September 2021 Carelinks Conference, Australia, Iran, Italy, Latvia, Peru, West Africa

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The next Carelinks Online Conference will be on Saturday 6 November God willing. We have some really great speakers and life testimonies lined up which can't fail to be inspiring to all.

Mark and Lisa put together a great stall in Armadale WA, advertising the Bible Companion app and distributing their phone number to folks to contact them. Would more would get out on the streets like this and spread the Gospel:

Very pleased to online baptize sister M in Iran this week.

For many years now we've been preaching to and materially assisting the few million African migrants in Italy. Many of them crossed the Sahara desert and then the Mediterranean Sea, and are often without documents nor any state support. It's so hard to survive in Europe with no legal identity nor work. This group really are in a very difficult situation, and yet the desperation is what leads them to search for the Lord in spirit and truth. We spent the weekend with the group in nothern Italy, and there were four wonderful baptisms of SANDRA, BLESSING, GLORY and JOY. As we did before, the candidates sung "I have decided to follow Jesus". There were six of us singing it beneath a huge railway bridge between Milan and Torino [Turin] where we performed the baptisms in a river. But the echo from the bridge, coupled with the wonderful melody of African acapella singing, produced a quite profound performance. Heard with joy, surely, by the Angels in Heaven. Because there was hardly any other audience beneath that brige. The video of the unusually beautiful singing is at
and the video of the complete service is at
Many of the African women are surviving through prostitution, carrying or selling drugs and other illegal activities. These sisters are to be commended for devoting themselves to a pure life in the Lord, and to faith and trust in the promise that the Lord will not allow us to be tempted more than we can bear, but will make a way of escape. Their spirituality was noteworthy. They made every effort to dress in white for the baptisms, and the video captured how on coming bank to the river bank after the baptisms, they prayed so serenely and clearly sincerely. This quiet spirituality is in the sight of God of great price. We do want to provide basic support this Winter to them. We have already this week given significant support both to this group and those we have worked with many years in Sicily. We are open to your donations for these lovely and genuine believers.

There is also the potential in Torino [Turin] to use a suitable property for running a feeding program in November or December. The idea would be to provide a major meal every day for one or two weeks. But it depends on whether any are up to coming and doing it... it'd require some working on your own initiative, and daily preparation and serving of food every evening with associated clean up afterwards. So, let us know if you'd be able to come and do this.

It's only just above freezing at night here in Latvia so we've started this season's Winter welfare program, distributing firewood and food etc. to so many in need here. The pandemic has taken a huge toll amongst our dear ones here in various ways. Do please prayerfully support our desire to show the simple love of God and His dear Son to those needing it.
Video at

Brother Jorge, the hospital doctor in Lima, Peru, is just so keen in running his Bible reading group in the hospital. He writes: "
Twelve copies of Bible Basics arrived today at our hospital in Lima. Great joy! We immediately distributed them to our regular students who did not have their copies and two new people who have recently decided to join us in Gospel study (Juan and Rosa). Many thanks, we keep going despite the pandemic!".
To mail a carton of Bible Basics from UK to Peru costs around 100 pounds so we appreciate your general donations to enable this kind of work to continue. We plan God willing at some point to visit our brother and assist in the baptism of his group.

Response continues to the app, both in English and French, throughout West Africa. There was PRISCILE in Gabon from the French app, dressed in her fine local clothes for the occasion:
And then there were the baptisms of EMMANUEL and RAYMOND, always such joyful occasions:

   - For those recently baptized
   - For wisdom in how to help the African migrants in Italy
   - For wisdom to be able to gather together online our brothers and sisters

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks