September 2022 Australia, Iran, North America, South Africa, UK, Ukraine

A few small changes. Robin & Steve Jones and John Thatcher will continue distributing Bible Basics and following up on contacts throughout Australia, but the donations and accounts will now be dealt with by a younger team run by brothers Mark Hawkins [Foothills Ecclesia, WA] and Jonathan Johansen [Toowoomba Ecclesia QLD].
    Cheques can be mailed to   Mark Hawkins,   Carelinks Australia,
    4 Brumby Place,  Armadale   WA   6112   AUSTRALIA
    email     Tel.    0400772190
    The new bank details are:
    Account name:    Carelinks Australia
    BSB:                 066-131
    Account number         10693858
    If you were previously sending to the UK please send to the new account- unless you are paying for Google Ads which will continue to be run by Carelinks UK.

So many of those baptized online in Iran and neighbouring countries are suffering from persecution. Do pray for them. We get messages like this all the time:
Pleased to report the baptism of VLAD one of our Russian speaking contacts. And brother Tim Anderson shares a story of what one would call being ready to preach "in season, out of season" using the Bible app adverts on his vehicle, whilst on vacation in Canada: "The Gentleman in a truck put his window down at a light in Brampton Ontario and commented on my tailgate message. Had time to explain that it was a phone app that takes you through the Bible in a year, and it was free. He asked if he had to buy the book, I said nope the whole Bible was on the app. I told him remember and he repeated it to me. The light changed and he thanked me and drove off. You never know!".

LANCE had picked up a thorough knowledge of the Truth as we believe it and humbly baptized himself whilst working in Japan. Now returned to his native South Africa, sister Leonie and brother Rex made a long journey to visit him and after long discussions, found him indeed of one mind on all things. So we're delighted to welcome him as a brother, typical of so many whom the Lord has led an unusual route to Him and His Truth and His people. Here they are together:

We continue our outreach to asylum seekers, based in Croydon but ranging all over the UK. It was lovely to see more asylum seekers getting baptized this week. The app is bringing us into contact with so many. Brother M was baptized in stormy weather and big waves on the English coast... but that's what you do if you truly want to be baptized . So sad to see how they are given poor food and some still not registered with NHS and can't get free medicines. One man has been constipated 10 days. We do give help but the UK system is really not coping with all the new arrivals of asylum seekers, over 1500 some days. So do pray for them and us as seek to serve and teach and preach. Video at
Meanwhile, Croydon Church in a Pub goes from strength to strength. We're now up to full capacity there. It's been an amazing thing to see the bar packed with people and every chair and stool in the pub taken. We never thought we'd see the day when local British Londoners were sitting on the floor genuinely interested in hearing the Gospel. You can follow our activities on the croydonpubchurch Facebook page. One attender at Church in a Pub is 75 year old Spiro. He has a most interesting story. Despite being an elder of a local church, he figured that trinitarian baptism was wrong and rebaptized himself just into Jesus. For that, he was cast out of the church. Since then he has been alone but is so excited to meet us, and we likewise with him. He's been coming with us distributing literature in central Croydon. And what a great preacher he is, a truly wonderful person. You can see him telling his story at
 He has some interpreting thoughts about being ""in the wilderness"

We're delighted to report that sister Vera and family are now in the UK and staying with their host family. We continue sending funds and support to various ones in Ukraine, and we plan another visit deep into Ukraine in October God willing, brother Mark Hawkins and Duncan are grateful for your prayers even at this stage that the way will be opened to achieve their objectives in very difficult circumstances.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For those under persecution from Islamic extremism
   - For the plans for the next trip to Ukraine
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks