December 2019 UK, Riga, App Advertising

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Helps for the Bible Companion readings this week:

We are taking a break over the holiday period and wound up with presents for the homeless, a bowl, chocolate and a pair of warm socks. We're so sad to lose Mike Vanessa and also Daniel Aldersley and appreciate their huge work here. You can see a video of the gifts being distributed at

One by one the older ones are falling asleep in the Lord; Medina, Maria and others. Tatyana, seen above so grateful to Daniel for her gift, are still holding on. But it has been a wonderful thing to bring secular people to faith in Jesus, baptize them, pastor them, feed them- and then bury them in the sure Hope of the Kingdom. What greater blessing could we wish for upon our work.

We are moving ahead with producing the Bible Companion app in Russian. We have all the material, but getting this into SQLite databases as required is very time consuming for amateurs. Does anyone know anybody fluent with databases who could lend us a hand? It would be much appreciated and surely help forward the work of getting the Gospel to many more, as well as strengthening those who have already believed but are in isolation. Downloads of the English version are already over 40,000 worldwide- in just 10 weeks.
We'd also like to encourage donations towards the advertising of the app on Google. This means that when people in particular locations type in search terms such as "Bible app" or questions like "Is Jesus God?", "What happens after death?", they see an advert to download the app. We can focus on areas you would like, or, you can donate towards general advertising. Thus in Australia, it costs around 40 cents to get someone to download the app. And retention and usage of the app seems very high, according to the statistics. This is the kind of project where you won't see immediate response to your spiritual investment; but over time, people who use the app will hopefully make contact with us [as they are already doing] and request more contact or hard copy literature. It seems to us that getting people to read the actual text of the Bible daily, along with our additional explanations, simply can't be a bad thing and will surely bring forth fruit to His glory.

Here's an email recently received from an app user and Bible Basics student, and we get many like this:
"I am a 57 year old woman living in (). I was baptized at the age of 37 into the Jehovah's witnesses organization and left in 2010. Will I need to be re-baptized? I have never believed in the trinity doctrine. I believe in Yahweh the Father and Jesus as the Son of God. I have never attended a mainstream church and I truly want to associate with other fellow believers in Christ. I have repented of my sins and believe from the Word of God that I am now a new creation and a child of God. He has healed me of so many vices and sins and His Holy Spirit is continuing to work within me to conform me to the image of His Son. I never cease praying to my heavenly Father through Christ Jesus daily. I believe you teach the truth from God's Word and I will definitely continue in my studies. I have tried to locate a local ecclesia in the city where I live, but was unable to find it. Can you help?"

We're delighted to report we have a wonderfully new brother and sister in the Midlands, KOFRE and ABI. This married couple are so zealous to spread God's word, and you can see them here with NEV Bibles they are distributing to folks. There is a group of them studying the scriptures and worshipping together, we hope to have more good news to report soon.


   - For the work in Riga
   - For helpers with the app databases
   - For the thousands of people using the app
   - For those recently baptized and those preparing for baptism in the UK at this time

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks