December 2020 Gabon, Latvia, Togo, Canada, Iran, Turkey, Spanish speaking group

We strongly recommend you download the "Bible Companion" app, from where you can access Carelinks messages, daily Bible readings, Bible Basics, commentary on every verse of the Bible and audio exhortations on every chapter of the Bible.
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You can break bread live online as follows:

Sunday mornings GMT on Facebook

Sundays at 3:00 PM New Zealand time. That's 1 PM in Sydney Australia; 10 PM in New York, USA on Saturday evening [run by Br John Aldersley in New Zealand]

Sundays at 10am North American Eastern Time [3 PM UK GMT time, 11 PM Sydney Australia time]. Run by Br Jim Barton in Canada.
 Meeting ID: 912 375 8179

Here's an easy way to practice some socially distanced preaching during a time when we can hardly go out and meet people and help them understand the Gospel hope. The "Bible Companion" app includes not only the full NEV text but also extensive commentary on each book, chapter and verse plus "Bible Basics".
This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with people where they spend so much of their time, on their hand-help phones and tablets. The pandemic has the social side-effect of causing many people to become more concerned about their relationship with the Lord and so ironically it is a very opportune time to get the message to as many as we can right now.
Just released are "Bible Companion" app car bumper stickers to let all those who see your car, know about God's marvelous hope for mankind. They are free to all who are willing to help cast the seed of God's word. If you are willing to offer up a few dollars to help assuage or costs, that's always welcome too. They can also be placed on bulletin boards where that's allowed.
To obtain your bumper sticker (and perhaps a few for interested friends) contact Jim Barton at Carelinks Canada,
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and he will send them right out to you. We are over 800,000 downloads world-wide but in a world of 7.8 billion, there's still many to reach and save.

The newly baptized Spanish speaking converts, from the Americas as well as Spain, are meeting together on WhatsApp to break bread and also mid-week. Let us know if you'd like to join in, or know anybody who might. This is totally in Spanish without any English translation.

We are receiving serious interest from users of the French app throughout French speaking Africa. With the help of Mim Craig in France, we were able to witness the baptism of WILSON, another app contact who has accepted the Gospel with great joy.

This week again saw many baptisms online of Iranians, not only in Iran but in Turkey and elsewhere. And over 1000 Persian speakers began using the app this week. ALI, NARGES, MEHDI, ALIREZA, ZAHRA, AMIR and AKRAM. They are like all of us, ordinary people, two of them were mother and daughter, whom you can see with the family cat watching the proceedings; and using the same kind of phones as we do, and dressing more or less the same way at least when at home.
And yet they all face very difficult choices for the Gospel. And we pray for them in it. You can see the text message from one of them in Iran, admittedly twisted by Google Translate somewhat, but clearly saying that even visiting a Christian church requires permission from the "Ministry of Guidance".
And so attendance at the few churches which are allowed to open [mainly Armenian Orthodox, only for the Armenian community in Iran] is basically not allowed for normal Iranians- without the "Ministry of Guidance" allowing them. And so unsurprisingly, those searching for the Lord Jesus and wanting to study the Bible seek to download a Bible app- and come to us.

Please please, pray for all these dear folks. And there are so many more studying and 'in the pipeline' as they work towards baptism. All giving a lot of glory to God.We have also sent welfare funds to some of the refugee folks whom we currently can't personally visit.

We were able to baptize JANIS and SANYA, more fruit from all the food and clothing distribution which underpins our teaching of the Gospel to the poor and homeless here.
We're having to be a bit careful what photos we show as there is such a strict lockdown here but we are getting food, clothes and seasonal gift packages out to our homeless contacts and brethren, as well as to those who are now isolated by serious illness and old age:.

In French speaking Africa, with much help from Craig Mim, we've been happy to watch the spiritual growth of CYRIL in Togo, who has learned so much from the app. He wrote very eloquently of his rejection of the Trinity and his correct understanding of the Lord's nature. He admitted to having a fear of going into the ocean, although it is located "only" some kilometers walk from his home.
The breakers on the West African coast are large, and he is terrified of the sea. Craig led him in prayer for courage, and from a great distance we encouraged him to go for it. And so he did. Thanks to the wonder of technology, we were able to watch this very sincere and humble man give a good confession of faith beneath some palm trees, and then immerse himself in the Atlantic. And sitting in a car in western Latvia surrounded by snowy fields, we were able to watch that happy scene in the heat of the Equator, with palm trees blowing in the wind; and Mim and Craig from their home likewise.
Truly "where two or three are gathered together in My Name...". He was indeed present in our virtual midst.

   - For those recently baptized, 11 this week alone
   - For wisdom in pastoring and caring for so many newly baptized, many of whom don't speak English
   - Thanks to God for the technology which is enabling the Gospel to spread so powerfully to new areas

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks