August 2020 Carelinks Conference on Zoom 22 August

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Our virtual conference on Zoom is scheduled for this Saturday, 22nd August God willing.
It really does look like a great program, starting at 10 a.m. UK time and continuing all day.
The link to join will be
Passcode: 429897.
Here are the timings:
The subjects are:
Daniel Aldersley: Music
Guy Collins: From white South African Policeman to true Christianity in New Zealand
John Aldersley: What should church be like?

Mike Flaherty [Queensland]: A voice from mid ocean
Jonathan Hallett [NSW]: When you lose everything to find the Lord Jesus through the Bible app
Phil Miriam Worsnop [Queensland]: The amazing response in the African community in Australia
Mark Hawkins [Western Australia]: From dope smoking conservative Christadelphian to real conversion

Donald Feng: My life for the Lord in China

Rob Alcock [Birmingham]: What it's like to baptize yourself
Joe Coutts [Aberdeen, Scotland]: An older man reflects: A personal path with Jesus
Robin Field [Kendal]: A path towards faith: Reflections on a long journey
Frank Campbell (Liverpool): A scaffolding inspector downloads the Bible app and comes to baptism

SPAIN [Tenerife]
Marianne Barbe: My spiritual journey which brought me to having a passion for Christ in the Canaries

Szymon Solgatowski: The path out of agnosticism

Ender: What it's like living in Christ in a Muslim society

Cindy Heaster: Attempting to get inside the mentality and situation of the homeless

Amos Kisuya: Close shaves with death in Malakal; and the first baptisms at the source of the Nile

Jim Barton [ONTARIO]: Google adverts, online church and my own journey

David Vega [Buenos Aires]: What it means to leave a church when you see through the Trinity and the Satan myth

Misty Musser [Kentucky]: First time to fly, first time to travel overseas. And it was to Riga...
Elaine Pedlar: From the fashion industry to Christ. All that glitters is fake
Ben Funes [California]: My path from baptizing myself to baptizing others