February 2021 Online meetings, Italy, Latvia, Iranians, Gabon, Burkina Faso

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We have sent out funds to the African migrant brethren in Italy, and they're very and truly grateful for them. Not only is the Winter very cold this year in Europe, but the casual labour market has collapsed with the pandemic. Not to mention opposition to migrants and asylum seekers, and the overall economic meltdown. Here you can see Br Godson in Sicily buying food with the funds sent, and distributing them by taxi:

We visited Andre and Judite and her mum again. Took them lots of food- they were really hungry. Plus bedding and a frying pan. And Vanessa's old coat for Judite. They were truly grateful and gave the children some bits of chocolate they had saved up for them. We always pray and / or do a Bible reading when doing deliveries like this, and you can see the very sincere prayer in that freezing night in the video at
We have been out most days this week taking firewood and food, and always seeking to also distribute Bibles, Bible Basics and pray with folks. There's another video at

Brother Rob continues to be a great help, here we are giving him a bag of food which he is going to take out on his bike:
We're also happy to report the baptism of TRESOR, originally from the Congo but living in Riga. This was a case of personal witness combined with the French Bible Companion app as follow up, resulting in yet another man won for the Lord Jesus. You can see him here with his hard copy NEV Bible:

MUSTAFA was baptized online, again after a long search for the Truth of the Lord Jesus. But we do ask for your prayers for the brethren in Iran and Afghanistan. Things really are dangerous, with efforts to infiltrate groups of Christian converts, monitoring of online behaviour and phone calls, etc. Here are some WhatsApp conversations with our contacts in Iran this week, it really is an awful situation:
And we need to pray for brother Ali, he needs a new ID card and he must state on it his "religion"; which must be what it was on his previous ID card, which was "Muslim". Such a hard decision, to be honest, to witness, to insist he is now "Christian"; or, to be apparently wise and yet hide your light under a bucket.When to change religion from Muslim carries the death sentence:

We witnessed the baptism of LOIQUE as a result of the French app. You can see him in the photo, reading Romans 6, and then after the baptism. Good to have Phil Martin with us seeing the fruits of all his work on the app. Again the strange contrast, Robert was present, out on the street at -14 in thick snow; whilst Loique was in the tropical heat of West Africa.

The French team continued to be busy this week with the baptism of FABRICE, with brother Laurent from Quebec, Canada again giving a talk.

   - For brother Ali and those like him, facing very hard choices
   - For those recently baptized
   - For those struggling with the extended low temperatures in Eastern Europe
   - For our African brethren in Italy

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks