December 2021 Australia, Israel, Kenya, Latvia, UK, USA

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Folks seem to like the virtual tours of Israel... God willing there's another one planned with Aharon on 19th December 2021, a virtual tour of the sea of Galilee. See more info at

We mentioned previously that brother Mike Flaherty had applied for permission to put NEV New Testaments in miners' accommodation at a mine in Queensland. The miners are all FIFO [Fly in fly out] workers, working for a month on and a month off. They work long hours, often with no alcohol allowed on site, and have little to do when not working. Mike's vision was to get our New Testaments in every room. He has got permission to place some New Testaments in the premises, and also the cards advertising the Bible App and the larger cards advertising the app produced by sister Rose Stone. Further, Peter and Hilary Osborne are setting off soon on a preaching tour in Australia, and Peter hopes to capitalize on his previous business contacts with such mines in WA, hoping to place the cards advertising the app in the miners' accommodations. Some of the sites have up to 1600 beds! This is an amazing idea for witness to a captive audience, many of whom are at points in their lives when they'd be open to quietly considering the Bible's message for the first time. Do pray for this outreach. Here are Peter and Hilary in their vehicle, with their Bible App advertising logo on it:

A total of 1600 GB Pounds has been spent on purchasing and delivering clothes to our African migrant worker brethren and sisters in Galilee, who are experiencing cold working and living conditions, living in metal containers which are freezing in Winter and boiling hot in Summer. As we send this out, we have heard that they have just arrived. Our brothers and sisters continue attending our Saturday breaking of bread meetings on Zoom, and have networked other such African migrant workers in Israel to attend too. Do join us on Saturdays at 9 AM UK time and hear their increasingly mature comments and prayers.

Another Bible app contact was baptized this week, KEVIN, you can see him fresh from baptism with water still dripping from him.

So delighted to say that even at -16 C, brother Rob has been out on the streets of Riga taking hot and cold food and welfare to those in need. Funds have been provided for this. He shares our reticence at videoing himself doing these kinds of good works, but we're so glad he did video some of it, so we see the work is indeed going forward despite the awful situation in Latvia with Covid lockdown and economic collapse. Latvia is one of the poorest and worst affected areas for Covid in Europe with a very low vaccination rate, trouble with Russia [whom they share a direct border with], migrants getting in over the eastern border etc etc. So his video is at
He begins with a prayer, and then goes out taking the food to some scavenging for food in garbage cans. On very slippery, icy streets. He prays with those he gives food to. It's wonderful to see our brother so prayerful and spiritually aware, when he was not so long ago a standard, secular guy who downloaded the Bible app out of interest. Used it, "got it", and then called us to see if we had anyone who could baptize him- not realizing that we were based in Riga.

This week we were delighted to baptize KHOSRO, another app user and contact of existing brethren.

And in Cardiff, Wales, a group from worldwide witnessed the baptism of LISA. She saw through the Trinity, and came to a passionate sense of who the Lord Jesus really is, not just in theory, but really sensing and living in His presence. Absolutely wonderful conversion of a secular woman to the real Christ
Afterwards our sister wrote: "Thank you , I want everyone to know how Real Jesus is . He has taken away my cigarette habit no cravings too . I gave them up after my encounter with him . He is so living and amazing. I do believe also he is coming back soon . Everything is pointing to his return. Thank you so much for taking the time that you did today . I'm so very greatful to you ".

We continue to marvel at the truly miraculous preservation of the properties of our beloved Brett Misty, Cris and others. If the path of the tornado had been even 100 feet different, their homes would've been reduced to the rubble so many others were in the town of Mayfield KY where they live. It really was a Passover-style deliverance of the Lord's people.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For our efforts with those suffering low temperatures in Eastern Europe
   - For those under persecution
   - For our efforts to preach to miners in Australia

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks