May 2022 Bulgaria, Congo, Germany, Iran, Poland, Ukraine, UK

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We have been receiving messages from our Ukrainian contacts there which reflect the difficulties caused by Bulgaria ending state support for the Ukrainian refugees who have fled there. We've been sent screen shots from the various Ukrainian refugee groups, where refugees are asking when there will be any food again at the Refugee Help Point. We have been giving generous support to our sisters there and will continue with your support, Lord willing. But we are planning to go to where the Ukrainian refugees are concentrated along the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria and distribute food more generally to them- let us know if you'd like to come along, some time in the period 28 May - 4 June God willing. We hope also to baptize some of our Ukrainian contacts there. It's a resort area where they are, so you may think to combine it with some holiday. Bulgaria has now abolished all Covid vaccination entry requirements.

The French Bible Companion app continues to enjoy huge popularity in the Francophone world, and after demonstrating a good grasp of our doctrines over a period of discussion, DELPHIN, a long time app user in Congo, baptized himself in a river near Lubumbashi. Again we marvel at the spread of God's truth worldwide in a way that would have been unimaginable until recently, thanks to technology enabling these things.

This week we were able to visit and baptize ARTYOM, his final step after a long journey quitting the Trinity, pre-existence of Christ and other common false doctrines. He had already contacted brother Szymon, who attended the baptism. Artyom gave a great testimony about his journey, in English- see
On this trip we were reminded of how things are really difficult for Russian passport holders who didn't officially have Ukrainian residency when the war broke out. They are outside the support networks of most countries and are under intense suspicion and Russophobic discrimination. At least one of our brothers has been arrested and badly beaten and interrogated in Ukraine on suspicion of being a spy or informing the Russian military of targets. And he, and others like him, will have the same if he now returns to Russia. Do pray for those in this difficult situation.

We were so happy to baptize CALLUM at the stunningly beautiful waterfall at Warleigh Weir near Bath, with local brethren [Phil , Steve Sue] in attendance. Callum gave an amazing personal testimony which although lengthy is so stimulating to listen to- see
 It's unusual to find a young person in the UK who so wholeheartedly turns to the Lord in spirit and truth. Callum explains how he grew up in Spain as a nominal Catholic but became turned off God and religion by perceived hypocrisy in church. He then went fishing in a rubber dinghy and got blown four miles out to sea. It looked as if he'd drown- and he found himself praying to God and promising to search for Him if he survived. He was rescued by the coast guard in the early hours of the morning, and was told they had given him up for lost and he was very "lucky" to be saved. But on return, he didn't search for God as he vowed but instead used the experience to become hardened and arrogant, considering himself insuperable. This led to heavy drug abuse- until he only then bought a Bible and turned to God. It was then, at that point living in the UK, that he found the app and, as he says, "the truth". His sister made him a baptism gown and the rest is history. He wrote afterwards : "Thank you so so much for Sunday. It was amazing, and since I genuinely feel like a new man. I've been filling all my free time with scripture and stepping up at home and doing all the chores I'd been putting off. Here are some pics from my camping the other night (where I read the Gospel of John in a hammock until 3am lol). Would you be able to send some of the pics or videos from Sunday as my family are itching to see". So do pray for our brother as he takes the Gospel to other young people and relatives. We again marvel at the Lord's working in human lives.

This week we baptized EBRAHIM near Bremen, who came to us through the app after a harrowing experience of persecution in his homeland at the hands of Muslim extremists.

We were pleased to baptize online YUSUF in Iran, again fruit from the Persian Bible Companion app.

Our brothers and sisters whom we've helped out of Ukraine are all slowly progressing in their journeys towards the UK and other safe havens, but with a lot of Post Traumatic Stress issues. Meantime, response from the Russian and Ukrainian versions of the Bible Companion app continues from throughout Ukraine. Including some of the worst hotspots. Brother Igor, who can't leave Ukraine although we evacuated his wife and war-widowed niece, hopes to meet up with and baptize a contact this week, Lord willing; and we plan another trip into Ukraine to baptize others. Sending hard copy Russian Bibles into Ukraine isn't easy and delivery, if it happens, is taking many weeks. Karina joyfully received her Bible in Ukraine, and was so excited that she videoed her receipt of it; it took 2 months to get to her but it was delivered-

   - For those recently baptized
   - For the Ukrainian refugees now not receiving state assistance in the countries they have fled to
   - For the Ukrainian refugee sisters and their children with PTSD issues
   - For our plans to assist in Bulgaria
   - For the many people in Ukraine using the Bible app and starting to seriously respond to the Gospel

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks