September 2021 Armenia, Benin, Cuba, Italy, Latvia

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Thank you for the prayers whilst in Armenia. All went very well. Armenia is a very poor but Christian country which borders Iran. The economy is desperate after the recent war with Azerbaijan, the pandemic etc. Our Iranian brethren and contacts are able to come here relatively easily. So it has become a good meeting place, as our folks can cross through the mountains of north western Iran into Armenia and meet us. One sister came to see us who had been baptized online in Iran, and now she brought her husband and son. It was a wonderful encouragement that all the online work is for real, it is legitimate before God. She was so very sincere and clearly an absolutely sincere convert to the Lord Jesus. We held a series of meetings and several times hired a private swimming pool so we could quietly baptize a total of six people, five brothers and one sister. They all have very major security concerns so we won't publish their names.

We have made trips to Armenia over the years, and earlier baptized sister Raisa, grandmother of brother Edgar in Paris, France. She even starred in one of our earlier Russsian language videos about baptism. And what joy that her husband SERGEJ was baptized. They are the salt of the earth, the very best, sitting in their 7th floor tower block flat, well in their 80s now, their family all in France, reading the Bible daily, praying, longing and hoping for the return of the Lord in their lifetimes. Struggling with plenty of health issues. But we long to be reunited in the true and eternal felicity of God's Kingdom when all things shall be made new. But our time together in their flat was a true foretaste of that time. Thank God for the progress of the Gospel over the years, with such fruit that remains.

Our French language outreach through the French app resulted this week in the baptism of MARCUS, whose happy face was a genuine reflection of how he felt and expressed himself:

Our Spanish outreach, using the Spanish app, led this week to the online baptism of TANIA, a 65 year old struggling with technology and the very poor internet bandwidth in Cuba, but determined to be baptized into the Lord. She is really so grateful for the true Gospel, as you can see from what she wrote afterwards:

We invite your prayers and involvement in our continued outreach to the African migrant brethren in Italy. We plan a visit next weekend 24-26 September, God willing. Any in UK or Europe who'd like to join us are most welcome. Italy admits only those who are fully vaccinated, have a fresh negative PCR test and who have filled in their online passenger locator form. Apart from that, Italy is open to visitors from the UK and EU. If you can't come, do please pray for our work there this next weekend.

With temperatures now only just over freezing at night, we're again starting to provide food and heating, firewood etc. to folks here and elsewhere. Do pray for us and those in need.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For our Iranian brethren in Armenia and Iran
   - For our planned work in Italy next weekkend Lord willing
   - For our Winter welfare work

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks