September 2021 Afghanistan, Australia, China, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Iran, St. Lucia, Sierra Leone, Ukraine

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We continue in contact with our few dear ones there. We really must keep praying for them as the Taliban appear to be governing just as they did when in power previously. Which means the real risk of execution for those who have converted to Christianity. And of course, the whole situation means that every genuine Christian believer is torn between standing up for their faith, and on the other hand saving their lives by going along with the Islamic culture and requirements whilst in their heart not believing it. This creates all kinds of struggles of conscience.

We online baptized SANDRA in Queensland this week, she first came to us from watching our YouTube videos.
Whilst in Perth, Mark and Lisa drove a way to visit a very interested lady, and we look forward to the Lord's work developing further from that.

You may recall we had a request for Chinese literature from a guy in Wuhan, China when the pandemic was just breaking out exactly there, and we mentioned this in a Carelink message at the time. Now he wants to be baptized! So, the pandemic leads another to Jesus... amazing really. Brother Donald writes: "Contact in Wuhan,he was infected by coronavirus in 2020 When the epidemic was most serious there and want now be baptized into Christ, We are now arranging this". Here's a file photo from that earlier Carelink:

This is one of the few Spanish speaking countries in Africa, but the Lord called French speaking CATHERINE here, as she's working there. She downloaded the French app and grasped the message of the Lord Jesus and His Kingdom and again with joy we baptized her.

More joy as we baptized STEPHEN and then ANTHONY later in the week, both app users.

We were pleased to baptize MICHAEL online. He had previously been imprisoned for his faith, but still had not been baptized. He is a very committed older man who finds the Farsi Bible Companion app of huge benefit. We continue to deal with a large number of interested folks from Iran, asking questions like this as they come closer to making a commitment to the Lord Jesus:
We ask for your especial prayers at this time for our visit to Armenia, which borders Iran, in order to baptize some from Iran who have come to Armenia.

Although we have many downloads of the app from the Caribbean, most Christian folks there have a strong belief system and are heavily tied in to a local church or denomination. But there are a few like ROSIE who are independent minded. A school teacher who taught for 5 years in London UK, Rosie carefully searches the Scriptures to find Truth. And she found it. She is a committed user of the Bible Companion, reading each three of the day's readings and watching the associated videos. What a spiritual, joyful time it was to spend an hour together in group conversation about the very essence of what it is to be a follower of the Lord Jesus. With other committed believers from all over the world. Share with us the lovely time in the video at

YVETTE has been sincerely searching for the Lord, and we were very happy to baptize her.

We've sent Bibles and literature to a group of refeugees from the war in Eastern Ukraine and we are really hopeful not only to baptize some of these folks, but to also be able to get involved in some kind of feeding and practical support. Ukraine is a basket case economically, what with the war in the East, the pandemic and the long term collapse of the economy. It costs around 100 GB Pounds to send a box of Bibles to Ukraine.

   - For those in Afghanistan
   - For the current work with Iranian contacts who have crossed into Armenia
   - For those recently baptized
   - For our contacts in Ukraine

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks