March 2023 Australia, Turkey, UK, USA

Next weekend Lord willing we plan two "Church in a Pub" meetings in Western Australia and invite your prayers.
This Saturday we'll hold the Carelinks Conference in Perth as previously advertised:
SATURDAY 1st APRIL: CARELINKS CONFERENCE Gosnells Hotel, 2149 Albany Hwy, Gosnells WA 6110 Coffee from 12 noon
SATURDAY 15th APRIL: CARELINKS CONFERENCE The theatre at Riverbanks College, 1 Harvest Bvd, Angle Vale SA 5117 Coffee from 10:30 for an 11 AM start.
For more details, please contact brother Mark Hawkins Tel. 0400 772 190

We'll also be holding a more informal get together at the home of brother John Mazlin in Toowoomba QLD on the late afternoon of Sunday 9th April God willing and looking forward to some baptisms that day at his home. Let us know if you'd like to come along. You can email John direct at

Brother Mehmet sent us a video taken by his wife sister Necva of their ruined apartment in Antakya, the whole apartment block is going to be demolished by the Government as it's unstable and likely to completely collapse. We're sending funds for short term help but it's difficult to know how to progress things further really in a long-term sense. The video shows the wrecked kitchen and a totally wrecked home of a lifetime-
 In due course we may have to appeal for major assistance in this case and plan a visit there in due course God willing. Please do pray for them through this trauma of suddenly losing everything:

This week our Lunchtime Church had record attendances, with around 50 visitors on both Monday and Tuesday. Thanks to all for your help in various ways, especially Spiro, Jan, Pat, Karen, Jessica, Cindy and Dana. Thanks to them we're still able to provide "Table service" to our visitors, many of whom are homeless or socially and economically challenged, and they appreciate it. We have a great team that the Lord has raised up... but please do think about coming to join them on the ground:
Having done 30 talks on Genesis, we're now going through Luke's Gospel chapter by chapter for now. But we'll be taking a break for three weeks over Easter holidays, so let's pray the great momentum built up doesn't slip.
All the work at Lunchtime Church and soup kitchen in Croydon is bearing fruit. After Sunday service at the pub, a good crowd came back home to witness the baptism of STUART. Unfazed by his cerebral palsy, Stuart has been attending our meetings at The Venue and studying the Bible with the NEV Bible notes. He's a great guy and we all love him and again it was a truly joyful occasion. You can see brother Marcus giving him the right hand of fellowship, brother Spiro simply telling Stuart "God thinks you are very, very special", sister Dotti telling Stuart how she was baptized in that same bathtub and is so transformed now... the fellowship of the Spirit. The video is very moving and is at

And some encouragement for brother Tim Anderson and others in the USA who advertise the Bible Companion app with bumper stickers on their vehicles. If you see the video at
 you will see this comment:
"I saw a Bible Companion bumper sticker today in Virginia, USA, just thought you might like to know that! I found the link to this YouTube channel in the Bible Companion app".
Every little bit of witness does help, and the Lord uses it in some way.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For our work in Croydon not to lose momentum during the Easter break
   - For the conferences, pub churches and baptisms planned in Australia
   - For brother Mehmet and others suffering from losing everything in the earthquake
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks