January 2022 Afghanistan, Latvia, Senegal, UK

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We hold regular WhatsApp sessions with our brethren in Afghanistan and other contacts. What a blessing that technology means we can preach even in that troubled land. This week it was a great joy to baptize sister NAISA, with the presence of our translators:
Later we were happy to baptize SHAKIB, his internet connection was so intermittent that we had to give up with video and resort to texting and him videoing his baptism. Again, after very much communication online after downloading the Persian Bible Companion app.

Brother Rob remains active in distributing welfare as best he can and also preaching, and this week he baptized SASHA, in very rusty-pipe water:

SENEGAL / Francophone Africa
NDEYE, a French speaking former Muslim in Senegal, was baptized online despite awful internet connection and dropping out multiple times. Sister Grace Butler from Canada helped out, or tried to, despite the intermittent connection.
Our French team have also produced a business card advertising the French Bible Companion app, you can download it from
We really could do with more French speaking folks who use WhatsApp to help with the teaching and follow up on the many Francophone contacts we have in Africa. Many live in some of the poorest countries of the world around the Sahara desert and communication by Zoom doesn't really work as they just don't have the bandwidth. If you'd like to get involved please contact Craig and Miriam labiblegratuite@gmail.com. They write as follows:
"As you will have read in last week's newsletter, brother Gérard was baptised, by the grace of our heavenly Father and with the help of the French Bible Companion app ''Guide Biblique''. Brother Gérard was keen to join in with our studies on our WhatsApp group, even asking for studies that he had missed (our current subject is faith). After reading these studies he was inspired to hold a conference last Sunday on the subject of faith, and 25 people attended. We give thanks for brother Gérard's enthusiasm to spread the Truth.
Another group, who were recently baptised in the Congo, continue to meet for a weekly Bible study and the memorial service. They are spreading the Good News to those around them and God willing there will be more baptisms later this month.
One of our sisters in Cameroon said that she felt like she had been liberated from a prison after she came to a correct understanding of the doctrine on the devil and satan.
Our brother Fabrice in Kenya has recently returned to his wife and child after working away from home for some time. He has set up a school next door to where he lives in order to teach the Bible to children and he already has 7 students.
Last but by no means least, our infatigable brother Wilfried continues his preaching efforts in Cameroon. Brother Wilfried holds regular studies in his home and goes from door to door preaching the Word of Truth. His greatest desire is to bring the true Gospel to Africa. There is a war raging in the English speaking part of Cameroon at present and he is keen to preach to them also. Many of the people in the rural areas of these countries do not have internet access and one of Wilfried's contacts recently walked a number of kms in order to get network coverage so she could contact him. Carelinks is in the process of having more brochures and cards printed for Wilfried and others to distribute".

Baptized two Iranians both called ALI , they are currently in a hotel on the South Coast but soon to be moved on into other accommodation elsewhere in the UK. Many of our contacts currently in hotels comment that the food they're being given is really inadequate. They have at best 36 pounds / week from the Government plus a hotel room and food. It's a hard life in the UK to survive like that. It's not a complaint so much as an "observation".
And then there were sisters R and Z, who were members of an underground church in Iran who fled to the UK recently. They are seriously damaged and traumatized, scared to even go out of their hotel without us accompanying them- even to take them out for some decent food. Looking over their shoulders and very distrustful of everything. They were sincerely committed to the Lord Jesus and our prayers are for them and many others who are traumatized by what they went through in committing to the Lord Jesus.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For the amazing work in Francophone Africa
   - For wisdom as we seek to set up some kind of centre for our many contacts in South London / Croydon
   - For those in Afghanistan suffering persecution and a very difficult material situation

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks