November 2022 Afghanistan, Iran, Cameroon, Germany, UK, Ukraine

The limitations and disruptions affecting internet in Iran have improved, and so we've been able to resume meetings in Iran and continue them in Afghanistan. We cannot easily share pictures or screenshots from those meetings because of the security issues, but we're pleased to tell you that this week there were four individuals baptized in different locations, DAWOOD, TAHIRA, PETER and AMIR. It's quite common to receive wonderful messages like this from the thousands of Persian Bible Companion app users which there are in the world:

We recently ordered more French language booklets and advertising cards for bro Wilfried in Cameroon. Sis Josiane's father died recently and so Wilfried wanted to go to the funeral to support Josiane and preach the Gospel. So he did manage to distribute some of the brochures ... much to the disgust of some so-called pastors ... who mix 'Christianity' with witchcraft and sorcery! He also managed to get a Bible to sister Saphira, who was delighted. Now bro Idriss, who was baptised at the same time, goes to visit her in the next village and she reads it to him, as he cannot read . Sister Safira writes, "Say hello to all the Christian brothers and sisters all over the world as you have the opportunity, and tell them that I am with you all in Christ. Thanks to all of you for your prayers, my language has changed, I don't tell lies and I feel better. God is with me because even the neighbours say bad advice to my father to chase me out of our home, because I denied Islam to follow the true path of eternal life. But instead of that, my darling daddy loves me and he replies to them "each to his own". People point fingers at me all over the village, but I feel I am in good shape to study hard to have the right words to change things in my family, my village and even all over the country because people are walking in the dark without realizing it. Brother Idriss is doing very well, he came to see me yesterday and we read the word of God. I am trying to pass on to him what I understand by reading because he cannot read. He says he will always come after his work in the field so that I can teach him Bible reading. You did me good with all this effort to get me a full Bible. I am equipped now. I really want to read and understand it all in a week if I can. It's your little sister ''Safira of Jesus'' that's the new name I've given myself".

We have Persian speaking contacts throughout Europe and hope to visit some shortly. Do pray for them. One woman eager for baptism writes:

Pub church continues going great, and we have lots of correspondence and interaction with app users throughout the UK. After the fall through of our intended property for a new meeting place, we've decided to rent The Venue in Croydon- it's not cheap, it's rental per hour, and it has no kitchen, so food will have to be bought in. But... it's a great location with crowds passing the door all day, next to a tram stop, and located at the corner of North End and the Surrey Street market. We plan to start meetings there in January, God willing. Several of our "pub church" members have viewed the place, which is 20 minutes walk from the pub we use, and we all perceive this could be a real goer for lunchtime church and Bible study, as well as offering a place to be warm and have food in a very deprived area. So, do pray for us as we make our plans, and here are some requests in case anyone has anything like this sitting around:
- A podium
- 'A' boards [weatherproof] directing the crowds of people in to us, offering free warmth, pizza, coffee and above all, the Gospel message through our talks. Or would someone consider constructing some for us?
- Does anyone have masses of disposable plates, bowls and cutlery?
- Hot water urns, as large as possible
- Video camera [ours is pretty much shot]
- Laptop computer
Obviously we're in south London UK, so this is really an appeal just to folks in the UK.

We've been sending out welfare support to some there, given the sub zero temperatures, energy problems and the obvious economic crisis related to the war.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For those cold in Ukraine, especially the elderly
   - For those bravely risking so much to preach and be baptized in Iran and Afghanistan
   - For our work with French speakers in Africa
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks