September 2022 Afghanistan, Iran, UK

This week, one of our brothers returned to the flood swollen river where there were baptisms last week, to bravely baptize MOHSEN. Elsewhere there were also the baptisms of AHMAD and FERESHTA.

This week our frequent online meetings with Persian speakers continued, with the help of the Persian Bible Companion app. Pleased to report the baptisms of a married couple, ALI and ZAHRA, and also HANI.


This week we had another great time street preaching in Croydon, Many ask where we meet, for now we have to say "The Orchard Pub" Sundays at 1:30. Which raises a few eyebrows but in a pleasant way. Always so good to know you are putting God's word into the hands of standard secular folk, perhaps for some of them, for the first time. Video at
There are some beautiful spots in the UK, and some beautiful people. Not least JOHN who searched until 60 years old for Truth, through various religions, about all the Christian denominations, did Bible study courses, got the Bible Companion app, struggled over satan /adversary, was the Lord tempted in the wilderness internally or externally, how to understand the demons who went into the pigs... until he realized that all he essentially wants is a personal relationship with Jesus and an assurance of eternity in His Kingdom. And that meant baptism into the Lord Jesus. It was such pure joy to baptize John in a disused lime pit. In the old England, mortar was lime mortar and in huge demand, now the pits have long since been flooded and are a habitat for many of God's wonderful creatures, whom you can hear singing and chattering as we had our service just with them and the Father and Son present. Video at , nicely produced by John himself.


   - For those recently baptized
   - For our need of a meeting place in south London / Croydon area
   - For those worldwide including in the UK fearful because of heating price rises and spiralling inflation
   - For those risking their lives to both learn the Gospel and to be baptized in Afghanistan and Iran

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks