July 2023 Israel, Italy, North America, UK

A reminder that Lord willing we will be holding meetings with our migrant brethren in the Galilee and baptizing some of their friends on the weekend of 21/22 July. If you're in Israel, you're welcome to join in. We're open to donations towards the work ongoing in Israel.

As mentioned in previous Carelink messages, we visited the group of African migrant brethren in the Torino area. Their lives continue to be hard, especially under a very right-wing Government that is forcibly against migrants. We gave welfare as best we could and had a lovely meeting with some friends who desired baptism. Again, we transported them to the river Po and baptized brothers EVANS and SAMUEL and sisters JENNIFER and LOVETTE, despite some treacherous sharp rocks, giving them hard copies of the NEV Bible afterwards. Do pray for them in their difficult lives far from home and always facing economic instability, housing issues, and living with very limited human rights in an urban setting in an unfriendly to them country. You can see the video of the baptism service at

This week we're delighted to report the self-baptism of MARISSA after coming to our material online some time ago. Brother Jim and sister Anne will offer pastoral support as ever.

There are truly times when "you can't make these things up"; the hand of providence, the way of the Spirit, is so intricate and amazing, far beyond any human device. It was about 4 years ago that JASON was given a NEV New Testament on the streets of Croydon by one of our children wearing a yellow visibility vest. He says he remembers the moment clearly. Throughout those years he took that New Testament with him and read it- including the commentary and Bible Basics at the back of it. He took it to work, when he travelled, at home, everywhere. Our brother then started attending our Lunchtime Church meetings, and as ever brought his New Testament with him. He came up after one of the talks and asked to be shown something in his Bible. Duncan immediately recognized the Bible as one of "ours"- and with joy Jason made the connection, that we were the same people he had met those years ago. So, it was a wonderful afternoon when he brought his mum Carol to witness his baptism, with brother Ivan and brother Marcus also in attendance. Marcus was quite overcome with emotion hearing the story, as he's spent a lifetime handing out literature on the streets, including those of Croydon. Video of this wonderful story at
 We marvel at the Lord's hand working through our small efforts, reaching out to save. You can hear in the video how Jason returned to his home in Thornton Heath with many NEV New Testaments and app cards, vowing to in his turn distribute them to folks. And we do hope and pray his dear mum will also be baptized in due course. The afternoon finished with the boys coming home from school and hearing the story, of how their work had brought forth this fruit.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For our planned visits this Summer to Israel, Ukraine and elsewhere
   - For our African migrant brethren suffering emotionally and economically and facing constant discrimination
   - Thanksgiving to God for His amazing work in South London and for brother Jason's mum to come to baptism despite her learning difficulties
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks