July 2022 Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine, UK

The Persian language Bible Companion app is in constant use all over the world. The situation for people in Afghanistan is really awful, and there is increasing pressure from the Taliban on any suspected of Christianity. Despite this, the app is downloaded so much there and is clearly the only way for many to explore Christianity. And there's enough material on the app to pastor further those who are baptized. We hold many online meetings every week with interested folks, and this week there was so much blessing and joy with the baptisms of FATIMA, LAILAGUL, ESHAQ, MINAGUL, SAIFULLAH,JAVED, SIMA and NASIMA

Despite the very difficult situation there, a group of us were so happy to gather together on Zoom at the regular weekly breaking of bread and witness brother Yuri baptizing IRINA in glorious weather deep in central Russia; we then broke bread together with them on the river bank as they had brought some juice and bread with them.
Video [in Russian] at https://youtu.be/R-GSz1MCNt8
 A time of real joy all round for all involved. Do pray for our new sister and all our dear ones in Russia, as the path ahead for them is not easy. Economically and otherwise, things are, shall we say, very difficult. We continue running a weekly breaking of bread for our brothers and sisters.

We continue in touch with so many brothers and sisters and contacts throughout Ukraine. We ask for your special prayers this week as brother Duncan travels deep into Ukraine to meet and assist our dear ones there. In western Ukraine, the ecclesia in Zhitomir Obl. continues to meet, and to grow. Brother Igor baptized NIKITA at their breaking of bread meeting this week. All such good news from such a troubled land. But do pray for them all... the issues are multiple, but of course the military service issue is so hard for so many.

The "church in a pub" is going ahead with so much special blessing from the Lord Jesus. Most who attend are Christians who had left churches over bad experiences, and are looking for authentic Christian experience and straight up Bible teaching. Without all the pressure for tithes, church membership which is taken to mean you must now donate money, pastors who are on power trips... And church in a pub is meeting those dear folks just at the point they need. We had no idea that there was such interest amongst local British folks in South London. But... it's there, and the Lord has led us to connect with it. We have wonderful discussions after church... so many were really deeply persuaded when we discussed how hell is in fact the grave and there will not be any eternal torment- especially of those who don't pay tithes at church!
After church last week, we drove down to the sea and baptized BECKY at Worthing , dropping in to see sis. Hilary Knight there who kindly gave us refreshments and came with us to the baptism:
Then there were JOANNE and DEBBIE.
Video at https://youtu.be/d7gcV4h89BQ
 Some of their adult children also attended the baptisms. It is all just wonderful beyond words... that standard women from south London are coming to properly grasp the Lord Jesus "in spirit and truth" and are finding what they have sought for so long.
Next Sunday after church, God willing, we plan to baptize Michelle. Do come along... at least once. The church in a pub is an experience every spiritually minded believer in the Truth would just love. We are slowly moving closer to getting some more permanent accommodation, so do pray for that too. And... just give thanks and glory to the Lord for all this huge blessing.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For the trip to Ukraine this week
   - For wisdom about taking forward the Lord's amazing work in South London
   - For our brethren in Russia facing many difficulties on many fronts

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks