August 2022 Iran, Slovenia, UK, special appeal

This week we baptized OMID online. He knows English well, and you can see from one of his earlier texts how he like so many long for religious freedom. And how difficult it is to be Christian when you are forced into silence about your faith. Do pray for the very many believers in this situation, not only in Iran but in Afghanistan and other regimes.

If you drive from Trieste in northern Italy over the Slovenian border [rather than down to Venice with all its tourists], you come to one of Europe's overlooked little gems- the mountains, forests, rivers and small waterfalls of southern Slovenia. And it's here that SASHA lives. A wonderful man who has spent many years looking for God and true connection with Him. Even going to India in 2006 to visit some guru. But finally, he has found "the Truth", which is personal connection with the Lord Jesus "in spirit and in truth". Self baptism isn't for everyone, and he earnestly wished to be baptized into the Lord. And so we made a brief visit to him and spent a wonderful evening together, resulting in his baptism downstream from a small waterfall. Truly a man died and rose with the Lord Jesus. It was a profound experience, especially for him. Do pray for him and many others who walk alone with their Lord in so many obscure places in this world.
 Brief video at

This week we were delighted to baptize JOEL , who came from the Jehovah's Witnesses to the true freedom there is in the Lord Jesus. From a doctrinal point of view, it's always a pleasure to work with such folks who have come to many truths already, and to help them over all the "other stuff"- which is also a significant distance to travel. Here we are at the swimming pool, about to enjoy fellowship over coffee:
The last two Sundays have seen record attendances at the dynamic "church in the pub" in Croydon. You can hear the sermons on the Beatitudes ["blessed are the..."] at
 on "You are the light of the world" at
 Veronica singing for us at
 and Jackie chatting over lunch to Debbie about her amazing conversion to God and the Lord Jesus- after many years of atheism and scepticism about church, at
 What wonderful people they all are. What wonderful conversations go on in that bar over the meal after the service. This Sunday there were so many present that we ran out of chairs and space and some sat on the floor [underneath the dart board]. Next Sunday God willing we look forward to baptizing two more of this lovely and growing group- we're aiming on driving down to the south coast in 3 cars as others want to come and witness it. Let us know if you'd like to join in.
Robin and Steve were over from Australia, they thoroughly enjoyed it and here they are chatting away with our folks in the pub- you can hear Steve's brief review and impressions of "church in a pub" at
This group is comprised of a very wide range of people, all locals from South London but from many different backgrounds, ages and social positions. This is how the body of Christ really is. Folks are inviting their friends... there is an undoubted interest amongst standard British people, who are not finding standard churches helpful in their search for relationship with God.


The Lord is clearly blessing our work in the South London area. We've been looking for a more permanent meeting place for 18 months and have had many disappointments. Developers swoop on any property like a church hall, knock it down and put residential developments on it. Planning policy in London gives priority to housing- there are plenty of jobs, but huge pressure on housing. There simply isn't enough residential property. So there is a distinct lack of property classed for "Place of worship". We've found a former Salvation Army hall purpose built for both a soup kitchen and a church hall. Eight of our team have viewed the property and all are persuaded this is absolutely ideal for our purpose. Location, facilities, state of repair etc. are all good. But... we really need some serious funds to get it. Here is an opportunity for radical generosity.

If you feel able to assist, please contact brother Duncan directly . And if you can't, please do pray we can raise the funds to get it. It would be the English equivalent of the hall in Riga, Latvia that led to hundreds of baptisms and thousands of people assisted over many years. "Church in a pub" has amply demonstrated the levels of interest and possibilities. We just need the funds to go forward.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For wisdom, donations and resources for a meeting place in South London
   - For those fearful about expressing their faith in oppressive regimes
   - For our work in Morocco this week

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks