the more of a sacrifice for him because he had seen his uncle ben washed out to sea by the tide and drown. And the day of the baptism there were very strong winds, the tide was going out, the beach was empty with the "No swimming" buoys in the water, the waves felt huge as they pounded into our backs, and the backwash was really very strong.
Daniel relates his understandable fears in the video at

Brother John Thatcher reports: "Tonight Brian Biehl from Woolongong Ecclesia and I gave out New testaments at the Woolongong Railway station. It went really well..with over 70 NT's being given out. Many people were genuinely happy to get them.
Brian entered a bus at the terminal and gave the Nigerian bus driver a NT...and think he then asked for another. One man, carrying two pizza boxes, muttered some abuse to us as he walked by..we just smiled....he circled and came back...with his pizza boxes...muttered more abuse...went....came back...still carrying 2 pizza boxes and said something like..."Ok, I'll take one...might as well give it another go." We also notices that coloured/asian/Indian folk almost always accepted a bible...where as anglo-saxon Aussies we not so interested. We finished with a Chinese meal, and found it so hard to talk to the waiter without offering a bible (they were all gone)".
You can see in the photos how they also gave people an invite to a barbeque and the ecclesial meetings.

We repeat our appeal for more workers in the kitchen at the Riga Bible Center for the Winter feeding program. The need will be especially acute in March 2020. Please do consider coming... all who've come have had a wonderful time witnessing God's powerful work in this city, a place He clearly has had a number on in our generation. Contact us if you can assist or know any who might be able to.


STOP PRESS NEWS: Sister Pat Boutell has distributed the 2020 Creation Calendars to prisons in Canada. Some chaplains are very keen about them and want to give one to every inmate under their charge. So far, no less than 1000 requests received and maybe more to come. More news next week God willing. This seems a wonderful opening for the Gospel.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For helpers in Latvia
   - For more Jewish people to accept the Lord Jesus in spirit and truth
   - For all those receiving our literature on the streets

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks