November 2022 Australia, North America, UK

Brother Mark Hawkins, treasurer of Carelinks Australia, is unable to personally acknowledge and thank some donors because it's not clear who is making the remittance. Perhaps some prefer to be anonymous. We are deeply thankful for your generosity. But if you'd like a receipt, please email Mark when you make the transfer- his email is

Since brother Josh baptized brother Pedro in Florida quite some years ago now, Pedro has been very active in spreading the Truth to so many. He has excelled at spreading the Spanish Bible Companion app, and preaching to so many in his native Cuba and beyond. It was with great joy this week that we witnessed the baptism online of his dear son JOSE, after a very clear and robust statement of his faith and undoubted understanding of the true Gospel. It was really a time of joy for all.

Church in a Pub continues to go great. But now in the final stages of purchasing a Salvation Army soup kitchen and church hall... if at all any more can be financially generous to this very ambitious project, please contact Duncan directly and do please all of you pray for guidance and blessing upon it.
Brother Mark Hawkins' presence from Australia was a shot in the arm to us all [he was en route to Ukraine but managed to attend twice with us]. Here he is in deep Biblical, spiritual conversation with sisters Debbie and Joanne, baptized some months ago:
We also have Sunday School in a Pub, as quite often our visitors bring their children. Here are sister Debbie's grandchildren, with what they drew during the talk:
This week we had two baptisms after the meeting, of CHRIS [from Canada originally but working in London] and MICHELLE, who's been attending regularly since we first started:
And the ripples of the Gospel have spread far beyond Croydon. Some Indian migrant workers from the Midlands saw our adverts for the church whilst in Croydon, and downloaded the Bible Companion app and followed us on YouTube. Whilst Mark was over, he joined Evia and Duncan in visiting them and they baptized 2 young married couples [SAM and POOJA, SAGAI and JAS] and the house was full of others. They met us with roses and a huge meal. It felt rather like entering the home of Cornelius to find many gathered together to hear the Gospel. They aren't asylum seekers but standard Indian folks who have come to UK to work, they all work shift work and are only all free Sundays, and rent a house together. These folks are young people from either Sikh or Catholic backgrounds, who really have come to the Lord through the app. We had wonderful conversations with them from the Bible. These are now the days of teaching about the Bible by asking folks to get their app out and find Bible verses and teaching them more- although we did present them with hard copy NEV Bibles as well:
We were very impressed with them. Hard working young folks, wanting to find a way forward, working hard long hours to make a go of life in the UK. But in the midst of all that they also want the Lord Jesus in their lives. They say there are so many they know in their position, Indians who came to UK to work minimum wage work, and yet want to turn to the Lord Jesus. Minimum wage life in urban UK isn't exactly the promised land. We intend GW going to see them again. Evia was star of the show as she likes their spicey food and asked for more, which thrilled them... and a major curry is promised for our next visit GW:

   - For those recently baptized
   - For the opening we now have into the Indian migrant worker community in the UK
   - For the hall project
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks