April 2021 Benin, Bosnia, Congo, France, Iran, Latvia, UK

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Phil, Miriam and Duncan were able to baptize GILDA in northern Benin, right in the Sahara area. He had downloaded the French app and uses it and shares it with other people. He lives in an area of mud homes where literally idolatry and animism is the main religion. He has been telling many local people there about the things of the Lord Jesus and the Kingdom. And now is sharing our material with them. He is truly taking the Gospel to those who have not heard. How amazing that technology has enabled us , from all over the world, to teach and be involved with these dear folks in such remote areas:

Despite big connection problems, waiting for internet to come on, and then come on to a suitable bandwidth, we were able to baptize KIZA- another who downloaded the French app and has learned the Gospel from it. Again, living in a corrugated iron shed in the troubled eastern side of rural Congo- technology has enabled us to reach him with the truth of the Lord Jesus

MAJID was baptized in Iran this week. Around the clock, at any given time, our stats show dozens of people in Iran using our app. And there are always so many more coming up for baptism. And for every one who comes to baptism, there is much time spent teaching those who for whatever reason decide not to be baptized at this time.

There are still snow storms and below zero temperatures many nights, so we're still providing firewood as well as food. every time we take food or firewood, we try to give a few words of encouragement from the Scriptures, and to always pray with our brethren or contacts. Here we are taking some to Andrej and Judite, well known to all who visited and worked at the Bible Center:

For the first time, we had a triple baptism online, of three very genuine seekers after the Lord Jesus. AMIR in the UK, MARTIN in Bosnia and ARYA in France. It was an unusually lovely occasion, attended by brethren from Germany, UK, France, Australia and Mike Flaherty on his yacht moored in the waters of the Pacific. Really wonderful to hear their testimonies, confessions of faith- and to see the joy expressed afterwards, with such deep appreciation.It was a really special occasion. The presence of God and His dear Son was evident:

   - For the amazing witness of our brother Gil and others in such remote areas around the Sahel
   - For those facing persecution from radical Islamists
   - For those recently baptized
   - For our continued efforts to keep needy brethren and friends warm and fed

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks