October 2022 App Update, Kenya, North America, UK, Ukraine

Those using the Bible Companion app should notice a new update. Feel free to download it. It features lots of additional commentary, more breaking of bread videos in the Old Testament, and some edits from sister Joanne Rivard in the Matthew commentary. We're still compiling a list of orthographical errors and will fix them Lord willing. Total downloads are well over 2 million and a continued high level of usage, with users averaging 8 minutes / session. We thank God for blessing this project so hugely. Just a reminder, you can download The Bible Companion app for Android
 and for Apple

This week we rejoiced to baptized ONESIMUS online in Kenya, again fruit from the Bible Companion app

Wonderful online baptism this week of LARRY. Everyone has a wonderful testimony, but Larry's was really interesting because he's a highly intelligent older man who's clearly thought about his life and done a good job analyzing the path the Lord led him... through addictions, being a Police Officer, a failed suicide attempt , a PhD... to humbly being baptized in his own bath tub. Lovely to hear Jim & Anne's mature encouragement too at the service.
Video at https://youtu.be/V-DhPegmx2M

And there's great news from Carelinks Canada. Brother Jim Barton reports: "This past week (Sept. 18-25) my wife Anne and I hosted a Bible outreach booth at the "International Plowing Match and Rural Expo" ("IPM") held in Kemptville, Ontario. This is the first post-pandemic IPM so, it seemed the volume of people may have been a bit lower than in previous expos but still the show managed to have good attendance amidst some cool and rainy days.
The booth offered free New Testament Bibles (in English, Russian or French) with commentary, "Bible Basics" books (in English, French and Spanish) and other assorted Bible literature to inspire people to read their own Bibles (or the free one we offered to them). We encouraged them to establish their relationship with the Lord while seeking out in-person fellowship with their fellow believers. Included with the Free Bibles were reading planners and promotional cards for the Bible Companion app. Some people indicated they already had their own Bibles and so we offered them Bible Reading Planners. The banners and handouts promoted the free "Bible Companion" apps.
The general reception by many was very good. While handing out hundreds of free Bibles, we engaged in countless good conversations with people about their faith, Bible reading, fellowship and relationship with the Lord.
The success of this outreach effort was made possible by the grace of God, granting us the circumstances to assemble this and to some very special people who made it successful. Those would include the skills of two graphic artists: Mim Clark of France and Larry McMillan of Ontario , as well as all those who produced the Bibles, commentary, Bible apps and other associated Bible literature.
We also thank all those who helped to fund Carelinks Canada, which makes this outreach work possible. It cannot happen without your personal sacrifices, thank you so much. May the Lord bless you and remember your good works."

Attendance continues strong at Croydon "Church in a pub", even without any advertising- the group is well established, now friends and buddies with each other, hanging out together outside of church. We've bid on a suitable property but not getting much feedback further- do pray for our efforts to find a space where the many sincere folks in London can gather together regularly, and we can reach out with food and support to the many now facing difficulties due to the cost of living crisis, energy bills this Winter etc. This Sunday we studied the parable of the talents, and the great Hope of the Gospel: "Enter into the joy of your Lord". We thought about what the Lord's joy was and is... the transformation of human lives to His glory. And the spirit of joy was felt over the meal and the long subsequent chats:

We continue in contact with many in Ukraine. Some of our elderly ones need operations which they can't get in Ukraine, as the hospitals are filled with injured servicemen as well as the lack of staff and economic issues related to nearly 10 million people having left the country- often those who were in work. Further, those who were taken in by sponsors in western Europe are now coming towards the end of their initial welcome period in the homes of sponsors. Government support for them going forward is minimal, and unless they can find good paying work, finding rented accommodation is really difficult. And it's hard to get a good paying job if you hardly know the language and have no recognized qualifications. So do pray for them all, and for our wisdom as we seek to help them.

   - For our efforts to find a spiritual "home" property in south London
   - For those recently baptized
   - For those in Ukraine needing operations they can't get
   - For the Ukrainian [and other] refugee brothers and sisters now faced with major difficulties finding accommodation in Europe
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks